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    Something has to be done about park capacity after this year. Just got back after hhn tonight and literally the entire time I was in the park I couldn't move with out touching someone or getting checked in the shoulder. So I don't know if we need to go two parks, more mazes, Diagon alley to be opened or what but it made the entire event unbearable. Also wait time's for all the houses were above an hour wait from 7 till midnight when i left and were not falling in the slightest. TWD was at 150 min, Halloween 160, AvP 110, Roanoke, dollhouse and giggles all at 90, drac at 75, and FDTD at 60. Also mummy, transformers, and rip rocket were all over an hour wait. with MIB and Simpsons not far behind. This was about as bad this past thursday and last friday I went. So if expansion does not happen this year and they bring back TWD, make a friday house for the new film, and bring the likes of freakshow, the strain, insidious and sinister as I.P. houses and The Purge as well for the streets we are in for an even larger problem next year. Especially if they even toy with the idea of the icons, mainly jack, but still. In the art of the scare documentary they talked about how people would riot in line waiting for 3 hours for an attraction!! whelp that time has definitely come, especially with how busy the first 2-3 weeks were as well. Just time for some serious growth. My thought is if they can't do diagon alley, hogwarts ride, or cat in the hat. shut the parts down needed and open the rest up. Next year jurassic world comes out. Use it. promote it. Put a scarezone in the bitch whatever. Marvel has a new zombie comic coming out, so obviously it isn't bothering disney to have that... so get on the phone mike and make the call. Use the new blum house contract and bring in those big ips. as well and getting fx in the picture who now run the two other largest horror shows on cable as far as numbers are concerned. Make it bigger and badder than ever or else there will literally be anarchy in those streets with the capacity were running at now. Also RHPS needs to go, not pulling in hardly enough people to call it a sufficient people eater these days. 25 year prediction houses TWD Freakshow The Strain Friday the 13th Insidious 3 classic horror property - maybe the fog, the fly or frankenstein for the new film original original (legendary truth) nightingales 2!! streets The purge for sure original original freakshow zone original shows Bill and Ted something new (No magic or musicals please!!!) by no means is any of this for sure or what I would want but just seems likely considering the path we're on now. Also legendary truth is back up so who knows!!
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    So this year we decided to switch it up and wait at the Finnegans holding area. This definitely helped out as we got 3 soundstage houses, giggles, and halloween done before seven thirty. We only really had to wait for three houses, dollhouse, halloween, and FDTD, we walked on the rest. And now onto my full review. Our first house was The Walking dead, and I wad actually excited for this one since we had done the tours and saw all the details. This house actually turned out great, and is my favorite out of twd trilogy. Great scares in some rooms, and it did feel longer than a usual house. Sets 9/10 (some repetitive, but overall very detailed and well done) Scares 8/10 (only because zombies are overkill these days, the burnt walkers got me good, though) Overall 8.5/10 (solid house with good sets and neat scares) Next we did AvP, which said 5 minutes but was a walk on. This house was also very solid. The xenomorphs were loud, but kind of predictable as to where they would be. The predators, on the other hand, owned this house. Nearly every scare I got in here was from the predators. The sets were also nice. I especially liked the first hall, it reminded me of aliens. Sets 9.5/10 Scares 7/10 (I didn't get too scared in here other than the predators) Overall 8.5/10 Our next house was Dracula untold. I honestly didn't know what to expect with this one, but I'm glad I didn't. I LOVED this house. It was sometimes too dark, but I got nearly every scare in there. Baba yaga was creepy, the soldiers were violent, and most importantly, the Draculas got the most scares. That last one had me running out. Sets 7/10 (what I saw was cool, but it was sometimes too dark) Scares 10/10 (I couldn't believe how scary it was) Overall 8/10 (my only complaint was the dark rooms) Next was giggles and gore. I loved this house. The factory setting was nicely approached and there were some strong scares. My two favorite scares were the tall hat clown (one of my favorite scareactors of the night) and the guy behind the mirror. My only complaint was the dark rooms towards the end and a few of the lomg hallways. The finale was nice but it felt kind of empty, the chainsaw guy made up for it, though. Sets 8/10 Scares 9/10 Overall 8.5/10 (my favorite disaster house out of the three years I've been) Next we hit Halloween, which only had about a 20 minute wait. This house was so nerve wracking, because you knew where a scare would happen, but you didn't know when. The Michaels in this house were huge and intimidating. The sets were amazing, I kept forgetting I was in a tent! My only disappointment was the room with the multiple Michaels, I only got one scare in there. The finale was neat (I shot him 6 times!) And the guy outside was getting some great scares. Scares 9/10 Sets 10/10 Overall 9.5/10 (house of the year for me) We did Roanoke next because it had a 5 minute wait. I loved this house. It was gory, dark, and really scary. The facade was so different than usual and I really loved that. The costumes were neat, and the scareactors really utilized the their space. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the sound effects (MEAT) they were very repetitive. The finale was a great way to end this great house. Sets 8/10 (they got a little repetitive) Scares 8/10 Overall 8/10 Dollhouse was our next house. This house already creeped me out during the tours, so I was nervous for this one. This house did not disappoint. It had some great sets, GREAT scares, and an overall creepy feeling to it. I loved the music box room, and that first ballerina was one of my biggest scares of the night. Awesome house. Sets 9/10 (minus one for the smell) Scares 10/10 Overall 9/10 Our last house was From Dusk till dawn. I had been excited for this house because of the tours, and expected a good house. Overall it was kind of meh. The first few scareactors were very good, and overall the scareactors were pretty good. The rooms got VERY repetitive, and so did the scares. This house also felt super short. I liked the finale. Sets 7.5/10 Scares 7/10 Overall 7.5/10 Now onto the scarezones. I was so excited to see these back, since I never saw them in their prime. They were all great, especially The Purge. The purge- cool set pieces, great scares. 9/10 Maskerade- really atmospheric, awesome costumes, but not very scary. 8/10 Face/Off- cool to see the makeups. The minions actually got some pretty good scares. Not very atmospheric though. 8/10 Bayou Of Blood- awesome scares in here, not to mention how atmospheric this one was. 9/10 Overall, this is my favorite year out of the three I've attended. House list 1. Halloween 2. Dollhouse 3. Giggles and gore 4. Dracula Untold 5. The walking dead 6. Roanoke 7. Alien Vs. Predator 8. FDTD Scarezones 1. The purge 2. Bayou of blood 3. Face/off 4. Maskerade Overall event rating- 8.5/10
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    A two park event, because of construction over the past five years, is damn near impossible. Also, you need to understand that the two park event isn't two events. It's a single event that used space in two parks. There's only one entrance. Only one exit. And the backstage areas being open don't really increase capacity because there is nothing back there. And before you say "they can use two entrances," let me ask if you REALLY want to go through security and CityWalk every time you change parks? And the idea of two events isn't going to fly either. One, a second event has to be different from HHN. It won't actually pull people from the event. Two, an "IP-centric" event won't happen because THAT'S WHAT HHN IS! Please get the idea that IoA getting TWD out of your head. It's purely wishful thinking that doesn't have a prayer.
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    So last night was the busiest night of HHN I've ever attended in 10 years. Reported 41 THOUSAND people in attendance. TWD was 120 min by 6:20. Rides were 45-90 all night. Kang and Kodos was even 15 min at one point. Streets were unbearable to walk in. It was disgusting. These were the house wait times at 10pm: Halloween/TWD 160 (They both hit 180 at one point in the night) AvP 140 (was at 150 later as well) Dracula 120 Giggles 110 Roanoke/Dollhouse/FDTD 90 When the shortest queue time in the park is 90 minutes, I think that means it's time to expand the event. 2 more houses, 2 more shows, open up Potter, 2 parks, more rides open. 8 houses 6 rides and 2 shows are not enough to handle 41k people.
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    Hooligans. Did security or a scareactor not see this happen? Was it by the cat picture? I bet it was xP
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    Man what a great time, me and my wife drove from tucson and did the park all day. Then we did the early access to the event. Literally we did ALL the houses and zones in 3 1/2 hours. we left early at likr 10 but we had been awake for 2 days and had done it all but man.... it was great. im a Orlando veteren of 13 years but this was a great new experience
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    I'm predicting an original theme (hopefully), original scarezones (5 or 6), 5 IP houses and 4 originals.
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    I'm going to say it will be a 5 IP/4 Original mix.
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    some acknowledgements from last Friday. - AvP's Cast A predators who gave me and Duffy the "Michael Myers head tilt" upon seeing Duffy, as well as the USCM soldier in the incubation sector (since he was added last week). - Face/Off's Gypsies who homed in on Duffy. - Bayou of Blood's Mamba (a.k.a. the Voodoo Queen) who recognized me and said I was at the "Land of Marvel" earlier that day. - Dr. Loomis at the end of Halloween who gave Duffy a stare (since he was dressed up as him). - One of the clowns in Giggles and Gore who spotted Duffy and tried to "attack" him. - Everyone at the purge including the chainsaw fox lady and the chainsaw wielding purger in the white mask.
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    yet they won't bring any of those houses back in any way... Im not saying I wish for them to just bring AVP, AWIL and Halloween back as exact replicas. But they could easily do a sequel house to both AVP and Halloween, Specially AVP! there is so much they can do with that, even if they reused the puppets they could do so much more with the predators (new costumes maybe) and the sets. (And they could even bring back the werewolf puppets for something else. Maybe not AWIL related but create their own original american werewolf house) My point is that both years other houses Besides WD are the ones with the longest lines and the ones that are making the fans happy. I know no one wants repeats. and maybe bringing back those 3 so soon is not a smart idea, but I just makes me think about how Other classic properties can bring in a big crowd but then we get stuck with stuff like Ffrom dusk till Dawn and Dracula. wouldn't it be smart to keep doing 80s movie houses? aren't people loving them? word of mouth being so good, and the lines being so long, you would think they would stick to other movies like that. Will we get saw back? a child's play house with animatronic chucky dolls? will we get a freddy vs jason house? Im sure if they actually made a chucky house like that people would come to see the puppets
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    the fact that I've been through this house 4 times and I haven't heard that final marine say "GET TO THE CHOPPA" before sending us off through that tunnel is a TRAVESTY.
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    So many great actors! Roanoke: The skinless dude that jumped through the wooden wall and told me "YOU SMELL LIKE SKIN!" lol FDTD: The barker in front of the facade! Made me laugh a lot. The Purge: Not sure if you guys noticed her, but there was a non-purger actress. She had some blood on her and she would run around, hiding from the other purgers, trying to survive. She was a great actress, and I actually thought she was a person who was just scared shitless. She actually ran up to me and told me to help her. I got it on video. The Purge: Also in the purge, the amazing purger with the green mask who would full on jump in the air at people with his chainsaw. Got me a bunch of times. Maskerade: The dude with the gold mask who was holding a candle and would go up to peopleand shout "candle!!!" Bayou Of Blood: The voodoo queen. She seriously deserves SAoTY! I had an entire converstaion with her and she never EVER gets out of character. She's funny, smart, and deadly. All around an AMAZING actress!
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