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    New Video! enjoy! http://youtu.be/QoI1PrClfj8
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    ^There's already one in the HHN 2012 Construction thread. Freak posted it. It's fairly recent, within the past few days.
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    Lol thread isn't dead...we are just waiting for the full reveal, or at least I am. Plus um...there's a hurricane outside my window rt now lol I don't think fear, the icon, will be back. He made sense for 20 bc he sort of brought closure to the first 20 years of HHN. If he would have been featured again last year, then I'd say there would be a shot for him reappearing this year...but he wasn't. I think Marketing is looking to do bigger and better things, and "zooming out" from the concept of the all-encompassing icon, like Fear.
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    Do they sell previous years at all anywhere? im sure they dont throw them away
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    So, as far as Fear goes (the Icon) it seemed as thought there was a lot of careful thought into his origin and power and such, while execution could have been better all the mythos around him was fascinating. It seemed it was all a developing story arch too, like he is the headmaster and the seven icons are his advisory or council, and the rest are professors but all were beneath him. So if after so much deliberation and set up for him to encompass the past and following twenty years, is it known if his arch is finished? Or will his presence be secretly seeded in subtly in every event? To address a more poignant question, will this years event, Icon or iconless have any tie in with the Fear arch or has it ended?
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    This thread died out CRAZYYYY quick haha I'm just assuming everyone is in the same boat as me though in that, they're waiting for the full reveal. Guess there's no point in spec when we will know most of the details, if not, all of them in a few days....I don't know how much longer I can wait!
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    I think it will be, only because you're in it!
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    Or if we're lucky, pick people we would like to personally bury alive...now THAT would be worth paying extra for...
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    ^ I might photograph it and even maybe record it
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    i havnt seen the native american refrences except about the lacrosse reference....but Dr J has been leaving A LOT of "burried" "unearthing" clues everywhere
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    Not trying to be a downer here, but seriously.. No that really isn't the point. The point of speculation is to speculate & weed out the fact from the fiction. But the fact that this whole instagram thing is only being toyed with on this forum and not any others should've been the first red flag. Not to mention that nobody else received this mysterious link to instagram, which anyone who remembers last year, it was a select group of people who got the link for the special clue tweets via twitter. Like Dr Jimmy said before, what is embedded within the clues is more or less real. But as others have pointed out, these clues are not offering up anything "new" that we don't already know. If there was something NEW actually being spewed forth and not just a rehash of whats already been "unearthed" (another 'clue' that wasn't even hinted at until Dr Jimmy made the reference recently in posts) regarding the event, people shouldn't look at this instagram as a source of "info". Don't need you all to get excited only to realize it was for nothing other than just someone else's "fun".
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    So I was in a staff meeting all morning, and I'm thus really late to the game. Looks like you guys have already solved a portion of the clue, so I'll move on... but I must offer one critique first. As an archaeologist and copy editor, the fact that "archeology" was spelled incorrectly irks me. Especially considering this clue features scrabble tiles! Fail, Ifrit. Fail. /rant More scrabble tiles. The fact that tiles were used a second time for the same clue might mean something? I don't know. Although, fairly certain "deeper" was a deliberate word choice, given the first picture. Can't help but think about the hints Dr. Jimmy was dropping yesterday!
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