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    "takes" was taken --> Taken house ft. Liam Neeson. I'm done. Go home christy, you're drunk.
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    it wouldnt come out till summer 2014...besides this being as bad as Zombieland the series is, it means this effect this year in no possible way lets try to focus on this year
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    Merman is a direct and memorable reference from CITW. Replacing it with a mermaid would be a disappointment to people familiar with the film. Not knocking how badass mermaids are, don't get me wrong.
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    Don't worry, I thought it too. "This house doesn't have gore. But what it does have is a very particular set of skills; skills it has acquired over a very long career of HHN's."
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    Saw Lords Of Salem. As creepy, atmospheric, and batshit insane as it is, it wouldn't work for a maze. So as dead as that was, I guess that kills it even more and buries it six feet deeper in the "never gonna happen" tomb
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    what would really be badass is if the Merman was Ethel Merman like that scene in Airplane!
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