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    I just want to say, if GOT was being considered.. I'm totally glad stuff got leaked, because it shouldn't have a place at HHN!
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    I heard that too. A different direction with character design would cause that though. It doesn't mean the sky is falling.
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    I could see how they would be able to pull off a house, but they would have to nail the characters like they did in ST. I'm glad it's not coming because of the math: GOT+ST+GB = 3 Hr lines for everything...
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    Since we're sticking with the 80's theme this year I thought we'd continue with the VHS covers from last year. Enjoy!
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    Well until Universal updates the site again with a new background, I'm guessing this is still cool right? I just had to make another edit with this background and this one came out well, 87 days!
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    Some Twitter stuff from today.
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    I don’t watch GOT so if I’m truly missing something then feel free to enlighten me but I for one am glad GOT isn’t coming to HHN. Yes that property is HUGE!!!! But it is not a horror property even if it has some gore and creepy creatures and designs. I mean we are already tip toeing with Stranger Things and Ghostbusters and add GOT on top of it? Would’ve been far to much for me. No one I know relates GOT to horror or thriller despite what it could contribute to a house. A medieval and fantasy based house is fine but not GOT. Sorry just my thoughts, I’m glad it didn’t come despite potential positives. Keep the “horror” in horror nights lol!!!! And not to take away from GOT’s epic scale would it have really been any bigger than when HHN got TWD, AHS and ST? Those are all also huge properties with amazing popularity.
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    Rewatched zombieland, and trust me guys, this will make such a good zone. here's what i'll expect Characters Columbus (will probably be up on a rooftop shooting zombies with his double barred shotgun, or probably just on the ground) Tallahassee (will wield a guitar, but i'l love if they had him with a face shield and wielding 2 chainsaws) Wichita (carries a machete) Generic civilian zombies "Dead" zombies (zombies that'll play dead, and once a guest gets to close...) Zombie 406 Clown zombie Bill Murray (basically fakes being a zombie, and immediately laugh once you get scared) Fat Zombies Kid zombies (sorta like schitte's kids) Bride zombie Props Flipped over limousine with american flag on the bottom Body out through a cars windshield (Rule 4# seatbelts) Columbus's luggage Car with "3" printed on the side Hostess truck filled with snow balls A car with dismembered hands holding the wheel and a baggage of weapons in the back A hidden Twinkie (maybe have a downsized version of the drop tower ride, but very unlikely.) Other - i'll love this idea that they have stages like icons where they'll show the zombie kill of the week.
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    Time for v3.0 of the HHN29 Speculation Map! Now featuring ScareZones! DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this map is official unless otherwise already announced by Universal. It is based solely on current online speculation and will change often.
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    Just a friendly remainder that even though we have all house and SZ pretty much universal only confirmed 4/10 houses and 0 SZ stuff can change(hopefully not) or not be correct till Universal announces it.
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    Cross Promotion Idea, Spalding's Chicken and 11's Waffles. Stay Puft-Eggo S'mores. A Twinkie wrapped in an Eggo Waffle. ...Also how would the blood drink work? All I can see is either a cup wrapped with cotton candy, or cotton candy as a "head" for the drink. The first option, while movie accurate, sounds pretty gross, what with Cotton Candy being so sticky and all. Krazy Straws required, regardless.
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    My personal theory is that Game of Thrones WAS the Viking zone. And that Plastic Surgery involves mannequins.
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    As someone who visits from CA, I'd prefer they severely cap Express Pass sales in Orlando. Express should mean a < 5 min wait. Not 30 min vs 90 min. Hollywood seems to do that one thing right. Their Express line is always a walk-on even when standby is 150 min. And they offer an HHN Unlimited Express, too. All Hollywood Express passes are sold out long before the night in question. Little chance of getting one once you are there. My point in saying this is that I currently go at least four nights a year. If I could go one or two nights with an unlimited Express with truly walk-on lines, I'd be taking up less space. I realize I'm describing a private RIP as my preferred way of experiencing HHN. But there should be a more affordable way to get part of that experience. And capping Express is a good way. Hollywood and Orlando operate wildly differently for HHN. I'd love to be able to see their bottom line... Hollywood is a tiny park with a much lower capacity. But the fact that they tightly cap Express (and charge far less for Express than Orlando) means they could be making so much more on Express. Orlando sells "after 11PM" Express passes that are impossible to completely use. They sell these for more than Hollywood sells their most expensive Express. Even factoring in park capacity, Orlando's profit just from Express must be obscene. There must be a happy medium between these models that would please most, including the bean counters. For someone travelling from a different country, I think Hollywood has a friendlier option to feel like a VIP. But their product is far inferior to Orlando's. In a way, we are all bitching about Orlando putting out consistent high quality. Damn them. If Hollywood can have rubbish years, why can't they?
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    I’m also from the UK and do have some sympathy for this. It would be good to have alternatives such as a 14 day pass, whereby you can go as many times as you want during a 14 day period (similar to theme park tickets). Would help international visitors who currently either have to buy individual night tickets or multi-night tickets where they realistically could only attend a small number of nights anyway.
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    Whilst i understand why you think this, for someone like me a price increase that dramatic would probably mean i'm no longer able to attend or would have to cut down the amount of nights i do attend. I travel from the UK every year and get a FF+E and spend £500+ ($630-ish) on flights alone. To then be spending another £500 on my tickets would mean that's £1000 ($1,300) before i've even eaten anything lol.
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    Rumors happen. Doesn't mean everything is true.
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    I'm not sure anyone mentioned this on here but this was posted on John Massari's instagram two days ago, I was gonna post it here but forgot, it's my guess the next ip that'll end up being reveal is gonna probably Killer Klowns.
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    I imagine a hypothetical Drop Tower set piece would involve dummies of Wichita and Little Rock strapped into the ride, with dummy zombies crawling onto the base of the ride. And no "Tallahassee's Last Stand" set piece speculation? That'd fit right into a theme park.
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    Maybe the return of Zombie Tony Montana, as a reference to the Scarface guy from the opening credits?
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    So IF Zombieland is coming I think itll be a lot more similar to Psychoscarepy Unleashed than the Walking Dead and I think that's exactly why it's being used. - Scares that can be aggressive instead of lumbering - Rock n Roll soundtrack - Fun setpieces - Unique characters and interactions If its going to be utilized how I think it will my only question will be how will they top it at HHN 30
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    VAMPIRE'S DOMAIN Bludholm has always been a shady village. With rumors of a new ruler, things have gotten even worse. The new Sheriff is a corrupt ponce. There's a giant of a man wandering about, ready to cleave the skull of dissidents. The local farmers have fallen sick. It's chaos, and word is, the new ruler wants it this way - if everyone's in a panic, it's easier to feed. I'm not going to make this a habit, but I used Hero Forge to make examples of the scaracters. Just because I was bored. So, I'll provide a picture with each. Sorry for the sizing and red posing arrows. Setpieces include market stalls manned by skeletons lining the street, a cart full of barrels (wine scented), a Blacksmith's forge, and a stock with a freshly-decapitated victim. Music is dark fantasy stuff - orchestral, not metal. SCARACTERS: -THE VAMPIRE LORD The new lord of the village. As seen here, he carries a dagger and a snack. Notably, he has rodent-like teeth, as a reference to Count Orlok. THE EXECUTIONER This giant of a man carries a giant axe. He threatens to cleave guests with it. Unlike most of the direct servants of the Vampire, he takes little joy in his work. He raises his blade in hopes that some sinner may gain eternal life. THE SHERIFF A Bully-Cad-Thief type. Thinks he owns the place. Harasses anyone he deems lower than himself (So all except the Vampire and Executioner). Carries a sword, which he will regularly use to make noise to draw attention to himself. Because he's THAT kind of person. ZOMBIE FARMERS Farmers of both genders who became cursed - in a way that may be related to the new lord of the land. They shamble about, carrying their tools, trying to grab at fresh meat. THE BLACKSMITH One of the original problems, the Blacksmith may or may not be a demon. He'll hang by his forge, threatening guests with his hammer. ROGUES Some of the original problems of the town, these masked figures wander the street, looking for easy targets. While the one presented here is a lady with a crossbow, there would be both genders represented, with some only having daggers. DRUNKARDS Alcoholics who wander the streets after the bars close. Big, burly men, they carry bottles and have frequent mood swings. When in a cheery mood, they may seek out guests who are a few sheets to the wind as well. When violent, anyone's a target. PLAGUE DOCTORS A few good men and women (represented here by a woman) who are doing their best to keep zombification down. They carry doctor sticks and aspergillum scented to ward of miasma. (Represented here with a fancy bottle.) They will splash some of the scented water onto guests. Or, if the guest has been hanging out with the farmers, the plague doctor could also attack with the stick.
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    They stated last year they were interested in exploring the 80s further, so this year isn't a surprise. Older properties are also cheaper. It gives them a bit more leverage to go after bigger names (like their pursuit of Game of Thrones). That said, Orlando is less 80s this year than last. They have Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Killer Klowns, and... That's kinda it. House of Thousand Corpses/Rob Zombie are 90s. Universal Monsters are timeless. Zombieland is 2010s. Sure, Depths of Fear is 80s-inspired, but not directly connected so far. Maybe the Graveyard house will be connected to the 80s, but I doubt it.
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    My next planned sequel would've gone through arcade games, but now I want to make one with rooms based off of Destroy All Humans! and Grand Theft Auto V. (Namely Trevor.) Just gotta let the creative juices recharge before I jump into things. (Probably will also feature Dead by Daylight and Fallout.)
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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 29 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    I think they will bump up the lighting during the run. I can't wait for this. I am still hopefully that I get a call from someone.
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    Sequel to Scarecrow: The Reaping: In the near-future, the world is close to being exhausted of natural resources, as well as changes in the climate. Storms, tornadoes, and tsunamis ravage the world as well as the second dustbowl, tearing apart the breadbasket of America: Nebraska. Corn stalks have been torn apart by the dust storms, the cattle dying of breathing in too much dust, as well as rendering the once-fertile lands into nothing but dust. Things take a turn for the worst when the governments of the world launch a satellite made to stop volatile weather, and it malfunctions making the dust storms bigger and dangerous than ever before. A major corporation takes over the growing wastelands of the breadbasket by oppressing the local farmers and citizens with brutality by the security forces sanctioned by the government, as well as taking any remaining crops to store, and to clone and keep for themselves and the wealthy. It is then the scarecrows arise once more to take back what is rightfully theirs, killing anyone who stands in their way.
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    ST. HORRID'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Need an operation, but the cost of health care weighing you down? Come to St. Horrid's, the free practice! Sure, our doctors range from "incompetent" to "malicious" (not our words), but the pain will end impressively fast! Basically, though, the idea of St. Horrid's is to have a hospital run by people without licenses. The kind of doctors you meet will vary, meaning one room would have a doctor that's basically a college student wearing a "Dab Cat" shirt under his lab coat, the next could have an old creep as the doc, and then you face a doctor version of Leatherface. ROOMS: Facade: A condemned office building. Fluorescent lights illuminate the windows, and a neon sign for St. Horrid's flickers on and off. Ambulance lights can be seen shining onto the wall. Reception: As the lighting turns a dark blue, a receptionist ignores guests, tending to her vain necessities. Two EMTs will break through, one pushing a stretcher. The other's impaled in the stretcher. Transitions: Hospital halls. Any type of nurse or doctor could be hiding in the rooms. Checkup: A patient on the bed has his leg busted off, screaming in confusion. The doctor bursts in, with a bloody mallet, and offers to test your reflexes. Tonsillitis?: The room is filled with smoke and reggae music. A doctor who is obviously high forgets his job, and nearly cuts guests trying to talk to them. Samples: It smells like pee. A nurse with a squirt gun attacks guests. (With water. For some sick reason, I've been wanting to have a gag like that for years.) X-Ray: A single person is repeatedly X-Rayed, panicking as the machine they're behind flashes photos of their skeleton. Eventually, they break through and die on guests, before a nurse forces them back into the machine. Surgery: A patient is on the table, awake and screaming, as a brute of a doctor cuts them in twain with a chainsaw. The doctor will then turn to guests. (Leatherface Doctor) Laser Eye Surgery: The machines have cleaved patient and room alike. A nurse with scarred eyes will attack guests. Blood: The lights turn dark red. A donor is drained of their blood, passed out as the tube sucks what little remains from their veins. Above the walkway are bags of blood, that will "burst" on guests. Brain Surgery: A patient is strapped into a chair, as a mad doctor drills into their exposed brain. The Doctor will sometimes turn to the guests. (Old Creep Doctor) Morgue: Dead patients are thrown into a trashbag and then a woodchipper. As EMTs tend to the corpses, a patient wakes up and grabs at guests, begging for help, before the EMT stomps them to death (on the back, where the scaracter isn't).
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    Does anyone else kinda wish they'd do a NOS4A2 house? They already have a relationship with AMC. The book was awesome and the series is looking great so far. (I'm actually quite pleased with how they're splitting the book up, at least from looking at the cast and episode lists).
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    Just booked flights and Cabana Bay for 5 nights at like $530 each. Not a bad deal!!! Now FF+E is gonna add that much on by itself. Oh well. Want to experience HHN? Gotta do what we gotta do.
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    Which podcast? I'm always looking for a new haunt podcast that isn't Scarezone.
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    There is few people saying this is last straw for them this year because no discounts for AP on Fear passes with express. I think is a slightly awkward thing. I knew it was going to happen to sooner. I mean once when they take stuff away from team members, you don't think the other benefits are going to remain.
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    I believe they have a media page on the UO website where you sign up. I’m in radio so that’s why I get them (plus I have a Podcast). Still haven’t gotten any invites to media nights, though. Hopefully this year.
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    I disagree but this stance is actually the reason why this is my favorite forum to discuss HHN and horror. The uncompromising love of the genre (and event) that's here is unmatched
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    Yeah I would love to see that happen!
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    Maybe it'll be a "wide open" house?
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    I don't know what I'm more shocked by: The fact that Game of Thrones was on the table or the fact that it got pulled for such stupid reasons. And by stupid reasons I don't mean their hesitation due to circumstances There would have been so much to work with: -Whitewalkers -Zombie Mountain -Dragons -Burn Victims in Kings Landing -Sieges/Attacks -Environmental Variations I sure hope Universal gets another shot in the future. This would have been huge for HHN and I'm sure A&D is even more disappointed we are.
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    Warner Bros had a drop tower at their haunt last year. The event was so small that the drop tower made for a good weenie. It was ridable - just a carnival ride. As small a footprint as it was, I don't see how Universal could place it and a queue in CP. I could see them doing it as a show element - actors getting onto the ride, going up and, zombies trying to climb it. I doubt anyone would allow such a thing though, no matter what precautions they took. I mean, you would be using a ride in a way it was specifically not spec'd for. They could always do a non-ride setpiece I guess, but there would have to be live actors in it or what would be the point?
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    My apologies, I meant to say NY, I get both mixed, but yeah it would work in New York, I hope they use the ideas of having the rules and stuff on the buildings and the Kill of The Week and stuff. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
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    Maybe they can get Bill Murray to do a short shift in the SZ one night. He’s known to do random shit like that once in a while.
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    PLASTIC SURGERY (NiktMarr Spin) Flexitol was supposed to be the cosmetic surgery wonderdrug, a chemical that turns the body into a plastic form that can easily be manipulated. However, it was banned by the FDA for obvious reasons - such a thing is a mistake. While on the way to destroy the drug, a truck containing it crashed into an abandoned clothing store, coating the mannequins inside. Now, Hollywood is in for a nasty surprise when the mannequins come to life, ready to spread the Joys of Plastic Surgery. According to the HHN 2019 map, the Hollywood scarezone is called Plastic Surgery? The thing that comes to mind is the plastic being the thing doing the surgery, with the human victims almost an afterthought. The decor involves the taped-off crashed truck, surrounded by squad cars, and various puddles of flesh-colored gunk scattered around. SCARACTERS: Doctors: Mannequins wearing lab coats and/or scrubs. They all have uncanny valley faces - Duracell Family, Mr. Wonderful, Max Headroom-style features and frozen grins. They carry surgical implements - syringes, scalpels, and other tools. Patients: People who have been exposed to Flexitol. As a result, they've started to melt, deform, and generally fail to look like humans - think The Thing (John Carpenter, not Marvel), Clayface (who we kinda stole the story from, but oh well), or Tarman. Some doctors have attached mannequin parts to them, so that's going to be fun. Victims: People who hide from the above two. Not a lot to say. A doctor can catch them, and prepare to operate, but they can break free.
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    here's what i'll expect facade [arcade where it'll switch from normal to upside down] scene 1 [ town area where a mind flayer projection will be there as a distressed "will" in ghostbusters outfit will be staring at it] scene 2 [ room in fog where it simulates us being possessed by the mind flayer. a possessed "will" will scare us] scene 3 [ dustin's bedroom where the demo-cat dart will scare.it will sorta be like the facehugger puppets in avp.] scene 4 [ junkyard with steve with his spiked bat, demo-dogs will come out for scares] scene 5 [ pumpkin patch with rotting pumpkins. "will" will be there on the floor writhing, a hazmat guy will come for a scare] scene 6 [ tunnels where hopper will be inside the floor covered in vines. multiple water effects will be in the walls] scene 7 [ tunnels again but agents will come out but get dragged away by demo-dogs. a animatronic demo-dog will come out at the end] scene 8 [ lab hallway with demo-dogs eating scientists in a eleavator] scene 9 [ boiler room with air being sprayed at us from pipe. demo-dog will pop out again] scene 10 [ lab hallway where bob will sneak out of the closet. a audio trigger of a mop falling will play as a demo-dog will attack us] scene 11 [ bob's death as multiple demo-dogs eat him alive. it will sorta be like noah's death scene in the walking dead 2015 haunt. hopper will pop out with a gun trying to shoot them off] scene 12 [ shed scene where "will" will be strapped down on the chair telling us to let him go in a demonic voice] scene 13 [ byer's living room with all the drawings. a demo-dog will be thrown at the window by eleven.] scene 14 [ hopper's cabin with "wills" exorcism. he will be there trying to strangle joyce, nancy will come out with a fire poker] scene 15 [ the gate where eleven is there trying to close it. a giant animatronic mind flayer hand will pop out of the hole as multiple demo-dogs will come out from the wall] the rest of the maze will be some scenes from stranger things 3 basically.
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    Not sure about HOTC. Maybe UM?
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    Welp Scarezones look mediocre as hell. Can we conclude that Headlining Houses for Marketing are gonna be ST 2, HOTC, and Ghostbusters?
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    I am actually quiet excited for Vikings, a local haunt has a Viking section in it and it was a lot of fun. I think it’ll be something unique in that area instead of the usual wooded creatures even though I love them and the pumpkins in the trees, to see a new theme is nice
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    Does anyone know where the speculated scarezones came from?
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    COMICFURY: Artistic Rage Unleased Attracting artists the world over, ComicFury is a little site that hosts webcomics of all kinds. Hosted by Kyo, everything seems nice and friendly - until a bored artist brought several of the community's creations to life. And it's not just dealing with the day-to-day, he specifically brought out some of the worst things to happen in these comics, for a cheap laugh. All manner of foul creature has been unleashed, from trolls to zombies, and the surge of dark energy is corrupting reality itself - enter the realm of ComicFury ONLY if you're ready to face the Unholy Rage!* *You are not ready to face the unholy rage I've mentioned ComicFury before on these forums, I use it to read comics and upload my own, not that the one that's up is relevant to Halloween Horror Nights (though I may make an Island Under Siege-style attraction plan once I get far enough). Specifically, the POW! Right in the Nostalgia zombie house and a more specific ComicFury Halloween house. Well, you can probably tell which one this is. ROOMS: Facade: The entrance to the house is a grey brick wall. Above the doorway is a large house title, made out of green-tinted pages from comics from the site (used with permission, obviously). The comic pages are also used as transition, though in the transitions they form the walls of the hallway and the title is separate from the pages. Music related to various scenes of the house will play. (Scenes based off of comics will be arranged in any order.) SURGE: Guests enter a future wasteland. Clara is in her time capsule, coughing and warning guests to take cover. Masked members of the Peika hide in the rubble, ambushing guests and threatening them in their language. Theater Of The Bloody Tongue: I don't actually read this due to its Nudity and Sexual theme tags, but the creator likes to volunteer Ariane Eldar for anything and everything - not that I blame him. Guests enter the theater, where Ariane is on stage, playing a victim. Either a monster pops out and attacks guests, or she breaks character and attacks them herself. Stilldown would probably have an interesting track list for the scene. COSMOS: Guests enter a dark wooded area full of dead trees. The Cosmonians (the little alien guys that make up the average cast of COSMOS) are hiding in the trees, scared out of their wits. (No actors nor puppets, seeing as they're barely humanoid at the most humanoid level.) Why are they hiding? Well, Gene accidentally released ZOMBIES. (Actors. For a non-humanoid species, they have a lot of humanoid pop-culture characters - maybe it's the Transformers broadcasts they obviously get...) MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Guests enter Jekyll's lab. Dr. Jekyll can be seen in a mirror, working on something. Turns out, though, Jekyll's not in the room - Hyde is. Hyde rushes through, giving guests a good scare before playing it off as a joke. Near the exit, Robert (Jekyll's cockatoo Louis under the effects of the potion) will swoop down at guests, with the same attitude as Hyde. POW! Right in the Nostalgia: Taking a page from the most recent Halloween special, while presenting an alternate ending, guest go through a hall of mirrors, with a clearing showing the cursed mirror. Normal!Charlotte is trapped inside, begging for release. While guests are distracted, Mirror!Charlotte, in her Demon form, will attack guests from behind. War Planet: Guests find themselves in a vacant facility, where ominous electronic music plays. The lights flicker to the beat. In some doorways, an alien soldier will attack, trying to time itself to the beat/lyrics. Kaza's Mate Gwenna: Another one I don't read, because this one features protagonists running around the jungle, stark naked. Still, TV Tropes mentions something interesting. Guests enter the jungle, where Kaza and Gwenna (mannequins with their genitals and Gwenna's breasts obscured by the scenery) are preparing to attack... something. However, that something is ready to attack the guests, and that something is RO-MAN, THE ROBOT MONSTER! Cryptida: There's actually a lot to choose from, what with the minotaur in the pawn shop, the haunted mansion filled with ghosts, Peter Petch killing and reviving himself in a warlock's tower... Still, I guess we should go back to the beginning, where a Salzburg Chocolate Ball is crashed by a Chupacabra. It's not the SCARIEST thing they encounter (they even keep it as a pet afterwards), but we're still in a chocolate-splattered room dealing with a sugar-hyped reptilian beast. Amadeus (the Chupacabra) is a puppet, hidden around the ball room, and will pop out at guests. The Gernsbeck Department of Cryptozoology will try to catch him, to little avail. Inferno: Guests enter a dark alleyway, covered in chains. Charnabolg will threaten and attack guests, only to be warded off by Jess the Inferno. Hiding at the end of the alley is The Basilisk, holding part of a slain hero. FINALE: Remember when I said that the world itself was being corrupted? Well, the curse has spread to Kyo, who is now a giant, monstrous Kyogator, threatening all in its path. Some of the creators (well, their forum avatars) are turned into gatormen, serving the maddened Gator God.
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    Body Collectors 25 was one of our fave houses. We had so much interaction with the actors in there.. we always stopped and golf-clapped for the spine-ripper.. and we always got intense looks for our Nightmares shirts.. I bet you were one of them. Can't wait to hear where you'll be this year!
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