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    I hope you and your husband are ok! There’s nothing official yet unfortunately how ever most speculation is the 10 houses are 1. Billie Eilish 2.Beetlejuice 3.Haunting of Hill House 4. A original based around a theater 5. a original around a pumpkin king could be connected to twisted traditions zone from hhn 28 6. 30 Year Anniversary house 7. Icons house 8.Texas chainsaw house more then likely based of Texas chainsaw 3D 9. Universal Monsters The Brides 10. Tooth Fairy OG not much known on zones but speculated creepshow could possibly be a zone this year
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    I thought it would be fun to take some video of CityWalk for those who haven't been. No commentary it's not a VLOG just some video. This might give you an idea of what the crowd control looks like as of this week.
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    Tooth Fairy, your party is ready. I feel like they missed such a huge opportunity with Deadly Ever After. Snow Queen should've been the main villain IMO. Bonus points for a guy impaled on an ice pick, bonus bonus points for him to be wearing a viking helmet.
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    I can't see them cutting back on house count without them lowering the price. It would just rub people the wrong way if the house count has been 10 for a few years now and then all of a sudden it drops down to 8 without a cheaper ticket cost. If anything, I see the number of IP's dropping significantly. Maybe 2 or 3 the next few years and they would be Universal owned properties so they can avoid higher costs. I don't see IP's in the street at all. I don't see the rumored Bill and Ted show returning anytime soon either. That show requires a lot more planning and production costs on Universals end. AoV is paid a "flat rate" to create the show and given a budget for set costs. Universal doesn't have to pay their own creative costs on it like they do with other shows. I do think it would be cool to bring back some OLD fan favorite original houses as well to save on cost. They have already been designed and many props are saved so the cost would be small. I will say, if the event does happen this year, I can easily see this year being a "dry" year in terms of alcohol or VERY limited (like your given two drink tickets to use all night long). Masks will be required and having everybody walking around drinking and getting drunk will just make the mask wearing issue way to hard to enforce. It will definitely cut into their profits but safety is way more important.
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    Before some of you panic about missing things please realize that they may still be at the event. Just located within a different house or they may even become a scarezone.
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    The only one of these things that is certain is that Beetlejuice is not in a soundstage. Eilish isn’t certain. TCM is only speculated as a “Best of.” There are no rumors of that. The idea of Terra Queen “hosting” an anniversary house is also speculation; not rumor.
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    Eilish got that stranger thing money. Who thinks that streets are going to be similar to icon 25 or face off 24 or Psychoscare 25? social distancing stage shows
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    BATMAN: DARK KNIGHTS Batman knew something was up, and his research has been conclusive. The problem? Said research has ended in a portal opening up, leading to numerous dystopias where The Dark Knight has gone mad, each in their own twisted way - and each of these Dark Knights want to take over OUR world. Can these Batmen be stopped, or will our world fall? Confession time! I never had physical comics as a kid, so the medium is hard to break into for me. Considering that comics are the place where most of the Dark Knights shine, I'm going by TV Tropes to fill this list out. And on the topic of confessions, Mazethinker, I was the guy who said that I wasn't a doctor on Reddit. I thought it'd be funny but then I realized it might have been astroturfing, and that's not cool. Anyways, ROOMS: Facade: Arkham Asylum. The Court of Owls: In a secret room in the asylum, guests witness members of the Court of Owls surround a writhing Batman, who is serving as a portal to the Dark Multiverse. The shadow of Barbatos can be seen on the wall, and the leader of the court attacks. Portal: A revolving tunnel. Deranged laughter can be heard, while purple and green streak the walls. -52: Guests enter The Red Death's Gotham. They witness Red Death aging a victim (dummies and projection), get ambushed by several Batmobiles, and have Red Death lunge at them across the rooms. -44: In Murder Machine's Arkham, holographic clones of Alfred murder the inmates, some attacking guests. Guests then enter the Batcave, where Bruce Wayne is forcibly assimilated into Murder Machine. As guests leave -44, the Murder Machine attacks, with either an air-shooting gun arm, or a buzzsaw arm. -12: The Merciless watches over the ruins of Arkham, patrolled by undead Amazons. A giant Merciless puppet will attack guests before they enter... -11: The Drowned's Waters. Like the Creature from the Black Lagoon at Universal Monsters, the room is styled to be underwater. The Drowned's Thralls will attack, and Bryce herself will "Swim" at guests with a trident. -1: Guests see the ruins of Metropolis, and are attacked by a giant Devastator puppet. -32: Lit only by a green strobe, horrible, horrible things attack on the command of The Dawnbreaker. The Grim Knight: A Batman with guns attacks. -22: Entering the smoldering ruins of Gotham, where Rabid Robins are scuttling about, clawing at guests. Turning a corner, guests see The Batman who Laughs, tearing apart a victim. Around the next corner, TBWL will strike. Finale: Barbatos, swipes at guests. The Batman hides in the room. At the final room, The Batman Who Laughs fights The Joker.
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    I live in Kentucky. I get an annual pass for Universal though. I get it every other year, I makes sure to get two falls out of it so that I get my money's worth.
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    So I was thinking the other day would fans truly care if they reused IPs as long as they kept new and mostly originals each year? Like let’s say universal wanted to do cabin in the woods again? It’s been almost 10 years would people really complain about seeing it again? Or a classic like the exorcist or poltergeist. It will always be a classic and I feel like people would love to see some of these houses again
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    I hope all turns out well for you all.
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    Sorry to hear this, i really hope you're both okay! Nothing too much has been said so still just a lot of speculation at this point. Universal have just released hotel & ticket packages and it mentions Express as well as R.I.P Tours on their website, so it looks as if we could potentially start getting some announcements soon! https://orlando.halloweenhorrornights.com/site/hhn/products/package
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    Sorry to hear about what's going on in your personal life but nothing concrete announced yet. Lots of people either really happy or really mad Billie Eilish is involved.
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    Rewatched it this morning... what a great show. Very fun!
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    Are you doubting that universal has the best in mind for hhn? I don't think they are cutting revenue, they are just scaling back overall. They will still have stuff to sell. They turn a profit off all merch, Think about the shirts, they buy them in bulk 100k at 0.75 and sell them for 28 bucks that's like 200% profit off each shirt alone. Thats them spending 75k to make 2 million from shirts alone. I do agree that the prints were cool and easier to make in house. They have a printing shop on site. They are just predicting that people won't buy as much currently, hence why they are having super discount sale for excess merch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Why would they have a full merch team, if people aren't buying stuff from theme parks that are 30 bucks more than regular price? Just because some layoffs or downscaling doesn't mean it's going to be bad year. What is going to be a bad year is that Covid 19 virus, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't Unmasking the horror tour this year, Picture this 3 or 4 tours going thru the house during the time walking through the house with lights on and TOUCHING EVERYTHING. I personally think they might scale back on that because they would have to have a sanitize team in each house location which mean extra team member. I think they will do it but limit number of groups or people per group. how many times have you walked through a house with holes in the spots. There are actually a lot of holes in a lot of houses. I recall in Carnival Graveyard, they actually had extra spots for an extra 5-7 people. Yet people didn't notice it, or didn't mind because they were having fun. I don't think it but its really quality vs quantity issue. Would you rather have 20 alright scareactors in a house or 10 Great scareactors in house?
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    Agreed 100%. It's not looking good at all. I am not seeing HHN, Knott's or any of the other major haunts happening this year. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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    "ORLANDO, Fla. – With coronavirus numbers climbing and cases trending younger, Florida officials made the decision to immediately prohibit the consumption of alcohol at bars statewide -- again. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees alcohol licenses, made the announcement Friday morning on Twitter. No information was offered on how long the moratorium will be in place or if bars can still serve food and to-go alcohol. On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in Orlando about the recent “explosion” of cases, noting that patients are getting younger as more college-aged Floridians party with their friends. At that same news conference, DBPR secretary Halsey Beshears said his officers would be going to bars, restaurants and similar establishments each night to check for obvious social distancing, capacity or hygiene violations. Even before that, a bar near the University of Central Florida had its liquor license suspended after 13 employees and 28 patrons tested positive for COVID-19. The director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Dr. Raul Pino, also said earlier this week that 152 cases have been linked to an unnamed bar near campus. Florida reported nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases statewide Friday." This isnt a good sign for anything going on in Orlando any time soon.
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    Well, I’m betting they’re glad they used three merch powerhouses (ST, UCM and GB) last year. (And I wanted them to save UCM for this year lol)
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    Universal has been developing virtual queue for years now. There's really no reason why they can't implement it for HHN. I feel it would definitely improve the event by a long shot if they limit capacity and use mostly virtual queue for the mazes/rides.
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    They said on Twitter they forgot to move the marker to Shrek. For a period of time, the rumor was that Shrek was gonna be shutting down before HHN and they were gonna use Cafe La Bamba as a new house location to try out. Covid I'm sure halted those plans for Shrek so no need to try to work out a new house location this year.
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    Late announcements are what they used to do. We would all sit on this website speculating until the big midnight website reveal. A rumor would pop up saying it would be a certain day at midnight and we would all jump in the "chat" and speculate until the actual release. Having one big announcement in July or August is the best way to do it. Aren't you more excited not knowing what houses we will see? It builds the anticipation.
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    So those rumors about no HHN and instead doing a "Fall Festival" were definitely false now that casting has started. I'm wondering when we will start to get announcements. It's strange not knowing a single element of the event in June. We are 3 months away now. Hopefully in a few more weeks we will get info.
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    Have you ever been to any of the haunts up there? I am from Shepherdsville and they have some GREAT haunted houses up there in Louisville and just over the bridge in IN. I have never been to HHN but am going this year. I have been to House of Shock in LA, but so far nothing compares to the Louisville Haunts I have been too up there! I especially love Nightmare Forrest, Haunted Hotel, so many others!
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    Scareactors got emails about online auditions today! Event FULL GO
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    Where did he say this? If this is true it's completely out of left field. I'm assuming a scarezone?
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    I don't know about you guys but I live in Orlando and even my coworkers are surprised I went to Disney twice a month when I had a Florida resident pass. If I paid this good money for it I'm using it.
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    So Greg Nicotero said he thinks Orlando is doing creepshow this year... do we think this is the secret IP?
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    My coworkers insist that I go to "Disney" every year, despite me explaining several times what HHN is, and that it's at Universal. They also think that Harry Potter is at "Disney" BTW.
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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 30 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    Guest House The building in front of you looks abandoned. Moss can be seen growing on the walls, and some of the wood has fallen away. In front of the house, you see a truck labeled “Sewer Gators” parked. Right next to the truck are Andre and Pete. They bicker to each other about the camera equipment, say how shady the house is, and basically just entertain guests in line. You enter inside. Foyer You then enter inside of the house. The smell inside is awful, with the ceiling started to cave in. To your right is a staircase, and near it is a large pool of blood. On the blood is cut off hand, with a bottle of first aid near it. You walk past a cabinet with an antique coin, and enter into the next room. Living Room You then enter into a semi large room. Trash litters the area, with most of the furniture torn away. To your right is a tv, playing the “Derelict House Footage” tape. You then enter into the next room by an open hole in the wall. Basement You then enter into a large open area, and it smells putrid. Trash bags litter the area, with suspicious red stains on them. A bloodied gurney lies in the center of the room. As you walk past a door, it bursts open revealing an infected Mia with a knife. She tries to swing it at you, as you run to the next room. Hallway You then enter into a cramped hallway. You can hear the sounds of struggling from the walls, with occasional gunfire and both male and female screaming. As you walk past a door, it busts open revealing Mia with a chainsaw. You doge her swings, and run to the next room. Attic You then enter into another open room. Crates and mannequins can be seen around the area. A window above has been torn off, with a broken ladder nearby. An unconscious Mia lies on the floor, right next to a chainsaw. As you are about to exit the room, Jack bursts in from a door and lunges towards you. “Welcome to the family son!” he exclaims, as you run to the next room. Main House You then enter outside, and see a large house in front of you. Overgrown grass lay around the “garden”, with thunder heard cackling above. As you are about to enter the house, Jack comes out from behind the woods with a shovel, and swings it towards you. He laughs, as you run inside. Dining Area You then enter into a large dining room. In the center of the room is the dining table, with the family there. Margurie (dummy), Old Eveline (dummy), Jack (actor), Lucas (actor), and Ethan (actor) are both seen on their chairs. Lucas throws food at you and taunts at you, and Ethan tries to beg for help, with vomit drools around his mouth. Jack will lunge towards you, and tries to slash at you with a bloody knife. You run to the next room. Hallway You then enter into a long hallway. Multiple family photos line the walls. As you walk into the middle of the room, Jack busts in through a wall with a shovel, and say “Hello there! How you been?” He then lunges to you, and you run to the next room. Garage You then enter into a large garage. To your left is the body of Deputy Anderson, with half of his head removed with a broken shovel near him. As you are distracted by the body, you hear a loud horn blaring, as you turn to your right. Ethan's car comes driving towards you with jack on the hood and ethan in the seat (both dummies). You run to the next room before impact. Main Hall You then enter into a huge room. It looks expensive for a hillbilly family. On top of the staircase, you see Old Eveline in her wheelchair (dummy), her eyes glaring at you. You enter into the next room. Basement You then enter into a room filled with mold. You can hear this mass moving in the walls, floors, and ceiling. As you walk in the middle of the room, a blended in Molded lunges towards you from a wall. It claws at you, as you run to the next room. Boiler Room You then enter into a large room. Steam (smoke) and a warm temperature fills the room, as a Molded immediately scares you from your left. As you run to the exit, another molded scares you from the right. You run to the next room. Morgue You then enter into a massive room. Around you are body bags that are hung up with a meat hook, some of the blood is still fresh. As you walk, Ethan pops out from your left with a shotgun, and blasts it towards you (air and water). You turn to your right, and see Jack come out, and he has a pair of chainsaw shears. He slashes them to you, as you run to the next room. R.V. You then enter into a slightly crammped room. Around you are various small bird cages with some items stuck in it. These include a steroids injector, some pills, a large first aid bottle, etc etc. You enter into the next room. Outside You then enter outside. Dead moss scatters the area, with the RV from before on your right. As you’re looking around, a four legged molded lunges from behind a tree, and bites at you (puppet). You run to the next room. Old House You then enter into a slightly narrow area. Small dolls line the fences on the walls, with most of them suffering from years of neglect. In front of you is a house with moldy doors in the center. You walk into the house. Foyer You then enter into a large room. To your left, you see a large open hole, with pieces of wood blocking you from going to far (forced prespective). In front of it is Eveline (dummy), laughing silently. Suddenly, wasps emerge from a wall next to you, and try to sting at you (water/air). You run to the next room. Hallway You then enter into another hallway. On the walls, you see centipedes and other creepy crawlies on the walls (projections). As you walk around, Margurite lunges from a door. She says “Stay the hell out!” before slamming the door. You run to the next room. Foyer You then enter into another house. The floors aren’t as destroyed, but the smell here is rotten. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like dead flesh mixed with...honey? As you walk by a window, a long armed mutant Margurite bursts through the window (animatronic with air effect), and swipes at you. You run to the next room. Barn You then enter into a large open room. Hay and strange black vomit litter the floor. In front of you is a large open gate. As you walk past it, a large bloated Molded lunges from an open pillar, and vomits onto you (water in the mask). You run to the next room. “Happy Birthday” You then enter into a small room, and it’s covered in smoke (fog). As you walk around, you see a destroyed birthday cake, with a barrel near it. As you are about to exit the room, a burnt up Clancy emerges, and begs for help. You enter into the next room. Boathouse You then enter into a massive room. In the center of the room is a large mutant Jack, with his torso coming out of the floor (puppet). His tentacles reach out to you, as he roars into the sky. You run outside. Wrecked Ship You then enter into a large outdoor area. Wreckage litters you, as you see a large destroyed ship in front of you. Veiny like mold can be seen spreading around, as you enter inside. Sleeping Quarters You then enter into a small room. Around you are mold covered beds, with moldy tendrils crawling up the walls. Suddenly, an infected Alan lunges from behind one bed, and lurches in pain. He starts vomiting up mold, as you run to the next room. Hallway You then enter into a long hallway. In front of you is Eveline, with wind blowing everywhere. She says “If he doesn’t want to be my daddy...then he can die.” Suddenly, a Molded bursts in from a door, as you run to your left and enter into the next room. Mines You then enter into a massive room. Mining equpiment and drills can be seen thoughout, as the room shakes and rumbles (ground shaker and dust above). As you walk around, several Molded pop out of several areas in the room, and try to attack at you. You run to the next room. Final Battle You then enter into a room covered in mold, and it’s growing bigger and bigger (hands behind the walls actor will push to make it “bulge”). A loud roar is heard, as a mutant Evelines head lunges from a wall (puppet). You run outside, out of the nightmare.
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    Incognito Base. As you wait in line for this maze, there will be a projection playing files of the S.C.P.’s you’ll encounter throughout the maze (sorta like thesehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXWz-j9XlpexkiDAycNt8q8uRFKZJ8LmZ ). The setting around you changes, the grass starts to thin and disappear, cracks form on the ground (suggesting you’re entering into a desert like setting), multiple miritaly looking traps are laid across right next to the line, and along with that, there’s various military vehicles parked. You then see the building, and it’s small. It just looks like a warehouse like building, but the door to it (which looks like futuristic almost) is left wide open. A broken key card and a bloodied guard helmet lies next to the door. You enter inside. Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFtguJHMUZY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie1waJKUA2s , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iDriNilSs0 , Lobby. Once you enter inside, you notice the setting is very different. The walls are made out of steel, and the lighting is actually quite good for a abandoned building. There’s a small desk in front of the room, with various security footage playing through a screen on it. The footage shows chaos erupting around the facility ( https://youtu.be/a0dkF8CZxks?t=109 ). Behind the desk is a large logo of the S.C.P. foundation with the words “secure, contain, protect” under it. Besides that, the rooms mostly empty. There’s some waiting room chairs to your left and right, all with the bodies of guards and scientists slumped over on it. You enter into the next room Note about transitions between rooms - as you enter from room to room, you’ll be in a small hallway. To your left is the sign of the S.C.P. in the next room, and to your right are files of the same S.C.P. (similar to the queue vid). SCP - 019 You then enter into a small containment room. The room is extremely cold, and there’s a observation room to your right. In the center of the room is a small pot, with strange artwork of classical greece. The pot occasionally shakes and...growls. You walk past a wall, and it bursts open revealing a guard covered in SCP - 019-2’s. Multiple of them are seen clawing and biting onto him, as he desperately tries to get them off of him. SCP - 002 You then enter into a large room, and it looks fleshy..literally. The walls are made out of muscle, chairs are made out of bones, a lamp made out of intestines, and some children toys made out of organs. Surprisingly, there’s no scares in this room. The only scare here is a feel of dread, as you exit the room. Maintenance Hallway You then enter into a cramped hallway. Multiple pipes run across the walls, as wires form above sputter occasionally (lighting and SFX). as you walk past a pipe, it’ll burst open, spraying...water? (SCP - 015). You keep on walking, and a burning humanoid dashes out from a corridor, and asks for fuel (SCP - 457, also it’ll be a suit with various LED lights on it). You exit the room. SCP - 823 You then enter into a outdoor like environment, and it looks like a small theme park line. Moss and plants are seen growing from various areas, as mutilated bodies of theme park employees and visitors lie around. You see a couple fused together, several decapitated bodies, and what’s left of a man. As you walk past a open gate, a mascot will come out from it. He gasps for air, as he quickly falls unconscious. You go to the next room. SCP - 1981 You then enter into a large conference room. There’s a large podium in the center of the room, and behind it is Ronald Reagan (actor wearing mask). He is seen rambling on about multiple disturbing topics, as various cuts are seen forming on him. Some of these cuts spray blood onto you (water), as his speech slowly turns into gurgles. Behind regan, the words “I See You” form on the wall (projection). As you are distracted by this, a cloaked figure bursts out from a wall and scares you. You go to the next room. Break Room You then enter into a medium sized break room, and it’s in chaos. Various equipment lies on the ground, various foods have fallen onto the floor (458, 871, and a pile of peanuts), a vending machine and a coffee machine block a destroyed door (261, 294), and in the center of the room is a man trying to get SCP - 198 off of him. He asks for help and tries to pull it with his teeth, but it won’t come off. As you are distracted by this, you hear a whispery voice behind you saying “Help me..”. You turn around, and SCP - 939 pokes its head under a table and tries to bite at you (animatronic). You exit to the next room. S.C.P - 513 You then enter into a small containment room. The walls are plated with foam, but part of the wall has fallen over. In the center of the room is a podium, and on top of it is a cowbell. You then hear something….ringing. You look towards you left, and you see SCP - 513-1 phasing through the wall (peppers ghost). It doesn’t do anything, but just stares at you, as you move to the next room. SCP - 035 You then enter into a medium sized containment room, and the walls are caked with slime. Some parts of the slime seem to have grown, forming tentacle like shapes. In the center of the room is a podium, with broken glass next to it. Walking around the room is a researcher wearing SCP - 035. As he walks back and forth near the podium, he gives you vague hints of how to escape the facility, but sometimes he might give false information to (look at 096’s face, 682 can be defeated with a rolled up newspaper, etc etc). You exit the room. Med-Bay You then enter into a large room, and it’s mostly covered in blood. To your left and right, are multiple curtains. You walk by various ones, and you hear multiple sounds coming from them, groaning, screaming, liquid spraying...and growling. You walk past one curtain to your left, and the curtain pulls open revealing a SCP - 016 infected. He screams in agony, as an eye can be seen growing from his arm, whilst blood pools out from all of his orifices. You back away to your right, and that one pulls open revealing a SCP - 217 infectee. This one can’t even scream, but instead “tick”, as wires and gears poke through his skin. You finally pass one opened curtain, and you see a dead D-Class on a table. SCP - 049 looms over him, cutting open his chest and pulling out some organs, and injecting strange chemicals in him. The “dead” body then leaps from the table and growls at you, as you run towards the next room. However, before you can enter through the door, an SCP - 610 infected bursts through a wall and roars at you. SCP - 439 You then enter into a small room, where metal containers lie to your left and right. You can’t see what’s inside the containers, but you can hear something, and it sounds like buzzing. You can also hear something else….groaning. You pass by a dark corner, and suddenly a SCP - 439 infected pops out. Bones are seen growing on his torso and face, as he screams in agony. He starts to claw at what is left of his eyes, saying how he can “feel them burrowing through”, as you exit the room. SCP - 280 You then enter into a well lit containment room, and there’s nothing that special in it. You hear breathing to your left and right, but nothings there. Suddenly, the lights go out. The breathing then suddenly gets louder, almost turning into wheezing. Then the breathing stops...SCP - 280 then emerges from a wall and growls at you, as you run towards the next room. Hallway You then enter into a small hallway. Throughout the hall are various posters To your left you see a large metal door, with the label “SCP - 055” on it. You can hear banging from the door...and a echoing scream...then nothing. You back away from the door expecting a scare, however, the real scare comes from behind. One of the poster comes down, revealing a bloodied researcher screaming in pain. On his head is SCP - 1048-A on his head, viciously clawing his eyes. You ignore his screams, as you exit the room. SCP - 966 You then enter into an large containment room, but this one looks different. The whole room is tinted in a uv light, letting the whole room look bluish. To your left and right, are multiple instances of SCP - 966 standing around (most are dummies, some are actors). Some remain still, but some will break from the line and screech at you. You run towards the next room. SCP - 096 You then enter into another large empty containment chamber. The walls seem to be made out of hard steel, yet there are various hand/punch marks on the walls. On the floor, are multiple layers of blood, forming a small puddle (probably won’t work in real life, but it’ll make a neat effect). In the corner of the room, is SCP - 096 sitting, putting his hands to his ears. His back is turned to you, but you can see the faint shape of an unhinged jaw. He cries softly, as you exit the room. Humanoid Containment Block You then enter into a large hallway, where doors line your left and right. Each door is made out of heavy steel, a small plexiglass window in the center. and a white number on right next to it. The doors have no handles, but instead a sci-fi looking pull system. You walk past a door labeled 527, and through the window you can see SCP - 527 just sleeping on his bed. You then past a door labeled 953. The door will open revealing SCP - 953 inside, as she rushes towards you and tries to slash at you with her claws. You then past a door labeled 1033, and inside you can see a man repeating the same actions over and over again. You then past the last door labeled 082. The door will again open, but this time you can hear the metal squeaking, as something massive tears it open. SCP-082 then rushes outward, carrying a severed head. You exit the room. SCP - 3199 You then enter into another containment room, where spicemen tanks lie left and right. Inside you see multiple instances of SCP - 3199 (dummy). They aren’t trying to attack you, but they’re just unconscious. Knowing this type of scare formula, you back away from the tanks expecting a scare. However, a SCP - 3199 instance lunges out from in between the tanks and screeches at you. You run towards the next room. SCP - 173 You then enter into an blank hallway, where the lights are seen flickering. At the end of the hall, you can hear heavy panting. Suddenly, a D-Class emerges from the end of the hall, and starts to sprint towards you, his face looks like he seen some shit. As he is about to run towards you, the lights go out, and you hear concrete moving. A few seconds later..SNAP, you then hear a body fall to the ground. The lights come on, and SCP - 173 can be seen over the body of the now dead D-Class (173 actor will come through a hidden wall in time to the lights going out). You exit the room. Pocket Dimension You then enter into another hallway, however this one is nearly pitch black. The walls seem to be made out of bricks. The bricks seem to be corroding, and the floor is to. As you are walking, your footsteps echo through the halls. You can also hear the echoing cries of multiple people in the halls. As you are about to exit the room, the wall pulls away revealing SCP - 106 behind it (boohole). He laughs evilly at you as you run towards the next room. SCP - 682 You then enter into an large research room. This is similar to the Rec room of the damage in it. Tables are knocked over, beakers are broken, and blood covers the walls and floor. A piece of the wall then comes down, as SCP - 682’s head comes through. In its mouth is a guard, AND HE’S STILL ALIVE. He punches and kicks (with one leg) on it, trying to get it off. He screams in agony, then you hear a crunch, as he goes limp. 682 then glares at you, as it pulls it’s head back. You run towards the final room. Warhead Silo You then enter into a massive room. In the center of the room is a large nuclear warhead. Smoke (fog) comes from below it, as sirens wail out from the room. The warhead then starts to move up, as more smoke comes out. As this distracts you, SCP-096 bursts from the wall next to you and screams. An MTF then comes from the other side and shoots at it, “GO, GO!” he screams as he then sprays you with a amnesiac (air spray), as you exit the haunt.
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    I just applied to work at Universal as an inspector. They are still hiring even during the layoffs. Wish me luck on that front. Edit: I didn't get the job.
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    With the job cuts at Universal that happened yesterday, I am worried about what the event is gonna turn out like. I know already that the artist who did the amazing art sold in the prop shop and the now Bourne gift shop last year has been cut from the event this year. The fact that they cut a single artist, who's artwork was always selling out and hard to come by, is surprising because they cut a source of profit. They clearly made more money off the art than they paid her to create it, so why cut it? Makes me nervous about what other stuff is getting cut if they are already cutting sources of income out of the event.
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    I bring to you all some bombshells from Inside Universal: -Beetlejuice is NOT at the front, nor is it even in a soundstage. -We are getting an Eilish house, but it isn't in MIB. -TCM seems to be coming as a "best of" for all the films. -No Terra Queen house, but she will be the main part of one (presumably the host of the anniversary house).
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    Breaking HHN news: I've had HHN wallpapers on my work desktop for a year and my coworkers have accepted it as not strange anymore.
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