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    HHN 29 Full Commercial: Ghostbusters only 15 second Ad:
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    They risk it because it's an adult event for adults. If snowflakes can't handle that, they should stay home.
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    To be honest, I don’t have a massive problem with lighter content being featured. Trust me, I love the intense stuff, but I think that, as said before in this thread, it’s important to introduce a new audience of teenagers and young adults to HHN. I know that ST coming to the event ultimately serves as a means for Universal to make massive bank, but it does that by drawing in a population that might never have been interested in the park before. With the event coming close to 30 years old, we have to consider the generational differences between the diehard fans and the newcomers. Horror Nights wasn’t incredibly dark in its first few years, as they mostly revolved around the classic monsters (which are back again), and it sort of amped up in terror-factor over time. I don’t think that the older audience is “growing out” of the HHN fandom - we definitely have many middle-aged site members - but not everyone from the older days has still been frequenting the event. Passion and dedication towards theme parks in general is kind of niche as an older person with a career and a family. I also don’t think that we’re being patronized by “softer” content. Compared to, say, the Carnival of Carnage, the event has steered away from a lot of the intensity it once had, but that may be to welcome those who are just getting into horror. I don’t know about you guys, but HHN was NOT my first horror attraction, and I think I had to be exposed to other things first to not be terrified. I think that, even with “soft” content, it’s undeniably a blast to just sit in a street and witness what’s going on with areas like Vamp ‘85 and such, and being fun is harmless and what can pull people back. Also, I think it’s important to consider the toll that gun violence and internal terrorism has had on the United States and the world at large in the last decade, just as we did with 9/11; from dozens of school shootings to the Ariana Grande bombing to the horrific events of Pulse only eight miles away from Universal, it’s sort of difficult to tackle gore in a way that doesn’t drive people away. I don’t know how much of that side of things actually influences the HHN team, but I think it’s important to consider that the audience isn’t necessarily the stereotype of otherwise stable adults that can’t handle the slightest offense, but younger people who are invested in ST and likely the rest of the houses once exposed to them, as well as the possibility of a community heavily affected by Pulse. None of this talk really means anything anyway, because the team is going to choose the IPs that they choose and base it on profit in the end, but I think we should be more welcoming of younger people and their lack of exposure. Of course, I say all of this as a twenty-year-old who was first exposed to Horror Nights content at twelve but has only gone for 28 and soon to be 29. Personally, I had a blast last year, to the point where I not only bought more individual tickets, but ended up upgrading to an Ultimate Frequent Fear pass, contributing hundreds as just one individual. I was prepared for the gore and violence that comes with HHN (the first house video I ever saw was that of La Llorona, and damn, was that dark), but I left with a smile on my face every night. The scareactors put so much energy and joy into their zones, and the concepts were expressed so creatively that it didn’t matter whether they were “dark” or not, at least for me. Did anyone here particularly hate Vamp ‘85? To me, it was so unique and entertaining compared to other ‘traditional’ haunts, and that’s what kept me coming back. Anyway, yeah, if HHN30 isn’t a celebration of everything that the event has been, brutalization and all (including a Jack show, please god), I’ll be bothered. But for 29, it looks like, if nothing else, the HHN team wants us to have fun. Based on how much enjoyment the event brought last year, I went ahead and got myself a UFF+ pass as well as the six-house tour, and I’m anticipating so many nights of excitement. If you got this far, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great time, guys!
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    So Dorian is pretty much out of Flagler County, and it was mostly uneventful here, thank goodness. And even better, it did not ruin my HHN plans!! See you all on Friday.
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    Sometimes, a prop is just a prop.
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    Just wrapped up 4 nights in a row... when I get an extra hour I will post a review. But overall this was a great year! Houses were fantastic! SZ's were average but still really fun! We, once again, had a blast! I will also add... that little bit of rain kept the crowds away Saturday the 14th. It was the slowest Saturday Ive ever seen and Ive been going since 2006. It was awesome we did 13 houses and still had plenty of time to eat, drink, sit around, catch the lagoon show. Was great!
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    Night two for America's Sweetheart (me). Ghostbusters was amazing. Worth the 50 minute wait, maybe the best house of all time even better than Poltergeist. The effects, the settings, the actors were beyond what I could even imagine. Live actors doing lines and improve, a certain 'buster gave me a high five at the end. Killer Klowns is already showing wear and tear (I noticed a key prop was broken tonight) and I missed a lot of scares I remember from the first night. After seeing it again, if you aren't a fan of the movie already I don't see a new comer understanding anything about this house. House of a 1000 Corpses was way better than I thought it was going to be. The scares are the end were fast and the group I was with was getting blasted. The facade was worth admission to see once. Universal Movie Monsters was much better on the second night with the Mummy room's actors in perfect sync. Made my group pinball around the room perfectly. Blood Pit is my sleeper hit of the year. I felt trapped in a complete nightmare. The houses don't scare me at all but towards the end I was feeling dread like I needed to escape. Something about how tight the maze is. A must-go house so far. Depth of Fear was terrible. Lots and lots of empty boo holes. I actually saw a group of (what appeared to be) managers in the house in a group looking very angry. The group I was with was very disappointed. Graveyard Games is a such a simple concept they nailed. The creative team knows how to make a graveyard and zombies so this is an easy home run house that just works. Marathon of Mayhem is excellent, watch it once if you can make it to the proper area. I walked through Zombieland with a group of new people tonight and they didn't even realize it was a scare zone.
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    Graveyard Games was the best house, hands down!
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    I really hope that HHN doesn't mirror current societal trends of toning it down because everyone is offended by everything. If I could tell Aiello one thing for this year, I'd say GO WAY OVER THE TOP.
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    Unless a hurricane hits ON an actual event night the event will still go on as planned. The event was cancelled for 2 night in 2016 because of a hurricane but I think that may be it. We've had hurricanes hit before the event starts in 2004 and 2017 but it only altered certain aspects of the event and it still opened as scheduled. While there may be missing scenic in the scarezones the event can run as normal with the average guest not even noticing.
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    First taste of merch is out! https://shop.universalorlando.com/ProductList.aspx?q=horror+nights
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    In this thread I invite anyone to add snapshots of House wait times as seen on the Universal Orlando app. Houses are shown in order they are listed on the app. Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 6:45PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 5 min Ghostbusters: 80 min Graveyard Games: 30 min House of 1000 Corpses: 5 min Killer Klownz: 45 min Nightengales: 10 min Stranger Things: 90 min Universal Monsters: 45 min Us: 10 min Yeti: 10 min Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 7:35PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 45 min Ghostbusters: 55 min Graveyard Games: 45 min House of 1000 Corpses: 45 min Killer Klownz: 45 min Nightengales: 40 min Stranger Things: 75 min Universal Monsters: 45 min Us: 50 min Yeti: 25 min Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 8:05PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 45 min Ghostbusters: 70 min Graveyard Games: 50 min House of 1000 Corpses: 45 min Killer Klownz: 45 min Nightengales: 40 min Stranger Things: 90 min Universal Monsters: 60 min Us: 50 min Yeti: 80 min Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 8:15PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 30 min Ghostbusters: 70 min Graveyard Games: 50 min House of 1000 Corpses: 45 min Killer Klownz: 45 min Nightengales: 40 min Stranger Things: 100 min Universal Monsters: 55 min Us: 75 min Yeti: 60 min Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 10:55PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 30 min Ghostbusters: 70 min Graveyard Games: 60 min House of 1000 Corpses: 75 min Killer Klownz: 60 min Nightengales: 80 min Stranger Things: 110 min Universal Monsters: 55 min Us: 60 min Yeti: 40 min Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 11:50PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 90 min Ghostbusters: 60 min Graveyard Games: 45 min House of 1000 Corpses: 75 min Killer Klownz: 30 min Nightengales: 30 min Stranger Things: 90 min Universal Monsters: 50 min Us: 80 min Yeti: 80 min Friday September 6 (opening Night) - 12:40PM Orlando time Depths of Fear: 20 min Ghostbusters: 60 min Graveyard Games: 15 min House of 1000 Corpses: 75 min Killer Klownz: 50 min Nightengales: 35 min Stranger Things: 85 min Universal Monsters: 20 min Us: 60 min Yeti: 5 min
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    Typed this all in notes and I don’t know how to change the font color on mobile, please help ! [9/9 Zombieman: Changed font to white] Anarchade: 5/10 for setpieces Someone said here that this zone was most likely to be a disappointment, and boy, were they right. It was the first zone I went through on my way to Zombieland, and I first noticed the bright game machines. Those were gorgeous, but ultimately photo spots. I couldn’t help but notice that there were about six scareactors in the zone, all looking the same except one that, get this, looks the same, but with a cape this time. I thought to myself, “well, it’s the beginning of the night, more scareactors should come out later!” Wrong. By about 11, some of the clones did go away, only to be replaced by stilt-walking women with nunchucks and hot pants, if they weren’t just bikini-sized, actually. The zone just didn’t roll with that theme as well as it could have. The music is cool, but the zone isn’t scary and isn’t fun. Oof. Zombieland: Double Tap: 9/10 Now this is what I’m talking about! This definitely makes up for Anarchade as a first impression of the night. Let me start by saying that this zone feels very, very derivative of Vamp ‘85, but maybe that’s just me. Big stage in the front that hosts a show, even one of the Trisha Whites from Vamp (Steph) is back as a pretty girl in a bad situation. Shoot to Thrill is even part of the soundtrack, and maybe it’s supposed to promote Zombieland 2, but I was still shook. Let me just praise the zombies. The sound effects that are part of the soundtrack are much more impressive than the little hisses that went with Vamp. I believe these sounds come from separate speakers, as they do legitimately feel close to the ground and as if the zombies are making those noises. The acting is also spot on, with high intensity kept up from the zombies as well as the survivors all night long. Cute concepts, like a man who must have turned while wearing a track suit is still just an old man that likes to jog, add a good little sense of Zombieland humor, but other zombies can be very aggressive and scary. ...Note that I was commenting on the zombies and survivors. The protagonists of the film.......oh wow. At first, I was so excited to see Tallahassee show up. I was hanging around the Waylon’s Pacific Treasures stand, checking out the gun and other props as well as show effects inside, when he just walked right in, slung his banjo off his shoulder, and began to play. Of course, all of the bloggers were all over this, and they flocked over to the stand with me to film him. On paper, the show sounds awesome. It goes like this: the character within the booth (more than one show up, each at different points in the night) begins to blare an airhorn, calling in the zombies, before leading them all to the central stage. The character has a short little monologue before a zombie approaches; for Tallahassee, it happened to be the clown from the movie, while it looked like Wichita got a standard zombie, possibly a reserve? They use a baseball bat and then a strongman’s hammer to smash the zombie with pretty impressive stunt choreography, before asking us whether that deserves Kill of the Week and ending the show. Sounds great, except that a) the voice acting for both isn’t even close to what either sounds like from the film (Tallahassee sounded more like Ellis from Left 4 Dead, which is a distinctly different voice from Woody Harrelson’s, even with it being a country accent), and b) the choreography is exactly the same. There is not a diverse KotW, only a different killer with different dialogue. Not even completely different, though, as they both say, verbatim, “What do you think? Zombie Kill of the Week?” I’ll have to look at my videos again to see if there any more overlaps. Also, little nitpicks: the audio is split into multiple tracks as opposed to one long track, and I know this because someone messed up and played the exact same line twice in a row for Wichita. Breaks immersion a lot, even with rough voice acting. In addition: okay, so Tallahassee is the one that established calling people by the place they’re going instead of their name, and Wichita never calls Little Rock “Little Rock” in the film, right? They’re sisters, they know each other’s names, right? Multiple occurrences of her calling out to find Little Rock. Just felt weird. Sets are so cool, with real, banged-up cars being used as props on the street. Good zone. No sign of Columbus, though, so there’s that. I think...? Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe: ?/10 No comment. I’m not the right audience for this zone. Not much diversity in weapons that I could see, skeleton set pieces, and sexualized women. Alternatively: axes, bones, and tiddies. Vikings Undead: 8/10 You guys commenting about there being no gore and no dark themes kind of have a new thing coming. Was pleasantly surprised by the look of this zone! I don’t have much to say about it, but I’m going to put in some pictures of those corpses once I get the chance. Vanity Ball: 10/10 Oh yeah!! I’m going again tonight and I’ve decided I’m dedicating a chunk of my night to just watching this zone do its thing. A fashion show hosted by a killer queen, prosthetics that bring the term “sharp cheekbones” to a whole new level, and interesting translucent clothing on almost everyone. I’ve never been a fan of sexy nurses or generally women in lingerie that are supposed to be scary, but they were actually charming. Will include a cute picture: my boyfriend was doing a little shoot for me in front of the VB sign, a nurse saw and approached me, noticed him, and chose to pose for pictures with me model-style with different poses. Before leaving, she said, “You don’t need surgery. You’re perfect.” Very cute and wholesome. If you enjoyed the big costuming of Vamp’s celebrities, you’ll love this. Many corsets, and actually not on women! Amazing makeup! Oh wow!! House of a Thousand Corspes: 9/10 I was excited, yet nervous about how this house was going to turn out. All of the talk on this forum assuming that the MiB house is guaranteed to be bad and/or low-budget really did set my expectations low. However, I was SO quickly proven wrong, as not only is the facade beautiful, but you get quite a sight just at the entrance. The animatronic clown from outside Captain Spaulding’s stands out in the open greeting guests with a robotic wave, only occasionally hitting his trigger to laugh. The rest of the house doesn’t let up, with rooms feeling so very close to the film, especially the interior of Spaulding’s itself. My only complaint with that is that Spaulding himself only appears once, in his shop, and the actor, at least the one in that cast, took quite a bit of time between scares. Normally, that would be fine, because of the fact that an unexpected entry point and an unheard dialogue line can really make the scare so much stronger, but the gas station felt empty without him. We only saw him just as we were rounding the corner into the next room. All in all, this house was impressive. They played with some things like the bizarre opening of the film with all of the smashed-together low-quality cam videos, which was pretty neat! The length of the house was also noteworthy in the best of ways: after we saw Doctor Satan, I thought the end had to be just around the corner. Nope: about another third of the house left to go. Enormous. Beautiful. A few more interesting notes and highlights: -Otis is absolutely everywhere. I really should count how many times he appears. Baby does have a scare in her performing outfit, which is cute. -We hardly see any of the victims of HoTC as anything other than mannequins. Fishboy, though, is a very beautiful sculpture that I was so looking forward to see, but he wasn’t lit very well, possibly going unnoticed to those not searching him out. I have the six-house UtH tour in October; hopefully this house is included. Depths of Fear: 10/10 WOW. So to avoid real spoilers about the BEST effect in the house, I think I’m just going to say this: if you like mixed media houses, this is your thing. Many more elements than sets, costumes, actors, and scares make up this house. God, I want to talk about it, but it was such a cool surprise for me and I want it to be for you too. To settle, I’ll talk about this one: I can’t pull out an example, but there’s a great effect of the alien coming down a foreshortened hallway while on STILTS so it goes from pretty far-away to right up in your face and giant. Incredibly immersive and impressive. This house makes good use of space, both feeling tight like a real close-quarters vessel but also showing you multiple levels as a catwalk rises above you at one point. The aliens/creatures/what have you do look a little silly but not as bad as you’d think. I absolutely lost my mind at how much I loved this house by the time I got out of it. God. Universal Classic Monsters: 8/10 To be honest, this one was actually pretty frightening at times! Nearly every monster’s area had a scare that genuinely made me jump. I went in looking for one of my friends from last year, so I admittedly was looking for the Phantom section my whole way through so I didn’t miss him. Most noteworthy is the fact that these actors WILL get close to you. Very close. My boyfriend noted that the Wolfman’s claw slashes were inches from him, and on two separate occasions in the same walkthrough, the mummies reached their hand out to me as part of their scare and were, no joke, about two inches from my eyes. That being said, this house does a good job playing with depth. You may be further away from the monster (Phantom), it may be above you (Dracula), it may be about a foot away on your left as you turn a corner (Frankenstein’s Monster), and so on. The sets can get impressively tall, as this is the parade building, but I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t able to do Us, but this house does include many mirror elements. I believed I saw a figure on my right and tried to approach before my boyfriend pulled me to the left, so that was startling and cool. As people are saying, though, for whatever reason, I didn’t find that it captured the overall mood of Classic Monsters. Most things felt like they could be current, or didn’t have much of a period feel at all, other than the Mummy. Get ready for some very interesting voice-acted triggers, specifically from Dracula and the Phantom; they feel a little exaggerated for the character and not exactly fitting. The scares were great and it looked stunning, so I did like it, though. Ghostbusters - 8/10 (will likely change if I do it again) Again, all I have to say is WOW. The effects are so very cool, with ghosts being presented digitally in a three-dimensional background a la the spirits from the Tower of Terror. Stay Puft is a biiiiig boy. Gozer is everything you could hope for, he is glittery, he is tall, he is on a high platform, he has a whole show scene with one of the Busters (forgive me, I don’t know which one). “Are you a god?” If you like Hot Boy Gozer, you’ll get Hot Boy Gozer. Slimer has many puppet forms, one of which distinctly smells like the rubber of a balloon when he scares. My problem with the house kind of ties in with just a personal complaint. This house has a huge potential to have so many noticeable holes, as it isn’t dark. Personally, I saw several empty boo holes snd even wide-open spaces where someone was clearly meant to be stationed. On opening night, this is pretty bad; not only do people normally never call out for the first night, but there are always reserves there to fill in gaps if they do. In my experience, my roommate, a stilt-walking, top hat-wearing blue ghost that you’re supposed to see in the alley after you see Winston, was getting an ill-fitting costume repaired for a good part of the night, so his area would be completely empty during his set. I think there was an overall problem with making sure that roles got filled, as they actually do characterize the houses more than they think they do. Stranger Things: 7/10 for props honestly Alright, look. I’m not a Stranger Things hater. Season three was actually pretty good. However, we all know that the first house wasn’t scary, but this one might have even stepped down a notch from that, even for me. Several demodogs popping out of the walls in an extended upside-down sequence, oooo, spooky! ...And it’s only highlighted by the fact that you get to see three completely static and shiny demodogs standing over...someone later. You guys know. What breaks my heart is that it seemed like there would have been an extremely cool and scary effect when you’re inside the bus, as I could see a dark, still demodog on the ceiling having broken through the top hatch and leaning over. If that alone was the scare, yikes, but I assumed that someone was meant to puppet that thing and just wasn’t. Actors are very, very off this year. I understand that they can’t get perfect casting, but at least Nancy, Max, and two of the Hoppers were unrecognizable without the context of where they were, or their name being shouted as part of a trigger. However, Jesus, the last Hopper in that set was a spot-on match, and it took me a second to process that. In general, the triggers were either activated much too quickly or much too sparsely. I got to hear “Nancy, shoot it!” many, MANY times, followed by her constantly blasting and reloading her shotgun. There are two Steves, and we saw neither of them in the long times we were in the rooms because the actor waited quite a bit to go out; we only knew he was there because we could hear his trigger go off behind us. Let me praise Billy for a second. We aren’t shoved with too much Billy right in our faces, at least figuratively, but we are LITERALLY. His actor in his central scene was so very passionate and active that I had to figure out whether the trigger was making that noise or if he was actually screaming in anguish. Great actor, great energy from him. But let me address the elephant in the room: alright, I understand that Eleven is sort of a liability, because if the Elevens call out, not many reserves are going to have shaved their heads for this role. However, I got exactly what I didn’t want: an identical Eleven from last year, down to the costume and even the pose. That was recycled to hell, and it’s the only Eleven we get. There is no Starcourt. We get one room in Starcourt, but the emphasis is on the Mind Flayer, so we don’t get that aesthetic. But let’s talk about that Mind Flayer, actually. The room people theorized would get included with the MF busting into Hopper’s cabin is there, but static. No movement from any of those limbs that I could see. There is one massive, INCREDIBLE puppet at the end, though, and I’ve heard from this forum that it takes three to puppet that. I am definitely not surprised. Many degrees of movement, opens it’s mouth, roars, a beautiful show of craftsmanship. It’s a shame that it’s the only creature I found stood out. If the line weren’t so crazy and bad, I would almost consider doing ST again just to see that thing. In the end, bad house. Good compared to other haunts’ standards, and pretty in some places, but never scary. OH. And they play the ST cover of Neverending Story in the area between soundstages, so you get to hear it going in! Absolutely ruined the mood! Great. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: 5/10 I’m sorry Alright, I think this is a love it or hate it house for sure. Ringwraith praised it, but I was so glad when I saw the exit, honestly. I hate this house. I’m talking I did Blumhouse more than once last year because of no line, but I don’t think I want to touch KK again, even with 26 more event nights to go. I waited ten minutes, thank god, and I’m glad I didn’t let KK eat up more of my night. Let’s talk about the issues. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching this film in advance as I tried to do with the other IPs, because this house is the most uncohesive thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I guess it’s at least consistent in that, as it retains the bright visuals throughout. As people have said, the clowns are big, so they aren’t super scary. What scared me were the neon sets all over that just don’t quit, paired with the clusterfuck of sound effects that made up the “scares.” That might be someone’s cup of tea, but it isn’t mine. Maybe it would be fun if you were already high. It’s not dizzying in a fun way, it’s not scary, it’s just annoying and honestly it kind of hurt. Every trigger seems like either a) a random circus noise, like a bike horn, or b) MANY random circus sounds, like a bike horn AND a drumroll! You feel me? There were two human characters, I believe, one of which we already saw in the zone. The sets are colorful and expressive, sure, but I wasn’t impressed by anything here. I don’t know what I was expecting with large props, but that wasn’t what I got. Jojo is big, yeah, but he serves as an entryway for yet another bright, irritating hallway of klowns. There are doors that drop down for a surprise attack in one hallway, and the natural bang of the drop hurt my boyfriend’s ears, while I felt my sense of balance get knocked off as the floor shook uncomfortably. This is all while being surrounded with bright fluorescent lights and aggressively loud “silly” sounds. I hated this. Nothing makes me want to go back. I think the most impressive part were the klowns themselves, but we already got to see all of those costumes in the zone. Rating it 5 because it was inventive and some people did find this aesthetic to be great for them, but it was absolutely the worst for me. Not scary, not funny, not even pretty.
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    This is the best post every single year I look forward to it. Thank you to all who take the time out of their visits to get the track tracklistings.
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    Hard, HARD pass. More houses = fewer scareactors per house, as well as a reduction in time they can take off from using certain scares, making the event feel more "samey." If you wish to spread out the crowds keep more rides open. Aside from which, it sounds like crowds are *somewhat* better this year, granted it's still early. Quality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Quantity
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    Stranger Things is where Poltergeist was last year while Ghostbusters is the one in front of the stage, so the waiting area should be the same regardless. In my personal experience on the first two nights, it doesn’t save much time to do the big houses first. Ghostbusters took 40 minutes even with being the first one through the gate on my turnstile because I was up at the front. Speed-walked there and everything, but still. I don’t know how it’s gonna be with Stay and Scream, but you could always try. The waits generally don’t improve over the night for those big ones, whereas it feels like the smaller houses only worsen. All in all, the ones I’ve waited a considerable amount of time for would have been 7:26-8:02 for Universal Classic Monsters, 8:20ish-8:45 for Graveyard Games, 8:50-9:45 for Nightengales, and obviously ST and Busters get some lines. I know that at least the beginning of the night, all of the back houses should be walk-ons; House of 1000 Corpses followed immediately by Depths of Fear had almost no wait for us on opening night, and were it not for it being opened a little later last night, Nightengales would have been good at 6:30. As we left Nightengales, we could see that Depths was still a walk-on. Anyway, back-of-the-park strategy is always handy, but if you want to do one of those bigger houses more than once (I don’t know about ST, but Ghostbusters has some sights), sure, go ahead and knock it out with S&S. I wouldn’t advise doing both of the big ones one after the other unless the goal is to get them out of the way. If the goal is to save time, the problem is that everyone else has the same idea and once they’re done with those big houses, they’re going to head to the smaller ones and the lines will increase. I hope you guys have so much fun at HHN and that the lines won’t be too harsh! If you run into problems and need recommendations or directions, I’ll be there Saturday and I’m more than willing to help out. Have a great time and do remember to plan a first house, but otherwise, I find it easier and more fun to decide in the moment. Cheers!
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    Longggggggggg time, no see everyone! Guess what? We get to go this year! Grandma's in town to watch the kiddos and the wife and I are heading up Saturday. I know I haven't been super active in a long time, but I was hoping to get some help on here. It's been so long since we have gone, since we can never get a baby sitter and are a couple hours away. I bought the S&S addon to the tickets this weekend. Is ST in the front by Minions where the big house usually goes? So is that the Hello Kitty S&S area or Finnegans? ANY POINTERS? God, it's been so long and we can't fork out for FP... we want to get as much done and I feel liek going straight to ST first would help with waits the rest of the night. Love all you guys, my horror family. It's been a while but I hope everyone has been doing good. <3
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    To be fair to them, Pennywise IS a killer clown from outer space.
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    HEY KID! DO YOU LIKE SEEING THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR? DOES WASTING TIME THAT COULD BE SPEND IN SCAREZONES OR HOUSES APPEAL TO YOU? THEN OH BOY DO WE HAVE A SHOW FOR YOU! Skip this crap. It brings nothing new and each year I see it the more my desire for the return of an excellent halloween adventure grows.
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    Sadly what you are joking about is what we have in Hollywood. For real. We had go-go dancers since they restarted in 2006. It was really cool, too, as they usually had demon prosthetics on their faces. This was a video I made at the time. Then around the time they cut Bill & Ted, the dancers were gone - but their dance platforms remained. All season long. A platform with guard rails around it that served no purpose other than to create an obstacle. Then in all subsequent years the same platforms appeared, but with static skeletons standing on them. I guess they are supposed to pay some sort of homage to the go go dancers?
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    Kind of upset that this house is in one of the larger sound stages. Nightingales would’ve been amazing to see on a larger scale, with massive Roman columns and architecture. Or Universal monsters with giant gothic set pieces.
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    The ticket window that said "I'm back," or something similar.
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    Beat me to the post itsabee. Shocked when I read about it. I felt sad when Michael J Roddy left and yet HHN somehow survived. It did change a bit when Aiello took over, but I could argue the change was for the better. I think HHN is in good shape, but I would be worried for Orlando if Murdy was coming over to run HHN. I'm excited to see what his creativity brings to the new park - especially the Classic Monsters section (if that becomes a reality)! Looking forward more than ever to wear my "Aiello Club" shirt to HHN this year
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    Good luck my friend. While of course we are thrilled it is looking like better news for Orlando, anyone in its path I am truly devastated for, especially anyone in our Nightmares community. I hope it turns away soon....
  27. 3 points
    Man every hour it seems like Dorian has a new path. This morning at least things look a lot better for Orlando/Florida of course flooding and some strong winds are a possibility but not as bad as before....I am hoping/praying that everything will be ok....but heck it wouldn't be HHN opening without a storm, right? lol! But seriously hoping for the best and thankfully the latest forecast is looking good for Orlando
  28. 3 points
    My younger sister just moved down to Florida to start a new job this past month. So thankful that she's able to get a flight back up tomorrow to sit this out here. I'm hoping anyone not as fortunate can take every step possible to stay safe. Here's hoping the Scare Zone props avoid damage from winds/flooding as well. I would imagine the houses will be fine, but the tent facades worry me a bit.
  29. 3 points
    Mentally spent about $300 so far
  30. 3 points
    The only thing missing to complete the 80's theme would be......oh......I don't know...... BILL AND FREAKING TED!! But I digress.
  31. 3 points
    Holy cow, that's soon! At this rate HHN 40 will start in July.
  32. 3 points
    What's really sad, is with the amount of money it took for a location, CGI, crew, talent, crafty, and both sound and video editing for this commercial, they could have easily made a badass interactive website and built up excitement and anticipation. This commercial is just bad and marketing is 100% to blame. Marketing, get your heads out of your butts and give the power back to A&D to do what they do best. Please. Thank you.
  33. 3 points
    Just re-watched this movie recently and oh my god, I forgot how much potential this has for a house! DR. SATAAAAANNN!!!!!
  34. 2 points
    Have you ever wondered how much you walk around HHN per night? I used the Strava app all 4 nights to see what mileage we put in. Dang! 37.37 miles in 4 nights!
  35. 2 points
    Me too! Another Easter Egg I found is, in the queue line video for 'Graveyard Games' (The one where you see the Facebook comment feeds for the idiot teens and others), there are references made to at least two of the fake B- Movies seen in last year's 'Slaughter Sinema.'
  36. 2 points
    Same! If anyone hears anything, please let us know! I can go ahead and say, though, that one very fun fact is that the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is essentially a giant carved block of the kind of styrofoam that would come in a package. It’s mounted on a custom-built “stage”-style platform to hold it in place so that everything else can be projected onto it. Info gained from scareactor who backed up to it in his area and frequently leaned on it. From the same scareactor, through his experiences with stilts, I learned that apparently the creatures in Depths of Fear have pretty awful eyesight because of there being practically no visibility points in the headpiece. I guess it was an oversight. It makes the stilt performer in that house just that much more impressive, given that he’s on a slant AND blind, but I can’t help but worry for him. On that note, I have a question. So as I never shut up about, my boyfriend was a reserve last year and is one again this year. Because he was given a rundown of each house/his role within that house by the casting and show directors, he was able to provide a lot of nifty information last year. So, mods: is it okay to eventually start some kind of lore thread that contains the information people can get from UtH tours or backstage info from team members themselves? Or should the details go in their respective threads?
  37. 2 points
    So one of my favorite things every year is all the insane details that are put into the event. A lot of times it seems there are pages of backstories and loads of interesting info that the average attendee misses. If you guys know of anything, I would seriously enjoy it. Every year it's always fun to learn just how detailed the event it
  38. 2 points
  39. 2 points
    It may have been last year, but here's the plot as listed on the HHN wiki: A man named Mr. Carver owned a pumpkin patch in Carey, Ohio. He grew the best pumpkins in town. However, hidden in his shop, he had a deformed son named Gourdy, who was chained up. One day Gourdy escapes and smashes the pumpkins in the shop. Mr. Carver gets angry at him, and so Gourdy kills him and escapes, killing people and taking their heads to carve as pumpkins. The one "Movie" in that House whose plot I'd wonder about would be 'Schittie's Kidz,' specifically why it is that the kids go insane and get violent? Was there some ingredient in the restaurant's pizza that warped their minds, or what?
  40. 2 points
    The show is very amazing. Better than anything any park has ever done (as far as water shows) it takes your breath away If you could arrive 20 minutes early you could find a good spot. Just try to be at the center and to the front of the standing area
  41. 2 points
    So last night went way more smoothly than Friday and we were able to hit every house and show with time to spare. I still won’t do a full review until after we return next weekend, but I will say there was a lot of inconsistency with a couple houses just between the two nights. Scares from the first walkthrough were missing during the second time around. Could’ve been just bad timing on our parts (cast changes, etc.) but who knows. As far as the shows go, AoV is way better than last year and the lagoon show is amazing.
  42. 2 points
    Current rankings... HOUSES #1 - Yeti: Terror of the Yukon #2 - Depths of Fear #3 - House of 1000 Corpses #4 - Nightingales: Blood Pit #5 - Universal Monsters #6 - Stranger Things #7 - Graveyard Games #8 - Killer Klownz from Outer Space #9 - Us #10 - Ghostbusters SCARE ZONES #1 - Vanity Ball #2 - Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe #3 - Zombieland: Double Tap #4 - Vikings: Undead #5 - Anarch-cade
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  46. 2 points
    Latest models are showing Dorian shifting more east, away from Florida. If it continues at this rate, HHN is going to be 100% fine.
  47. 2 points
    I feel the fandom is still there. But, many are aging out of the days of being able to post and search and do the 'back in the day' things you mentioned. I am a late bloomer to this party and got hooked so fast it wasn't funny. But, I have even noticed a turn in the direction of the event. I recently watched Theme Park Review's History of HHN on YouTube and found it to be pretty good. They were able to highlight some of the missteps that the HHN team have made over the years and how HHN has pretty much propped up the parks until a certain wizard came along. I see what you mean about the earlier years of HHN and I see where they are headed now. Fear is not as fun or as important as profit. The online backstories are declining year over year and with so many IP houses, which don't require any back story, I feel that portion of Creative is also declining. Look at this year's merch. Its almost all ST and GB as the main focus. Not only is the event turning soft, they are not creating anything, they are just riding the IPs. Which all leads to less and less to talk about. The other thing, as mentioned, Vlogs. I know that Saturday the 7th, my wife will have the video up and we will see the inside of each house. Gone are the days of videos stopping at the entrance and picking up at the exit of the house. Now, as credentialed media, certain vloggers push the entire event out the 2nd day. All of us who wait until later in the year don't have anything to really talk about or even banter about with those who have gone. Stranger Things was soooooo successful GhostBusters!? Wow! I'm so stoked for a comedy house! How the hell do they bring back an icon (any of them) if the event is going to continue to run towards the tween demographic? "We are NOT becoming family friendly" Brings back ST, GB, Killer Klownz....
  48. 2 points
    They are embracing the hell out of the 80's this time around. They need a hat that has mullet hair coming out the sides and back! Dear God, I had a mullet back in the day... Look at all those pin sets. Not to mention all the shirts that aren't listed here. This is going to be an expensive year...
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    Yet and Stranger Things need to switch. sorry I didn’t notice it earlier.
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