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    lol, I don't know why I was saying cereal instead of serial. almost as bad as the time I wrote whodini instead of Houdini
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    So, just going to throw this out there. One of the monsters on the whiteboard in Cabin in the Woods... is named Kevin. According to the visual companion, he enjoyed dismembering people. If CitW turned out to be a house, I'd be very happy. It would be a nice substitute for Evil Dead, complete with molesting tree.
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    Last time we had anything related to being gory to me (IMO) was the original Body Collectors. But the above images that Charles posted, that would do it. HHN Orlando has become so tame in the past few years, if I didn't know better.. I would think I was at Disney!.. Or it wasn't "Horror" at all! For the hell of it, one year they should let the fans come up with a concept for 1 house and 1 scarezone and then let A&D create it! Up for that challenge Universal?
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    maybe there will be a roaming horde of thugs carrying super soakers called the wet bandits
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    Sorry in advance, Dave, but this made me laugh out loud.. "cereal killers".. I kept picturing Cap'n Crunch and Tony the Tiger all whacked out and gored up with fangs and knives leaping from cereal boxes to murder unsuspecting children. *serial killers heheheheheh..
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    You know all the plans? Last I heard there were a few "To be determined"s and things awaiting approval. Even when I get info this early on (even from extremely trusted sources) I have to take everything with a grain of salt until permits are pulled and construction begins. Take AWIL and The Chupacabrra house. They were a go. They even started construction... and the building got bulldozed. I still don't know what happened to AWIL last year. I mean I'm glad Dead end and Gothic happened. Silent Hill... Not so much. I know a few certainties but overall still 60/40 on the rest.
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    Anything that requires the implication that, "Everything is legal," should never be allowed anywhere near HHN...
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    If you're right, it'd be sort of interesting using that area. Perhaps the path could be a scarezone or they could make it to where you have to go through the sound stage and there would be a house/scare zone combination in there that you would need to pass through. Don't know of the logistics of this though.
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    Brain fart. But still hilarious. I needed that laugh today - not to be making fun of you.. I'm not. It just struck me funny. I, too, would LOVE a Cabin in the Woods house!
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    Guys, this ain't rocket science. The Purge Terror Tram could very much be likened to Scream 4 Your Life. It simply uses the property to thrust characters/concepts/sequences into the Terror Tram setting. As a matter of fact, none of the Terror Trams have ever matched a property's IP in any sense... not NOES, not Chucky, not Scream, and not even Walking Dead. You COULD do HotC/Devil's Rejects and just use the characters, make up some stupid reason why it works then bam - he only said it wouldn't work as a maze, but obviously those characters are viable horror characters, as the Purge characters appear to be also. All of these things were stretched to fit and rightfully so, some better than others. The story kicks ass for the TT concept, end of story; and its very plausible it could happen. "NEW for HHN 2013: The Purge Terror Tram, based on the film The Purge now in theaters!" Then on the tram, "buy Universal's The Purge, now on dvd and blu ray!" It doesn't matter where the movie takes place, what scenes can be copied, or even the characters in it; the concept can work for it and that's all that matters. The TT is slumping anyway and it'll just be in the same damn location now and for the next decade; it'll never be as special again and it hardly matters what we put there. If Universal wants to throwaway their little thriller to the TT, nobody will even cry foul. What are we gonna say?! "Argh, it should've been CITW" - even though that makes little sense, but we're stretching it to fit like everything else. It gets 99 percent popularity, we'll all complain or love it, Murdy will do his best to defend it and Universal will promote like they always do so its a win all around.
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    Does anyone have any guesses at what this suprise for the fans might be? I'm thinking maybe an interactive game similar to HHNO's Horror Unearthed.
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    I'm sure exactly what mark is getting at here, but eliminating those that have already been scarezones and those which legal or logistical problems make highly improbable if not impossible that really only leaves one 2008 house.
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    So you all want gore at HHN? I'm sorry but the gore we have had is very tame to what they can do... In the last few yrs I barely seen ANY blood.. Hell Foresaken was bloody but you only saw the blood with the lights on.. My gf hates gore and she thinks the gore she seen at HHN is very tame.. When I think of Gore I think of this... When have you seen that kind of gore at HHN Orlando? NEVER! I hate gore to death but I think what I just posted would be awesome to see at HHN. Also Im not saying purge would be a good SZ or Maze but your only basing this on a trailer... Not every movie can be turn into a maze...
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    My artistic interpretation of Dr. Jimmy's April fools HHN 23 "ALL SECRETS OF HHN 23 REVEALED!!!" Enjoy http://s1293.photobucket.com/user/AndyHHN/media/drjimmy_zpsf2a552d9.png.html?sort=3&o=0 ^ ^ WHOLE PARK MAP! ^ ^
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    Evil Dead would be a great house for HHN. And which houses were gory but not? Come on, we have had plenty of "true gore" houses in the past. Bloodengutz had Santa's head blown off, a grandma that was made into a turkey, bloody elves running around. Saw had multiple traps. Saw's N Steam, Body Collectors, Scary Tales, Scream House, Run: Hostile Territory, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds, and not to mention Leave It To Cleaver... Orlando could handle Evil Dead. Perfect Scenes for the ED house....
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