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    I hope Jimmy doesn't think it's too preemptive to say, "No."
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    It was supposed to be all old characters (including even the Body Collectors and various other lesser characters), but with the possible return of Jack that may not end up being true.
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    He and Cindy both made appearances at 20 I believe. Not sure if they are considered to be in the lantern since they never actually had an even that they were icons of. I don't know if only icons are considered to have gone away or old characters in general.
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    I'll take it. I think I would make a decent icon.
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    Some minor image adjustment in Photoshop got a ferris wheel to come out of the background.
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    You guys need to stop exciting me with the potential of something Macbeth related.
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    For those who don't read backwards. It's from Macbeth. Double, Double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. I apologize for using the M word. But apparently something wicked this way comes.
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    I could see it being a big switch. The GP would think it's going to be funny and fun and turns out to be truly scary. I quite under estimated how scared people are of clowns. People quickly run out of the room or refuse to look at us.
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    All I can think of is that it's a metaphor to symbolize the bright lights of Vegas.
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