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    After a quick update on my cd's for HHN 2008, I pulled out the Disc# 18 from it and found the website recordings of the waiting room music that played like an old shortwave radio in a doctors office in that era. I decided to try and tag the 3 recorded songs that were used, thinking I was gonna come up empty! GUESS AGAIN! I found all 3 tags and have downloaded all the sources of the 3 songs. Here they are in the order they appeared on the site. Concerto Grosso in B-Minor No. 10, Op. 3: Allegro Largo Allegro - Salzburg Baroque Orchestra - Classical Legends: Vivaldi Album L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 10 in B-Minor, RV 580: I. Allegro - Camerata Romana & Eugen Duiver - Antonio Vivaldi: L'Estro Armonico, Nos. 8-12 Album Weeping for a Child's Loss - Faithful Fathers - Funeral Music from the Classics Album Enjoy my fellow Haunters!!
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    Not that there is a lot you could do with scream anyways... Soooo, Insidious 3... even more obvious at this point
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    Dead End was their answer to The Apparition. A horrible movie but it was based on the "Philip experiment", in which, parapsychologists successfully created a made up entity by sheer will. Dead end was just a creepy old abandon house that the neighborhood kids created a folklore about. They kept adding stories and they eventually became believed so much they willed the ghosts into existence. Along came ghost chasers and they brought their apparatus which further intensified the made up ghosts. What was unique about Dead End was every single ghost had a back story.
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    I'm still not too sure about Insidious, nothing about my personal feelings on the movie. Yes it does fit & yes it was in Hollywood but like people told me, Dead End was basically their answer to Insidious so I don't think its necessarily coming. I've been calling Scream since November & it is my personal favorite horror film & want to see it brought to life before my eyes so I 100% support it coming this year. With the Friday reboot moved to next year, the only way I think we see Jason is in a Freddy VS. Jason house. A lot of clues NOES is coming back this year though. I don't see TCM back unless the Evil Dead finale & the FDTD finale along with the easter egg in Halloween were clues to it, that & the big one of Roanoke being a Cannibal house. American Horror Story is the wild card here, as is will The Walking Dead return. It's anyone's guess at this point on which will see the light of day this year. If TWD can go even bigger than the last two years( a duel run, laser tag, Extreme House) then I support its return & that's coming from someone who's never seen the show before. If Fox gets its ducks in a row, I can see AHS ushering in a new more extreme style house if not the Extreme house concept previously mentioned. Can both co-exist? I think they could but i'm not sure if they would want to. I guess we'll have to see. I support The Purge coming back but with the move to next year, i'm thinking its more of 26 concept than a 25 one. Same with The Conjuring, unless we get it as a high spot in another All Nite Die-In or Silver Screams house. Rumors persist about Dark Christmas being turned into a house on both coasts & if that does end up happening, I can easily see Krampus as a part of that house. Poltergeist is a very good possibility with the new movie whether its based on the original or the remake, either would make a fun paranormal house to scare & entertain at the same time. BriMan would love Hellraiser & it could be possible, it's anyone's guess if they'll go that route or not. Same with Chucky, all that merch makes me think Child's Play might be coming either this year or in the next few. Bayou of Blood would make a great house & with Mamba being so popular with the fan base last year, I could see them giving her a wicked back story & we have our first Original Voodoo House. I can see former houses as scare zones this year, vice versa with houses into zones(Roanoke just screams out scare zone to me) & i'm still not sure how many Icons come back with Jack. I'd like another set of lagoon shows this year, would be a nice fit in between houses, zones, B&T & the other shows I believe may happen. I think Jack will get a show, zone & house when its all said & done. And finally Alfred Hitchcock, i've wanted to see this house for a long time. My first year being officially 2012, I wasn't able to see Psycho in any form at the event. I think if you do it right you could have quite a hit on your hands. An H.R. Bloodengutz style with televisions showing Hitchcock's actual words describing what we're about to see before we transition into the next room, A Hitchcock scare actor introducing the house in the first room after possibly walking through his iconic silhouette, maybe a movie set & do his scenes in black & white. Hitting the high spots of his filmography & finally finishing with one final scare from the master himself at the end leading to the theme song ushering us out of the house. Ghostbusters, upcharge attraction. Sign me up & do so now. I'd love anything involving Ghostbusters at the event & I think the time is now, anniversary wise it would've made more sense last year but if we got it this year, I wouldn't complain. Obviously I want Penn & Teller back to the event but that's a personal want more than anything. Give me B&T merch, original content merch(i'd rock a Giggles & Gore, Inc shirt last year if there was one) & new vinyls plus give me a non TWD hoodie. I wanted one last year but hated the design. Either way I think we're gonna have a fun year this year, let the rumors, speculation & news continue. Is there any chance you could do a Babadook room inside a Scary Tales 4? If we can't get a full house.
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    In other words, if Scream doesn't come it's because not enough people want it. Post Punk is probably Insidious. It would make sense.
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