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    Must be an IL thing... because Im with you 100%! MONSTERS built Universal! Push that envelope! When people start bitching, people start talking, when people start talking, people start going to the event. Of course HHN doesnt NEED to appeal to more people bc, well, we all so last years crowds. And they are winning awards for the best event in the country, etc. SO maybe they dont feel a need to be edgy. But us horror geeks can dream I guess...
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    Please explain to me again why Orlando seems reluctant to "push the envelope" and Hollywood is not. Is it literally a logistical thing? Hollywood is Hollywood, and everyone knows how obnoxious Hollywood overall is (theoretically), so it's to be expected that they'd be nastier? Whereas, Orlando is ruled by Disney (theoretically), and there are more "children" (even though the warnings written everywhere clearly state HHN is NOT an event for kids), so they tend to go lighter in Orlando? I don't understand that logic. Grow some balls and enforce your written policies. If the event is for park-goers that are - what is it? 13 and older? - then make it be 13 and older. If it scares the hell out of those kids, they can go to Disney or some other park for Halloween. Universal should be THE leader in ALL aspects. I realize they win a lot of "audience favorite" things already, but I'd have even more respect for them if they went all out scarier. The very fact that Disney has scooped up the focus for kids, why can't we have an "adult playground" where the connotation of that phrase isn't some seedy porn shop. I"m sick of this "focus on the kids" crap. If people who light their hair on fire over HHN billboards and Burger King cups were so concerned about what their kids are exposed to, they wouldn't be rolling them into HHN in their damn strollers. Ah, sorry, I feel a major ranting coming on.. Let me go back to the original question - why the big discrepancy? If we sit here and speculate that Orlando might be getting a HHNH house, but it's expected to be tamer.. what's the damn point??
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    Did I really just wish for a house that depicted intense scenes of children being drowned? Please excuse me as I go question my morals.
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    The is one reason why Orlando does not "push the envelope". It is the mouse down the road. Orlando is seen as the "family friendly" vacation spot. You cannot destroy your image for an event that lasts 24 nights a year. Think of the "horror" expressed by people regarding the Eyegore or the Mary billboards. We must "think" of the children!!! Like last year's B&T debacle, most of the arguments and offense and horror was "OMG! There were kids in the audience!!" And it was Universal's responsibility to protect those children! Not the parents, Universal! Orlando is unfairly treated, because every theme park in this area should be just like Disney. Everyone knows the people in California are "depraved". Be glad we aren't stuck with Spongebob's Halloween Adventures instead of HHN.
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    Because with Knott's and the numerous individual haunts in the immediate vicinity of Hollywood, Universal has to push the envelope in order to draw and keep customers. It's an actual competition on the West Coast. Orlando, conversely, doesn't really have any competition. Though there's Howl-O-Scream in Tampa, there's little audience cross-over. Because of the two-hour drive and cost, it's an either/or thing in Florida. Therefore, the only way Orlando can increase its fan-base is through accessibility. That means its not as offensive. If you want a more gruesome HHN, put your money where your mouth is (and support a local haunt).
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    One reason I made my site is to show some HHN fans (not all) that there is more out there then just HHN....
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    Announcement fAnZ: see what happens when thousands of halloween horror nights fans submit a buttload of slenderman drawings
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    As a third Illinoisan, I concur. As a fan, I want dark, intense, bloody, and scary as hell. However, as a marketer, given the area, I can understand why it is the way it is. If it helps at all, just think of it like this: HHN is where you get the production value, huge sets, and wonderful theming. Local is where you go for the more intense stuff. Speaking of which, interested in a Round 2 at Reaper's Realm this year?
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    Tom is everyones friend
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    La Llorona would not surprise me at all. Didn't they just do an episode of Grimm earlier this season with the legend as the central story? Wonder if they would be doing something around Grimm?
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    Very interesting... Seems pretty early for HHN, but what else could it be? Maybe they're doing some testing? I'd be sure it's for something else, but that corrosive sign is odd.
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    Pure speculation of course but listen between 4:15 and 4:22
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    do you guys think this contest will lead to them announcing the scarezones early so peoples designs can actually fit with the event? or just any random design
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    Some people brought up how they first found out about La Llorona. I didn't find out about the legend until I watched this very well done short horror film on it. It's worth the watch. Also, how graphic or suggestive does the Hollywood house get on the topic?
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    But Starships were meant to fly. You need a beauty and a beat to make your life complete before you die young. Harlem Shake is a shoe in and I haven't seen anyone mention Catfish, which was a hit TV show and you have the whole Manti Te'o story.
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    omg, memories! All Night Die In, one of my fave houses ever, and I only got to go through once. Love seeing this!
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    So I was thinking, Construction on Mazes are about to start in a few weeks.. Could LT/HU investigate construction? I really dont see why not.
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    You jerk I wanted to see that video without him laughing.
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    O'Cthullu? The Irish Squid of Darkness?
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    Any videos for Orlando houses you'll find are not exactly going to be great quality due to the "no video/photo" rule. This rule has been heavily applied for the past several years (with the exception of last year). A lot of the time, you won't even be able to see anything from inside the house in the videos either. Here is a brief rundown of what each of the scenes were in those 3 houses... 2003's "All Nite Die-In" - Hanging jack-o-lanterns with the Halloween theme playing - Halloween (Michael Myer's house- living room & kitchen) - Friday the 13th (Camp Crystal Lake & cabins) - Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy's boiler room) - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (hallway & dining room) - hanging mattress finale with Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface & the Director One of the ONLY videos you'll find for the 2003 house... 2006's "All Nite Die-In: Take 2" - Director's film projector room - SCREAM (kitchen & garage) - The RING (video lab & the well) - Silence of the Lambs (prison cells) - Hellraiser - sheet finale with Ghostface, Samara, Hannibal Lector, Pinhead & the Director 2009's "Silver Screams" - Theater 'lobby' hallway with The Usher - The Lair from 1925 Phantom of the Opera (same scene as 2012's House of Horrors) - My Bloody Valentine (hospital) - The THING (random outdoor scene) - UPT 'behind the screen' Usher death - Medievil Dead (Army of Darkness pit scene) - Shaun of the Dead (pool hall) - The Strangers (living room) - Sheet finale with The Usher
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    Boy I cant even keep up anymore...
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    I'm just grabbing popcorn and watching Heather figure these things out. She's too frickin' smart for me to even bother trying to keep up. LOL. If your guess is right, I might throw a little fit. Come on, HHN Orlando. Originals, please?!?!? Pretty please?!?
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    Mmmmm, house that smells like chocolate. Probably a bad idea. It would totally kill my no tasting the houses rule.
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    <sigh> making me Google everything. However, I do not think you qualify as unimaginative or pedestrian, doctor. Maybe we will be getting a CHOCoLaTe house? Willy Wonka, Hansel and Gretel, someplace for Rosie to put her stash?
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    So... I think it wants us to notice the number 7...
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    Is there any chance this is referring to Legendary Truth? Thinking about electronic wave measurements (like ones used in paranormal investigation equipment) and indian chiefs (indian burial sites that are dug up or built on historically have paranormal activity)...I'm not sure where quixotry fits in exactly.
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    So I start a twitter account a few days ago to follow anything that might give HHN clues or news.... today I get a message that I'm "following too aggressively" and my account is suspended!!! WTF? Isn't that the whole point of the damn thing?????
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    Balloons are on strings. Strings hold down the Macys day parade floats. What people float? Japanese people. 99 refers to the number of Japanese people. What happens when you put 99 Japanese people in a room? Bird flu. Now birds also fly. The Flyers are a hockey team. Whose a hockey fan? Kevin Smith. We are having a Jay And Silent Bob house.
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