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    **Be ready for negativity** For the record, my exposure to The Walking Dead series doesn't go past episode one. With that in mind, I have to say I'm very very disappointed with TWD street experiences. And, really, the concept of street experiences as a whole. I didn't feel like the monsters were everywhere and there was no escape. It wasn't one giant conglomerate of zombies. In fact, I feel safer walking from one house to another with these "street experiences" than I do when I inevitably cross a Scarezone from previous years. Why? Because the atmosphere wasn't as immersive as a scarezone. The zombies were forgettable. None of them really stood out to me or contained that "woah" factor, unlike the evil cowardly lion for example. They were just that, zombies. Perhaps the zombie virus could've mutated them, spawning zombies with horrible yellow pus growing from their eyes, extra limbs, razor fingertips... oh wait, silly me, that's not The Walking Dead, so their creativity is constrained by the general zombie model the show uses. Maybe it's attractive to the TWD fan, but to the HHN fan who doesn't follow the show it's easily forgettable. I feel that's the biggest weakness in the street experience. It targets an audience that already cares about the concept, but it doesn't cater to the audience that cares about the quality of the monster itself rather than where the monster is from. As for Street Experiences vs Scarezones, I'm just gonna say that letting the horror be anywhere dilutes the horror everywhere.
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    KSF has had vortex tunnels in the past, though its true they don't have one this year. Its not that they are necessarily innovating this year, its that their mazes all have different feels to them., Its not Boo Door, after Body Box, after boo door, which is more to the point. (Also, there was some pretty cool shit inside of Trapped, but since thats locked behind an additional fee, I dont want to count that. )
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    I love when the fire goes off and all the zombies go walking towards it. really really neat thing to see.
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    I saw a video of their Walking Dead maze last year (based on Season 3[not sure if this year is a repeat]) and it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. Like us they have Trevler as the main marketing Zombie for their maze as well.
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    It's true. You get a lot of people flying out from other countries. From what I can tell from a dimly lit video of their Saw maze, WB seems to do a decent job. A bit short though.
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    Like I said- performer issue, not design. They'll figure out how to work their rooms better. HHN mazes are designed to be be idiot proof. You could almost put dummies on a timer in most of them. Knotts (and most haunts) are MUCH more performer dependent.
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    just be glad they dont know you everytime I go to KSF someone knows sombody in my group and breaks character just to say hi.
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    I'm quite curious, how does this being a movie studio equate to "Not being able to have a Vortex Tunnel, bungee scare etc." in a maze? The size of the crowds sure ain't a factor on particular elements since Knott's and Universal Orlando do conga-lines for their mazes as well with those scares/effects.
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    Sounds like you mean evil dead?
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    I'm in the bunch that feels the event has been slipping in quality, mainly since they're just not innovating and changing things up. Just look at the scare zone for New York, not matter what the theme is, look how it's been for years. Fire Towers? Check. Van parked off to the side with Klowz/Monsters/Zombies? Check. Someone in front acting as a barker? Check. They may have a different theme here and there, but the distinctive elements are exactly the same. Maze-wise, you would think they believe a trigger scare is the only way to scare people, because it's heavily used in every single maze. Sound effect, strobe light, someone popping out of a door or boo hole. Repeat everywhere to the point where you can honestly say that if you've been through one, you've seen them all. It doesn't help that any other scare is usually a statue/standing still scare or a table/living torso cut in half gag. Meanwhile, Knotts and Universal Orlando use other scares and elements to make their mazes different. A bungee here, a flyer there, someone under the floor, scares from above, a mirror scare, a crouch tunnel, moving floors, tilted floors, vortex tunnels. The list goes on and on, but why Hollywood doesn't use those other scares and elements is just baffeling. In all honesty, Hollywood has no excuse to be going through the paces. Especially in a area of competition, it doesn't matter if you're on top or not, if you don't change things up...people will go to places that are giving something fresh or taking risks. You always have to be on your toes. Heck, the local themepark haunt near me, Scarywood is located in the middle of nowhere, and there's no competition anywhere. However, every year they're doing something new and something they've never done before. They could literally sit on their asses every year, but they don't. If they can give something fresh and unique, why can't Hollywood?
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    I hate to say it, but they need to just kill this show. Without callbacks, there's literally no point because no one cares. Yes, it's obsence and offensive. That's what makes it Rocky Horror. Either have the balls to do it right, like it was done in years past, or don't bother. I long for the original days when they first had it and emphasized that there would be filthy language and offensive words right from the start and encouraged the crowd. Too bad they're not as dilligent about kicking out people who smoke in line as they are in attacking those who use the F-words. Heck, I'd like to see them throw out people screaming swear words in other parts of the park. From what I've heard around me already this year, Rocky must be the only place that swearing is banned.
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    My custom shirt came in today! Sooooo happy with it...way better than the ones sold in the park lol
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    The Artist. I go for the creativity. I just love getting myself immersed in the event seeing all the neat sets, houses, scare zones, music, costumes and more. Its really inspiring and encourages me to take my creativity to a professional level.
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