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    And while I do not share your feelings about AC (although just about everyone but me does), I completely respect both your thoughts on the subject, as well as your right to express those thoughts and feelings. See - civilized
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    An old asylum in my city was on Ghost Hunters last week (I made a thread about it somewhere on here). those places are effed up! Terribly scary. Im not saying I did any B&E back when I was a kid buuuuut... trust me terrifying! lol!
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    Eileen...(((HUGS))) You are exactly right, WAY more walkers outside TWD house than inside. I was just very underwhelmed by that house in general, considering it was one of the most hyped of the entire event, I expected so much more. I have my own personal reasons for disliking the Alice Cooper house, but that's another topic altogether....LOL This year reminded me exactly how much I love original houses and overdone IP houses are....nothing beats walking into a house and having little to no idea what the hell is going to happen, THAT is what Halloween is all about, those unexpected scares and surprises. Maybe that's why I didn't really enjoy TWD house that much because it was too predictable. I've been saying it for years, but for me, a traditional Halloween is the way to go. I got my jack-o-laterns a few years back and with the Skoolhouse, that amped things up a bit, but there is still so much more they could do.
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    and insanity in '99 which I thought was awesome. Bits and pieces of one of the Norman Bates houses.. and I think another. Of course everyone's favorites PS and PSII. PSIII one was the worst of them all. I love insane asylums. A big fear of mine is not being able to predict people. So children, drunks, and the mentally handicap disturb me. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
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    Please know I mean no disrespect. I am very well aware that things that scare me may not scare you.. and that's why we need 8 houses! Clowns scare the living crap out of me.. but I know that some people find houses with clowns to be cliche. I'm ok with that. We need variety to keep things interesting. Having said that, that's another reason why I am not a fan of repeating. We don't want the things we like to get old. Two years ago, we did both HHN events - Hollywood and Orlando. We happened to catch Alice Cooper and the Rob Zombie houses in Hollywood, and we hated both of them. When Orlando said they were bringing Alice there for this past event, I thought... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! So, going forward, if they did more with him, it'd be 3 years in a row for me.. BLECH.
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    You can put me in that boat too. Morphan 4 lyf!
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    That makes me think of the original Run house. Pretty darned brightly lit, but lots of sounds effects and I thought it was a huge amount of fun. Put that in the streets like you suggest, and I think that would be a great use of the concept.
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    Read the histories of them, and you may change your mind. The "treatments" that were used in the past, the sanitary conditions, the abuse of patients, and experimentation done on them could change your mind. The patients were not the "frightening" element of asylums. The staff could be absolutely terrifying though.
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    I agree 100%! Just get a good idea for a house, make amazing sets and costumes and make it scary and everyone will love it. Its no coincidence that Gothic won house of the year this year despite all the marketing for The Walking Dead etc. If you came to HHN22 especially for TWD I'm pretty sure you would of said it was disappointing and other houses were better. As a fan I want to walk into a house and not know what is round each corner and be in a unfamiliar setting, I think this makes a house 10X as scary, Whereas you have seen the sets etc of IP's on TV, Films, Games etc so you know whats associated with them and what to expect slightly. I dont think every IP house is bad like P&T was great BUT its still unfamiliar surroundings. I think I may be a bit biased towards original houses but this is just my opinion. More original houses would be great!
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    Now there's some wishful thinking. Let's put the Halloween back into Halloween Horror Nights. Not just as a touch here and there, but as a solid focus of the event. Sure there have been sporadic houses and scare zones here and there, but let's put a focus on it. If they need ip's, bring in Halloween 1 or 3, and Trick r' Treat. And I mean full blown, footie pajama wearing, burlap sack on his head, stab you with a sucker Sam, not a scare zone sort of based on a particular story in the movie. Throw in a corn maze (scare zone would work, house would be better), scarecrows with glowing jack o lantern heads (as scare actors, not props), maybe a house based on Samhain, and the glorious return of Esqueleto Muerte as a house, and I will be a completely happy camper. It is called HALLOWEEN Horror Nights after all, not just Horror Nights. Will any of this to actually happen? Probably not. But much like Mystique above, it's my fantasy world, that's how I choose to live in it.
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    Exactly Ryan! I just want an event that has a Halloween feel to it, not one that is a social overload of the current movies or trends. Make it scary, make it beautiful, make it fun...and if you wanna add a jack-o-latern or two here and there, that's fine by me.
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    ^This. A million times, this. Halloween Horror Nights has brand equity. They don't have the competition like HHNH does, and don't need to constantly lure people in with something shiny, imo. Just put together a solid event with lots of atmosphere in the park, 8 houses, and some kicking shows. That's all I ask. I don't need to walk through a movie that's playing in Citywalk. Just make it scary.
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    I am a major fan of TWD, but I have to completely agree with you....they need to leave it to television and never, ever, ever have a Walking Dead house again. Ever. Seriously. Never. The concept was great and the props were wonderful, but that was the one house I was looking forward to the most and the one that disappointed me the most. For it being all about zombies, I think we encountered maybe 8 in the entire house...perhaps it was zombie coffee break time when we went through. And the Alice Cooper house, it was, different...I think I dislike it simply because I got punched in the jaw there by a drunk guy, yeah, not the kind of fond memory I like to have a house. I would love to see something Dean Koontz or Stephen King oriented, or how about just going back to the old traditional amazing houses we once had? No big names, televisions or movies associated with them, just gorgeous houses with amazing set designs and costumes, like say Gothic from this year or the Hallow, S.S. Frightanic, Scary Tales??? A girl can dream, right?
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    Eileen and Ryan, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the videos! We only went twice this last year so I actually got to see quite a bit of the streets that we missed thanks so you both!
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    I love all these things about the number 23 but if Hollywood gets there way again, 23 wont mean anything.. Like Last yr, the only thing with 22 on it was the hat.
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    Abandoned school playground
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    I know the way her hair was laying she looked like Wayne Static ... i miss '08. Of all 22 years I've been I always fall back on '08 as my favorite year. Even if I didn't like two of the houses. Everything just gelled so well. And Bloody Mary was just so cool an icon. It's so sad she's nearly been erased form universals history like it didn't happen. I would love to see her come back.
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    JW, I saw that exact same GIF in my Tumblr feed (along with the others below). And about this last GIF, I REALLY wish we could have seen this in the Silent Hill house......
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    Welcome to the tragic Kingdom.
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