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  2. That really sucks. The Original videos past year were really cool.
  3. Wow that's a real bummer and they were just starting to make a lot of cool ones too from last year and 27, hopefully they'll do em next year, maybe they'll give us at least sneak peek photos behind the scenes of the houses hopefully. I mean at least they could give us that. I mean there would be a reason for a crossover, this doesn't seem like a crossover though, I think the only icons for that house would just be the Nightingales themselves, I think there could be another house that maybe has an icon-esque quality to it but not this one. It sucks though that we won't be getting teasers this year, I do hope we get some sneak peek photos into this house because it definitely sounds like it's going to be really cool though.
  4. I've been told the originals will not have announcement videos this year.
  5. At one point someone said one of the originals could sort of serve as an icon house. Do you think maybe there's a special character in the Nightingales house? That might explain not releasing a teaser video yet, trying to save the surprise of someone who appears in the house.
  6. I honestly think a lot of people are just antsy, including me, I'd admit, I think it's not that we think we are behind the scenes but knowing what has been happening in previous years with Universal, somethings can repeat again you know, meaning like ips falling through or originals being change, dates and all that stuff, still coming off the withdrawal of last year, you can tell a lot of people are excited and very antsy about what's coming to Orlando, Hollywood has been very vocal a little more about their Hollywood event and seeing how Orlando has been only vocal but other events taking place at the park has kinda gotten people wanting to know more about HHN which honestly definitely seems too soon, which is why I think they'd honestly start in June and work from there because we only 4 months there, they'd probably have enough time to release everything, that's why I'm honestly not holding my breath and willing to wait but hope they'd give us a little more insight or more sneak peaks into the event, at least for the Stranger Things house and Nightingales because you'd think they would have made a original teaser video for the house but it looks like they could be saving it for later? I'm not sure but hopefully we get something in the coming weeks.
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  8. Please let this be getting announced as a house!
  9. Everyone seems to be acting like we are behind in announcements. Correct me if I am wrong please but aren’t we still ahead on announcements even compared to last year which was the earliest we had ever gotten announcements before ?
  10. Well yes, their focus on HP and the other day was with The Today Show cafe which makes me think we were going to get an announcement but it got changed because of the announcement of the restaurant but I mean I could see ourselves getting an announcement later on, I'm just not holding my breath on it, but hopefully we'll get something that'll get us hyped up, some teaser video, finally the ticket sales or something. The Hagrid's coaster has been getting a lot of hype and I cannot wait for it, I'll definitely try to be there opening day for it or hopefully they do soft openings for it, it looks really cool. I honestly wouldn't doubt we'd have to wait till June for some announcements which would still be cool if they got that route.
  11. I enjoyed both the Chance and Chucky scare zones, although admittedly for entirely different reasons. I love Chance too. So seeing her get that spotlight was great. I don't live in Florida so until last year with the BOGO I only got one night each year. The time I spent in the Chance in Hell scare zone, I spent listening to Chance talk to guests, or to herself. I enjoyed her arguing with herself on the speaker more than I should have. Although with only one night I wanted to make sure I got to see the icon (so far the last icon we've had). As for the Chucky scare zone last year, I watched Chucky insult people once, and it was fine. What I actually enjoyed about the scare zone was the other characters. I thought it was cool seeing what "toys" were brought to life in the scare zone. I also enjoyed the set pieces of the barrel of monkey and easy-bake-oven. It might have been Chucky's scare zone, but there were other characters and set pieces to discover without paying any attention to Chucky.
  12. I just moved here 18 months ago, right before the 2017 event. It's been rad being able to go to HHN as many nights as I always wanted to, something I couldn't afford to do when I lived up in Chicago. Have a good move! We moved to Central Florida because my girlfriend took a job down here, I didn't think I'd like all the heat at first, but being here definitely has its benefits. Sure I miss beef sandwiches, but I've learned how to make my own. Survival at it's finest.
  13. Also just re-watched a video on YouTube of HHN 26 scare zones, and I personally liked the Chance In Hell scarezone but remember it getting a lot of crap that year. Then made me ponder on 28 with Chucky and I hated that zone and thought his jokes were awful and yet that zone got a ton of praise. I would always bolt through that zone or avoid it altogether .... but in essence the two zones are the same.... it may just be pure aesthetics as I love Chance, and bought as much Chance merch as I could lol.... idk it is just something to ponder as why does one work and the other doesn't as the joke and pick on guests scare zone seems to be a trend at HHN right now. Even though Chance In Hell worked for me I think it would be great if that style of scare zone took a break for a couple years.
  14. I’m so excited to move to Florida this weekend and be able to see scarezone construction as it gets closer to the event!!
  15. I am no insider and this forum is my only way of knowing. But do we really know for sure that “something is going on behind the scenes” it really could just be a slow period since we have the spec map as detailed as we have and they are just low on announcements and quiet with Hagrid’s about to open. I mean not trying to say you are wrong but it could just be possible that we are on hold until Hagrid’s? I think they can get one more announcement in before Hagrid’s but I imagine a lot of the focus is on that right now.
  16. I'm really just honestly waiting around, I don't wanna play the "soon" card, obviously something is going on behind the scenes with the event, Murdy has been more talkative about HHN but not releasing anything probably until Midsummer's Scream where we usually we would get something from Hollywood but as for Orlando, I mean it's just been really dead quiet unless they are asked something weird questions and they'd respond but idk at this point.
  17. Things are mighty slow as we wait for more announcements. I'm going to attempt to host some HHN trivia to pass the time. Know that the answers can all be looked up, but that would not be very fun (so please don't). To keep it fun for all I'm going to ask that you PM me answers. If you need hints, I will PM them back to you, and will post names of those who get them correct. Make sense? So let's start off with a huge favorite of many: HR Bloogengutz presents: Holidays of Horror DO NOT POST ANSWERS - PM me the answers; just jot them down as you go. I will provide a handy cut and paste for the PM Warning - this gets a lot harder as you go (that's what she said). Sorry, I'm binge watching The Office again... 1) Which one of the following holidays was NOT presented in the queue or house? A. Christmas B. Arbor Day C. Easter D. Halloween E. Independence Day F. St. Patrick's Day G. Valentine's Day H. President's Day I. Thanksgiving Users with correct answer: 2) In which HHN venue did HR Bloodengutz Presents: Holidays of Horror appear? A. Sprung Tent 1 B. Sprung Tent 2 C. Old Parade Building D. Sound Stage 21 E. Sound Stage 22 F. Sound Stage 23 G. Sound Stage 24 H. Jaws Queue I. Disaster Queue J. Shrek Theater K. MIB Tent Users with correct answer: 3) In the queue line video, what song was always played during the title shot proclaiming "HR Bloodengutz presents: Holidays of Horror"? A. Monster Mash B. The National Anthem C. Don't Stop Me Now, by Queen D. Crazy, by Patsy Cline E. The theme song to The Munsters F. There was no song played Users with correct answer: 4) Provide two answers: What was HR Bloodengutz real name? What was the name of the producer he kidnapped and tortured? A. Larry Kurtzberg B. Larry Hurtzberg C. Larry Reynolds D. Jack Schmidt E. John Reynolds F. John Kurtzberg G. John Hurtzberg Users with correct answer to Bloodengutz: Users with correct answer to his Producer: 5) As far as we know, what became of HR Bloodengutz? A. He was captured by police and sentenced to life in prison B. He was shot and killed by police C. He evaded arrest and is still on the loose D. He set fire to the TV station, killing everyone including himself Users with correct answer: 6) Before working at the TV station, he worked a stint for his uncle doing non entertainment-related work. What was that job? A. Scooping ice cream B. Woodworking C. Gravedigger D. Used car sales E. Big box store greeter F. Taxidermy G. Apparel sales Users with correct answer: 7) The house took place during HHN 21, when Lady Luck was the icon. Lady Luck provided the choice that led to his eventual downfall. How did she present herself and what were the choices? A. Lady Luck posed as a talent agent offering a last-chance role of Bloodengutz instead of continuing to work for his uncle B. Lady Luck posed as his girlfriend, saying he needed to take the Bloodengutz job or she would dump him C. Lady Luck appeared in a nightmare, with visions of him being laughed off a live theater stage or getting rave reviews as a TV host D. Lady Luck appeared as an "Elvira-type" movie marathon host that lured him back to entertainment. His decision was to change the channel or not. Users with correct answer: 8) What name did Lady Luck use when he was offered the choice? A. Elsa Strict B. Moyra C. Chance D. Vivian E. Cindy F. April May Users with correct answer: 9) HHN classified HR Bloodengutz as one of the Legions of Horror. In which Legion was he classified? A. Strengoit B. Cerebin C. Baccanoid D. Maschorian E. Morphan F. Kerezan Users with correct answer: 10) Provide two answers: What was the channel number and call letters of the TV station that ran the Midnight Horror Show? It was presented many times in the queue video and throughout the house. A. Channel 20 B. Channel 28 C. Channel 21 D. Channel 69 E. Channel 33 F. Channel 6 G. WHHN H. WOOO I. WB&T J. WKNB K. WKRP L. WTFH Users with correct answer (Channel number): Users with correct answer (Call letters): Extra credit (this is a TOUGH ONE): There was a reference to Jack the Clown near the end of the house A. Which holiday was represented in the scene? B. What was the name of the fictitious movie that referenced that holiday? C. What was the reference to Jack? D. What TWO well known songs were played during that holiday scene? Users with correct answer to A: Users with correct answer to B: Users with correct answer to C: Users with correct answer to D: PM me with the answers: 1 Answer: 2 Answer: 3 Answer: 4 Answer (Boodengutz): 4 Answer (Producer): 5 Answer: 6 Answer: 7 Answer: 8 Answer: 9 Answer: 10 Answer: (Channel number): 10 Answer: (Call letters): Extra Credit Answer (Holiday): Extra Credit Answer (Movie title): Extra Credit Answer (Jack reference): Extra Credit Answer (Two songs from scene):
  18. Yea super quiet on here....guess we are all just waiting for an announcement? Also the other tickets won't go on sale until after the BOGO sale ends on June 5. And no one has anything to speculate about scare zones so I guess here we are .... and wait
  19. I have a grievance ready to file with Universal, but I don't know where to send it...
  20. I guess that one theory isn’t true. Otherwise we would’ve gotten an announcement by now.
  21. I thought we'd be getting an announcement today! What the hell? And why is it so quiet in here?
  22. I’m guessing he’s shelving the Thing or another classic they couldn’t get the rights to. Also, since horror made here isn’t happening, IT is on the table for this year (as well as Lost Boys, Beetlejuice, Exorcist, Shining, etc) If anyone wants to DM about anything related to theme parks or Halloween events my Twitter is @JulianDene. I’m way more active there then on here
  23. Congrats! WHEN you get hired, let us know where to find you! We all know you're going to make it. Can you rank your roles over the years from best to worst? Thanks for the education!
  24. Wish the best of luck and hope to see you in a house or in the fog \m/ \m/
  25. Last treatment for this year's event is being written, but it looks like something could be coming to the event and another one will be put on the backburner or shelved for awhile.
  26. Meanwhile in Hollywood's camp, Murdy writing the final treatment for this year's event
  27. This is fantastic! I suspect you'll be back scaring us all this year. Please let us know where you will be. Do you pay attention to the Nightmares shirts when you see them? That's how I know which scareactors are part of the Nightmares family. We wear our shirts constantly.
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