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  2. Also here's a music list for GAME OVER: CONTINUE? Facade: Music from the video games represented in the scenes DESTROY ALL HUMANS!: Any of the Hunted music or Furon Theme Dead By Daylight: Closing In Overwatch: Prepare to Attack Skullgirls: Grand Cathedral Stage Donkey Kong: 25m or 100m Grand Theft Auto: The Paleto Score Splatterhouse: Enter The Biggy Man Payday: Gun Metal Grey UNDERTALE: Your Best Nightmare Legend of Zelda: Mini Boss Half-Life: Ravenholm Reprise Fallout (FINALE): Combat Ready (I was also thinking that Demon at Church could fit in the Skullgirls scene along with Requiem for Ravenholm fitting in the Half-Life scene)
  3. sounds good man, only thing i'll add is Dig Dug, because it's brutal if you think about it. but anyways, cheers mate.
  4. Shelved, really. Available if I want to got back, but right now I'm kinda just doing what I want. Also, it was just a listing of things pulled from TV Tropes' Arcade Machine list. Three Mario games, Street Fighter, Splatterhouse, PAC-MAN, CarnEvil, House of the Dead, Tapper, Punch Out!, Centipede, even a Tetris room where Tetrominos destroy Russia. I'll revisit it eventually, having just given a room list (though it should be rearranged), just not today.
  5. yeah moira or doomfist would make a better scare. also, i can suggest some things for Arcade if it's stuck in development.
  6. Donkey Kong was left over from GAME OVER ARCADE, where you'd meet, in order, DK and Pauline, Luigi, and finally King Koopa and Mario. PAC-MAN also had a room with scares from both the ghosts and PAC-MAN himself. Also, Yeah, your Sombra idea is awesome. Junkrat and Roadhog would've had a presence, but I wanted to focus on Talon - should've used Doomfist and Moira instead of Widowmaker, though.
  7. Been quiet on here for a few days. Think anything will be announced soon now that Hagrid's has opened?
  8. i love this layout, though i'll change 2 things for the overwatch room, you can do a peppers ghost effect for sombra. you can also throw in a junkrat and roadhog scare since there kinda villians, but might be to much. for the donkey kong room, it'll be neat to see his origins reflected. in the games, donkey kong was basically a circus slave to his owner Jumpman (mario before he got his name). so, they can be a room before what you described where DK can be seen in chains, and every so often he'll break free and charge at guests, as Jumpman will come out from the other side with a whip and scare guests. honestlly, if i can add one game here, it'll be Pacman. because, well the concept is actually terrifying. though, you can add it in the arcade sequel you mentioned. edit - VIP BABY!
  9. GAME OVER: CONTINUE? Enter the realm of video games again, to face a whole new slew of terror! From masked maniacs to formless abominations, anything and everything can be an obstacle that you can overcome - or it can be the enemy that takes your final life! ...We don't need this part today. There was no strike of inspiration, besides missing Destroy All Humans!. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter through a pixelated vortex. Like Luigi being sent through the TV in Luigi's mansion, or being teleported or revived in Borderlands 2. DESTROY ALL HUMANS!: Guests enter a 50's street, surrounded by military personel... except they're acting weird. Yeah, turns out, Crypto is controlling their minds. Crypto stands atop a tank, taunting guests. Dead By Daylight: Guests find themselves in a basement. Someone is on a hook, struggling to get off as the Entity grabs at them. Meanwhile, hiding in a locker is a killer. Probably Trapper, Nurse, or Wraith. All three, depending on shifts. Overwatch: Then, an overly-idealic Hollywood. Except Widowmaker has you in her sights - she'll keep the bead on guests, with a visible laser beam. Reaper will kick down the door and fire upon guests. (Air shots from the shotguns.) Skullgirls: After this, guests end up in a church, where Double (puppet) gloats over a recently decapitated Miss Fortune. Fortune's body will lunge at guests, and a Chainsaw-wielding Peacock hides in the pews. Donkey Kong: The lights go blacklit for the next scene, as guests go past an angry gorilla throwing barrels. (Think the ringmaster from Carnival Graveyard.) Pauline will lunge at guests, screaming in fear. Grand Theft Auto: From that scene, guests find themselves exiting a bus in a holdup, where Micheal and Franklin usher them out, in masks. Trevor, occasionally neglecting his mask, will taunt, harass, and belittle guests. Splatterhouse: Guests then find themselves on a bridge, between a chainsaw duel between Rick Taylor and The Biggy Man. Need I say more? Payday: Guests then enter a bank, in a hostage situation with Dallas and the boys as the hostage-takers. Dallas makes the bank robbery spiel (the First World Bank Speech), Chains and Hoxton are in a fire fight with the police, and Wolf will attack guests with a drill. UNDERTALE: Leaving the bank, guests wind up in a dark void, where plant matter is on every wall. Above you, Omega Flowey laughs. Legend of Zelda: Dead Hand holds link down, with the other hands threatening guests. Two ReDeads will lunge out at guests as they exit. Half-Life: Ravenholm. Father Grigori holds off Headcrab zombies with Annabelle. Gordon Freeman will jump out, fighting off a headcrab. Fallout (FINALE): GIANT DEATHCLAW. While that distracts guests, a Vault Dweller will lunge at them with a Rocket Hammer.
  10. if i can suggest one thing, it'll be dead hand and the redeads from the legend of zelda ocarina of time
  11. My next planned sequel would've gone through arcade games, but now I want to make one with rooms based off of Destroy All Humans! and Grand Theft Auto V. (Namely Trevor.) Just gotta let the creative juices recharge before I jump into things. (Probably will also feature Dead by Daylight and Fallout.)
  12. Last week
  13. Since we're sticking with the 80's theme this year I thought we'd continue with the VHS covers from last year. Enjoy!
  14. Yeah it could also i didn't know you forgot about it while coming up with rooms
  15. ...It could, actually. I just forgot about it while coming up with rooms.
  16. Thanks! Also i think Destroy all Humans! could fit well into the Game Over idea and the scene could be the Farm area or probably something else i don't know
  17. Good list. I imagined some brassier TF2 music for TF2 (The Main Theme, Rocket Jump Waltz, Faster than a Speeding Bullet), but Art of War does fit - like someone's getting votekicked. Probably Heavy, he obviously hacked if he can fire that gun for so long.
  18. Just thought up a music list for each scenes of this haunt idea Facade: Music from the Video Games represented in the scenes BIOSHOCK: This Is Where They Sleep Borderlands: Removing the Bandit Threat Five Nights At Freddy's: Creepy Ambience from the first game and the music box version of the Toreador March Mortal Kombat: Mortal Kombat Theme Song Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Weird Kids On The Block DOOM: E1M1 Minecraft: Disk 13 Nazi Zombies: Lullaby Of A Deadman Skyrim: Any of the Combat Music Team Fortress 2: The Art of War Rampage: Main Menu Music from Rampage: Total Destruction
  19. you guys think a cloverfield haunt will work? it'll be like horrors of blumhouse where you'll go through various moments through the series. (the monster attack, howard's basement, the spaceship, etc etc)
  20. Hello. I live in Southern Cali again, and I thought about auditioning here again, but decided against it. May work at Knott's as talent or supervisor (I've applied to supervisor, but they pulled the job from the job board and I haven't heard anything so I'mma assume nah). Anyway, this lineup doesn't really peak my interest all that much, but I feel like it will for a lot of 'classic' people.
  21. I think they will bump up the lighting during the run. I can't wait for this. I am still hopefully that I get a call from someone.
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