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    Haunting of Hill House is officially coming to the event. Pretty excited for this house after watching the show
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    PINK FLOYD: THE WALL: in 3D "Is this where we came in?" Floyd Pinkerton has had a rough life. He lost his father, was belittled at school by students and teacher alike, and was smothered by his overbearing mother. When the chance at fame knocks on his door, he takes it - but it's nowhere near the good life as Pink Floyd loses what little grip he had left and becomes a horrible monster. It took me too damn long to listen to the full album. But I checked it off my bucket list, and now I have an idea for a house. It's not based directly off the movie, though it would borrow some elements. And it'd be in 3D. ROOMS: FACADE: Guests put on 3D glasses and walk up to a giant recreation of the original album. As they approach, they see that the Wall has an opening, like how the entrance to CLOWNS 3D looked like the Clown's mouth, with the bottom fangs being in a recess. As they turn the corner, guests see PINK FLOYD: THE WALL on another segment of wall, and a scaracter disguised as the Wall jumps out at guests. Pink Floyd songs from other albums play until guests reach In the Flesh?: Guests see a large crowd of concert goers in the stands as they walk across a stage. A fan will rush towards guests. The Thin Ice/Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1: Guests pass by a crib. During The Thin Ice, the child's parents can be seen watching the child, only for the father to leave for Another Brick in the Wall. As guests continue into the house, shadowy creatures with glowing red eyes will attack. The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2: Guests then end up in a British Schoolhouse, where various corpselike children sit in their tables. A scaracter playing the Teacher, taken from the movie, attacks guests with his ruler. Then guests find themselves walking above a meat grinder, on a platform that barely seems able to support them, red, visceral meat churning in the hopper. Guests then walk in front of the grinder, meat falling out of the grinding plate. A faceless child will rise from the bowl collecting meat, scaring guests. Mother: Guests see a pretty high wall, few holes along the length. Pink's mother, a grotesque caricature of a smothering matron, will grab out from one of the holes. Goodbye Blue Sky: Guests then walk into a graveyard where Pink is shown standing in front of a grave. No scares, just a somber moment of reflection. Empty Spaces/Young Lust: Along another section of wall, an older Pink stalks the hall. Guests can see another Pink, ahem, "engaging" in illicit activity with a woman, but said Pink is a scaracter, like the Sick Things in Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare. One of My Turns/Don't Leave Me Now: In a trashed hotel room, Pink will attack guests with a guitar. As the room transitions to the outside of the hotel room, through a busted window, a woman is seen thrown out of her room. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3/Goodbye Cruel World: Passing by the complete wall, guests see hands pressing against the other side of the wall. As guests enter the next room, a portion of the wall goes clear, revealing Pink bleeding from his orifices. Hey You/Is There Anybody Out There?: Along the wall, see Pink begging for help in an enclosed part of the wall. The guests' shadows line the wall, as Pink begs to be noticed. Comfortably Numb: Guests see doctors doping up Pink, some of which turn to the guests with giant syringes. As guests exit the room, they walk through a corridor, the walls disappearing to reveal a disorienting disappearing tunnel. In the Flesh: Before guests is a tall stage, a surrogate band standing above them. The leader gestures along to the song. When the song gets to the racist parts, it cuts to instrumental. A demented fan will attack guests. Run Like Hell: Guests exit under the stage into a street in chaos. As they wind their way through the wreckage, fans of Pink's music will attack. One resembles Doug Walker's character, The Nostalgia Critic, near the end of the scene. Waiting for the Worms: Guests find themselves in a maze of flags (unlike the actual Hammer Flags), depicting worms. More fans will attack from behind the curtains. Like in In The Flesh, the racist parts are covered with sirens. The Trial: Exiting the maze, guests find themselves in a giant courtroom. At times, giant puppet variations of The Schoolmaster, Pink's Mother, and Pink's Wife will reach for guests. At the final stretch, the Judge speaks up, revealing himself (a giant puppet as well), walking towards the guest line. The Judge is the same one from the movie. Outside the Wall: As guests exit the maze, the last track of the album plays. Art is drawn on the wall, and guests exit through a demolished section. As they leave, a withered Pink attacks.
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    CryptTV did a scarezone for a night at Knotts Scary Farm, so it makes sense to do it for them at HHN as well. There are some monsters like the Look-See, the Mordeo, and Miss Annity who may not be the scariest characters, but creepy-looking nonetheless that are perfect for the event.
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    It’s a YouTube channel that uploads short horror movies.
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    TCM just announced! I dig it! I know people will complain about having 5 years ago... but cmon its Leatherface! Now how about those ROF tickets??????
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    That facade is giving me Leave it to Cleaver vibes
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    Welcome to final resting place of the music of Halloween Horror Nights 2021! Make arrangements soon to dig up new music for this years event! I'll scare you all, a little later! Season's Screaming's everyone!!
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    @Sinfear The rest of the facade better be a welcome center. I could totally picture the first room to be what you usually see inside with some posters, brochures, and props from previous houses and scarezones related to Carey.
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    That may sound unlikely, but would make a lot of sense to have the Usher and the Director upfront of a “Double Feature” themed house facade while welcoming the guests as a duo. I actually wouldn’t mind if All Nite Die-In or Sliver Screams to come back this year with scenes from Halloween, Creepshow, and previous movie houses that are more recent from 22 through 29, which Universal have the theme park rights with no to little problems. After all, this will be the event’s 30th year.
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    I dunno about you guys, but whether if it’s Creepshow, Halloween, some other IP, or maybe a movie-themed compilation house, the Sherk Theater still remains as the most “mysterious” location for this year.
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    Welp, that’s three houses confirmed for this year’s HHN; Puppet Theater, Beetlejuice, and Haunting of Hill House. Though, I’ve expected to be TCM, but I knew it was another IP house as a joint announcement for both Orlando and Hollywood cause that usually comes first.
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    I had some mixed thoughts about it. I don’t think it’ll get canceled cause the values and politics are different in Florida compared to California (which is a big problem for Hollywood), making it as a “break zone” for outsiders during the ongoing pandemic. If you never been vaccinated and/or never had the coronavirus before, you’re more likely to get it around this time. But on the other hand, the COVID-19 guidelines and restraints are more optional over there in business, so the recently signed bills still don’t mean that much for private companies, especially Universal and Disney. I kinda been wondering how the state’s “No vaccine requirement” law had impacted the parks so far. More than half of the US population already slipped their sleeves up for one shot or two.
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    Am I the only one starting to get worried that the event might get cancelled again this year? A) The new COVID strain is spreading. B) The Horror Nights Twitter page hasn't posted anything in over a week (Their last post was simply "100," almost certainly a reference to the fact that, when that post was made, there were 100 days left until Halloween). That seems to be a bit of a bad omen. I hope I'm just being paranoid.
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    And it also looks like we could be getting three shows. If they’re gonna give more love for the Queen, then Terra Cruentus have the best potential to win big as Scarezone of the year imo. I’ve already seen photos scarezone constructions of HHN 30th which could get a similar vibe to 20 and Seek & Destroy is starting to look like a Cyberpunk theme.
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    Version 4 of the Orlando spec map is out and not much is different other than Crypt TV being on the scarezone part instead of Shudder. If this is 100%, super excited as I love Crypt TV’s work and have wanted it at the event so badly
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    SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: THE HALLOWEEN FACTORY The Dream Job becomes a Nightmare as you enter the Halloween factory! Overseen by Jack The Reaper, this is where Halloween begins to come to life. But be cautious, as the employees might use you to make the next big thing! I'm not updating Tricks and Threats. ~~~ ROOMS: FACADE: Guests make their way up to a factory with Jack The Reaper's visage on it. Jack can be heard shouting bonuses to working in the factory over a loudspeaker. In shadows on the factory walls, guests can see animations involving various animatronics. Factory Entrance: Entering the factory, guests are greeted by skeletal employees tending to conveyer belts moving Halloweenish things. Foreman Grim stands on a balcony, instructing the skeletons. "Powerhouse" can be heard playing in the early parts. Hallway: Guests enter a hallway, where various people in Ghostface disguises can be seen peeking out from the doorways. Many can be seen dragging body parts behind them. As guests exit the hallway room, another Ghostface runs out of an office. Card Room: Guests enter a room where a victim is strapped to a spinning wheel, cards lodged in the wheel and victim. Henry Hustle will walk out, pretending to rear up for a card toss, only to lift his head up, revealing that the clown face guests were seeing was a fake and his "Real" face is much scarier. Trapeze Room: Guests walk around Harriette Hustle, who is swinging on a trapeze. Whether in front of or behind, she'll threaten guests with her knife. Clown's Office: Guests see a clown hanging upside down behind a layer of plexiglass. When the plexiglass'd area goes dark, a scaracter playing a freed BBoJ will rush from an adjacent boo hole. Sewer Room: Guests enter a room filled with sewer pipes. The scent of gray water permeates the room, and water splashes from a few pipes. From a pipe not in commission, Pennywise lunges at guests. Cotton Candy Room: In a room full of dangling cotton candy cocoons, Shorty takes turns punching cocoons at guests and swinging at guests directly. Ice Cream Room: Guests see a giant vat of ice cream churning, mixing vanilla with chunky blood and body parts. Kids are seen trapped in waffle cones, trying to escape. A two-headed clown will rush guests. Resource Management: In a blacklit room, guests see Wacky pummeling a squirming man-sized bag with his hammer. As guests turn the corner, another Wacky will rush guests. Nice Effin' Model: In a dark room, the spotlight focuses on a model of the factory. A voice shakily says, "Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse", and from the Darkness, The Ghost with the Most jumps onto the table. From this point on, the music switches to horror movie themes. The Operating Room: In a room full of body parts, guests see the shadow of Bill Jackson cutting off his hands and replacing them with his buzzsaw and mallet. As the projection finishes, Buzzsaw himself will rush from the corner. Hallway 2: Guests see a ghost wander in the hall ahead of them, before being attacked by the same ghost. Cages: Exiting the hallway, guests find themselves between two tight rows of shaking cages. Some contain demon dogs, giant spiders, and kids. From one cage, a demonic hand lunges out. Candy Corn Field: Guests wander outside, to a field of corn that smells oddly sugary - and the field is littered with dead birds. From the stalks, Night Stalker rushes out. Spider Sanctuary: Guests wind up in a location littered with spiders of all sizes, including a few Jumping Spider animatronics. From a trailer covered in webs, jumps Mr. Howle. Resource Storage: In a graveyard with various dug and filled graves, the Grave-Grabbing Corpse grabs at guests from his grave. Factory Entrance 2: At the end of the graveyard is the factory side entrance. As guests enter the open doorway, the Caretaker rushes from a nearby mausoleum. Hallway 3: As guests make their way to the next room, a bride carrying her groom's head will lunge out from an open door. Daycare: Guest enter a room filled with toys that may or may not be haunted. Most of the kids are huddled in one corner, afraid of one girl. The one girl points at guests, and a shadowy spirit lunges at guests. Shipping: In a room filled with coffin-shaped crates, a reaper rises. (The reaper is played by a scaracter on a pulley.) After rising, the reaper lunges at guests, before returning to position. Sacrifice Room: In the center of a room with a pentagram on the floor, lit by candles, is a demon with a scythe and a ram's head. The candles will go out, and when they come back on, the Ram Demon attacks guests, before returning to the center. FINALE: Guests enter a breakroom. Pop music is playing, and a few animatronics from before (mainly Wacky) will jump out to scare guests. As guests exit the maze, Jack the Reaper will attack.
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    Just gave a good look at the updated speculation map. Now it’s been rumored the “mystery” Shrek theater is an original concept rather than an IP, teasing it with a Legendary Truth logo. Does that mean is it now finalized with a wild card? That’s my biggest question. The Carnage show is rumored to be a Magic-type show. If that’s the case, then I’m looking forward to see Jack and Chance doing an escape-related trick from Shadybrook Asylum with their straitjackets on to kick off the show.
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    Even the trailer of Bride looks awesome, and I’m expecting more of the scares will branch out by removing the plexiglass if there isn’t another wave of the pandemic coming.
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    I'm so excited about both announcements, i think TCM was a great house at 26 and i wasn't able to experience Brides or Tooth last year because of travel restrictions so at this point Universal could give me anything and i'd be over the moon. What does everyone think about all the preview merch?
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    A doubled house announcement? Sweet! I’m glad TCM is coming back cause that’s my most anticipated IP house, and it looks like it’ll be more based on the original that came out in 74 than the remake.
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    I’m super excited for this Texas Chainsaw house. Also excited for the Bride of Frankenstein as I didn’t go to HHN lite last year. This lineup is solid so far.
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    If the Shrek Theater turned out to be a movie-themed compilation house (which is my wild card) like All-Nite Die In or Sliver Screams, then I’m hoping these movies will get at least one room or two each. It just all depends how much they could handle the licensing financially and how much space do they have to build up. Halloween Kills: With the newest installment coming out this year, you only need a preview of it rather than entirely to prevent spoiling. Creepshow: Bring on the cockroaches! The Exorcist: It’s now rumored to come back at Hollywood, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Orlando brings it back as well, but on a smaller scale with two rooms; one without the priests and Pazuzu out of his victim and one with them. The Shining: I’m going with the Jack-related rooms with “Here’s Johnny” and the hotel hallway. American Werewolf In London: One of the best movie houses I had ever walked through, and it’s good enough to bring it back again for just one scene in my opinion. If I have to choose which one, then I’m going with the Subway room. Nightmare On Elm Street: As sad it is for me to hear about Friday the 13th not coming back anytime soon simply because how much of a train wreck the rights are now, but this would make up as an alternative by simply bringing back the iconic boiling room with Freddy.
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    I enjoy that aesthetic. When Leave It To Cleaver was announced, it was I think my number 1 for hype, but did slightly disappoint. But I’m very hopeful for this one
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    Yeah, the way how the facade is designed is very 50’s/Early 60’s-looking. The construction is so visible like it’s the Diagon Alley situation where they have to make the next official announcement all over again.
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    As of July 12, 2021 the site is down. So asking again; anyone manage to have file backups? Thanks anyway.
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    Right now, Halloween looks more possible to me than Creepshow, since Beetlejuice is now rumored to be an Orlando exclusive. Hollywood is supposed to have four joint houses, but now we’re hearing it has been reduced to three over there.
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    New Hollywood spec map has Halloween Kills where Halloween 3 was.... Could that be coming to the Shrek Theater as well?
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    I can’t wait for that house. That’s my most anticipated one with the latest speculation map.
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    Another cat is out of the bag! A “Welcome To Carey, Ohio” sign was recently installed today behind the MIB tent as part of the facade. It looks like a vintage billboard. Not officially confirmed yet, but (S)Carey: Horror In The Heartland is to me. Saw it on Haunt Vault Discord.
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    Very true. A funny thought I had was what if it were a “Double Feature” house with Halloween III and Creepshow involved. But that’s extremely unlikely
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    Hype. Gives me a reason to re-watch it.
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    Unofficial Chainsaw Scarezone ideas: ~~~ CULT OF SAWIN' It's time for the Autumn Festival, and these druids have a secret to a bountiful harvest: SACRIFICE! Armed with chainsaws, the hills will turn red. Scaracters: Scaracters wear robes and facepaint, ranging from simple markings to patterns of the skull and of beasts. Sample of Music: Tribal (Nightwish), Nothing Else Matters (Gregorian), Great Grey Wolf Sif (Darksouls) ~~~ COLD WAR SAWS Dosvidanya, Capitalist Swine! These relics of the USSR are out for blood, and will kill you with Friendship! Note: Druzhba is the Russian word for Friendship, and also a popular model of Communist chainsaw. Scaracters: Scaracters wear overcoats. Many wear gas masks, skull masks, or goggles. Some wear ushankas, others commander caps. Sample of Music: USSR Anthem, Tetris (PowerGlove), Soldier of Dance (Team Fortress 2) ~~~ FURSAWS Tired of being the internet's punching bag, the furries are biting back! Don't trust their bright colors - they're baying for blood! Scaracters: Scaracters wear... well, they wear bloodied fursuits. The heads are designed for safety purposes, and the "Completeness" of the fursuit varies from scaracter to scaracter - one may be wearing a full costume (sans paws, replaced with gloves), others would be wearing sleeves and heads and tails under shirts and pants. One scaracter is a tough guy in a dollar store kitty mask. Sample of Music: Hungry like the Wolf (Duran Duran), Howling for You (The Black Keys), Animals (Maroon 5) ~~~ SAWCON It's time for the Serial Killers Expo! Make your way through the killers and you might get a reward! (Reward is getting to live.) Don't ask about the title Scaracters: All the scaracters wear cosplay costumes of varying quality. Probably of all-Universal properties. Sample of Music: Super Killer (Neil Cicierega), Floorcorn (Neil Cicierega), You're at the Party (Neil Cicierega's band Lemon Demon) ~~~ SAWBONES It's time for your operation. Watch out, however, for the mad doctors and nurses roaming the streets with chainsaws. Scaracters: Scaracters wear bloody scrubs, sometimes with bloody labcoats over them. Some wear glasses, goggles, head lamps, but all wear face masks. Sample of Music: Surgeon Simulator 2013 Theme, MEDIC! (Team Fortress 2), Archimedes (Team Fortress 2)
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    Blum doesn’t want to do a remake of the movie that came in out 73 (Thank God for that!); just a new sequel to it while ignoring all the other installments of the series - It’s a very similar treatment the Halloween franchise is having right now.
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    Here’s my biggest dream house for HHN inspired by the Jungle Book as a spin-off of Scary Tales like Asylum In Wonderland from 25 but not in 3D. I think it would fit perfectly for either Soundstage 23 and 24 for a big and immersive experience to make guests feel like they’re walking through an actual jungle, and they’re big enough to bring larger-sized and taller plants in. It would make a lot of sense to give it a haunt treatment cause you have more than enough characters and the books are more darker than the Disney adaptations. Would love to hear some of your own ideas and suggestions of my dream house to mix in. Title The Jungle House: Perils of Terror The Backstory Mowgli was unexpectedly separated from his/her (yes, there’s a female version of that character in certain adaptations) wolf pack family and gets lost into the deepest, darkest and most dangerous part of the jungle, as you follow his/her perils from start to finish. Description “Lost In the deep, dark jungles of India after a separation from the wolf pack, Mowgli the young and wild “human-cub” goes through the dangerous perils of what he/she called home as you follow through. Who could make it out alive the most?” The Facade The facade is a large ancient Indian ruin with terrifying stone gargoyles of mythical creatures in Hinduism, surrounded by jungle plants and misty fogs. Howling wolves along with other animals noises and eerie traditional Indian music could be heard. Room Number One The first room is filled with treasures, cobwebs, animal corpses and Indian artifacts. Guests will be greeted by a chaotic bandar-log (monkey) with a sinister smile who laughs like a maniac. Two more of the monkeys defends their treasures to scare off the guests with large, blood-stained bones in their grips, yelling at them to go away. Room Number Two The second room is an outdoor jungle with plants, trees, and bushes. Behind you is the ruin you had walked through. While walking through deep, dark jungles of India, two Bandar-logs with vicious gorilla-like faces jumps on the trampolines, hiding around the plants to scare off the guests. Room Number Three The third room is also the same as the second but with Bagheera brutally eating either a hunter from a village or a British Colonialist on an ancient stone table and Baloo coming out at the guests for a scare, as you enter the next room. Room Number Four The outdoor jungle experience continues with vines and leaves hanging to walk through on the left and right where Mowgli with wounds and cuts on his/her body pops out behind them, wearing only a pair of loincloth/bikini-like two piece on. The main character begs for help from the perils and find his/her wolf pack family. Room Number Five The next room is a cave of dark psychedelic colors of meaty snake coils built by Kaa (as a female naga with a sari on and humanize-reptilian head shape). You hear her seductive voice in a mothering tone, telling you everything is okay and stay safe with her while seeing Mowgli struggling in a cocoon of thick, heavy coils with only his/her head visible. The naga slithers out of her coils she made as boo-holes to scare the guests, yelling at them how delicious they are with her forked tongue sticking out of her mouth. Room Number Six You’re back in the outdoor themed area of the jungle, noticing Mowgli managed to escape from Kaa with an empty cocoon of her coils, but she comes back for another scare out of the bushes, yelling at guests that they’ll will be in her grasp and stomach other than saying how delicious they are. Room Number Seven Continuing the outdoor experience of the jungle, you hear loud animal noises and stampedes with elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards, and gazelles coming out of the plants, trees and bushes left and right. Room Number Eight You then enter a village that was destroyed by the animals after a stampede where some of the villagers pop up in front of guests for help. One of them is even a cannibal who is suffering from starvation. Room Number Nine You enter one of the village’s homes featured gory corpses of the victims who were killed by Shere Khan. One of his victims is still alive, warning the guests to get out. The tiger himself hides behind one of the white bloody curtain cloths that may look like if they were entrances to the next room you go to but aren’t for a scare with a burnt mark on his face after being caught on the red flower (fire) by Mowgli. Room Number Ten You’re back at the outdoor the jungle again with a wildfire occurred after all the destruction happened at the village where you see Shere Khan eating Mowgli for vengeance, walking into a dark, pitch black cave with very little lights for one last scare from the tiger himself before exiting. @themazethinker @Grime
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