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    Hollywood's quality did not begin to fall off a cliff until around 2013/2014 when they decided that every house needed to be filled with black hallways with a boo-hole strobe at the end. Chucky in Hollywood was just an overlay in their year-round maze, so it is not a fair comparison in terms of quality. That maze always had a Chucky room in it, and for the overlay they simply added more of him. Chucky in Orlando was unique in that it although it was an IP house, it was a comedy house and told an original story. However, it was still a funhouse theme at its core, and Orlando has never put very much detail into funhouse themed houses. So in my opinion, it was on the low end of the Orlando scale in terms of theme. Saw ran three years in Hollywood (2009/2010, and 2017), and two years in Orlando (2009 and 2017). There were also TWO Saw-based houses in 2008 at Fright Dome in Las Vegas. IMHO, the best Saw house ever was at Sinister Pointe in Brea, CA in 2008, which included actual TRAPS that you had to participate in. In terms of quality, both Hollywood and Orlando did an equally good job in those first years. They each presented their favorite traps, with some overlap. Orlando and Hollywood design teams work separately - moreso back then. The general consensus was that the 2017 house at each event was unnecessary and did not live up to whatever small amount of hype there was. Although recent, their detail was forgettable. Back in the day, it was always a tossup as to which coast would do a better job with their IP. These were my past feelings as to who did a better job for the FIRST appearance. In terms of detail, Hollywood has been an equal to Orlando in the distant past. And back in the days when they used Soundstages, they were outstanding. But since relying on adding black hallways to stretch budget to add more houses, Hollywood has gone down the toilet, to the point where Knotts consistently beats them in detail. Hollywood CAN still do an outstanding detailed house, if it is something that really interests Murdy. The good old days of Hollywood: TCM: Hollywood (detail) F13: Orlando (detail) NOES: Orlando (detail) Saw: Both were quite good Halloween: Hollywood HOTC: Hollywood did a fantastic job in 2010, but in 2019 Orlando won. Alice Cooper: Hollywood , by far. I don't think Orlando team wanted to do it at all. Thing: Orlando (Detail, final monster) Wolfman: Orlando (Orlando detail was outstanding, Hollywood was an overlay) La Llorona: Hollywood (far better detail) TWD: Orlando (does anyone really remember one year form another?) Silent Hill: Orlando (far better detail) Evil Dead: Hollywood Insidious: Hollywood (the only house where black hallways helped) Chucky: Orlando (Not a fair comparison. Hollywood was an overlay) The decline of Hollywood: AWIL: Orlando by a thousand miles Dracula Untold: Orlando made the film look interesting FDTD: Both were quite good AVP: Orlando by a mile. Told their own story. Queen at end was fantastic. Halloween II: Hollywood , for its original ending. Neither were very detailed. AHS: Orlando , for their Season 1-3 house. Amazing. FvJ: Orlando (Unique ending, detail) Exorcist: Hollywood (Story, scares). Orlando for detail. Krampus: Hollywood (Detail) Hollywood in the crapper: Shining: Orlando , by a big margin (unique telling of story, detail) Ash Vs Evil Dead: Orlando (Hollywood was just a bunch of black hallways) Blumhouse: Both were atrocious, but Hollywood did Sinister 2 fair justice Trick R Treat: Orlando (Detail) Stranger Things: Orlando Purge: Both were not very good Poltergeist: Orlando (GOAT for me along with Graveyard Games. IP presented from a completely unique perspective). Hollywood missed the boat. Halloween IV: Both were not very good Ghostbusters: Orlando (Detail) Us: Both were not very good KKFOS: Orlando . (Klownzilla) Universal Monsters: Hollywood did an A+ job. Orlando's Frankenstein vs Wolfman was also quite good. Detail on both were great. It was the only Hollywood house in recent history that did not have any black hallways. Hollywood could return to greatness if they treated every house like they treated this one.
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