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    Like they really have to do anything. Every year is always "The biggest! The Scariest! The most intense! The most amazing year at Halloween Horror Nights that you'll ever, ever, ever experience!" And the really scary things is: Many people actually buy it.
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    Please for the love of Gozer no more DoWs.. They were supposed to have a street a couple yrs ago but that got cancelled when TWD streets came about
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    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe there is an issue with rights regarding the actors. I know Sigourney Weaver has held the rights for the use of her image being as Ripley from the Alien series. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but actors can retain the rights to their images. It could also be that AMC said you have to pay X amount more to use character images. Tweets: @HorrorNightsORL: #HHN25 Update- the team has been hard at work on concepts. Elements of our past are definitely going to be represented next year. @HorrorNightsORL: With next being a huge anniversary.. What has resonated the most with you.. My fellow hardcore fans of HHN? Characters, thematics, mazes etc @HorrorNightsORL: Concepts... http://t.co/M1f2pt2f11 That little tiny concept pic, the reference to the past, and some answers to Mike's questions made me think... One of the suggestions was using past houses as scarezones and past scarezones as houses. We know from the initial tease that Jack will be making a reappearance. Could the inmates finally leave the asylum, and wreak havoc in the streets? And since it occurred to me as I was typing the word havoc, could we see the DoWs in e streets?
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    Wow, sorry your uncle wouldn't let you inject the marijuanas with your girlfriend.
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    No more rockersssss! Even though Marilyn Manson is the only one i'd like to see.
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