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    I believe the entrance will be Next to Lucy and the exit will be toward the Transformers Meet and Greet.
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    MIB is out. There was some problem with it going there... I'm assuming permitting, crowd control, or something along those lines. I broke down the Shrek location in my new update on the location. But they could possibly enter from the Hollywood BLVD side or even the Shrek alley side. They could even go so far as to block off Shrek alley from Plaza of the Stars so that you had to go around to the (largely dead) side where the TF meet and greet is... Then just dump out the normal "out" for Shrek so the in and out are virtually the same spot.
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    Only if it's not. (All signs point to yes).
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    In other Just Walking Dead so far... Do you blame Murdy? we have figured the whole event out the past 4 years.... but to be fair (to us) one of the big reasons we don't have any clue and are jumping at every ludicrous theory are we lost a lot of members who a handful were key members over the past 2 to 3 years who at this point who would let slip a "Crazy Theory" or very subliminally and low key post, or put certain ideas into our heads without giving anything away. (Don't ask me names out of respect for all they did for us). Some of the old folks knew a lot but without the key members we are bone dry and hence it safe to say that this year WE GOT NOTHING, and honestly I think it's more exciting then being in the know.
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    According to rumors, Scream will be the house inside the Shrek theatre.
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    Well this escalated quickly.
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    TWD zombies eating a birthday cake made from the dreams of fanboys and iced with their tears...
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    God I miss the days where we used to wait days/hours for a website update... So many people would hit refresh every Friday just for a small section of the HHN site to be updated
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