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If it's a good thing why not some transparency? Let us know so we can help

I brought this up a while back, but the symbolic mixing together of these five elements into this kind of pattern are only going to make one of two things:

1. A summoning circle. I don't think I have to say bad news bears on this one, but still, bad news bears.

2. It's possible Fell and Himmel are trying to put down a ward to keep this Sumerian asshole down where he belongs.

Of course, the first possibility is more likely, but still. Just playing Devil's Advocate here. Though I suppose I should leave that to Himmel...

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*Holds up Team Richards Banner*

Not ready to jump on his team yet, especially with him being apparently impossible to contact after dropping that major bomb

Gotta get some sleep, hell of a day tomorrow, but hopefully i'll be able to check and see any new developments

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DARN THE PROPHECY!!!! WE'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF SIT HERE AND WAIT FOR ALL HELL TO LITERALLY BREAK LOOSE!!! any bright ideas guys??? anyone?? where's Dr. Jimmy when you need him?

what we need to do is try and figure out what can stop this

theres no doubt it has started we need to figure what is the one common through out the years that does not fit into this prophecy but has always been there

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Obviously if Fell is pleased, then he SHOULD be the one who stands to gain the most. I have a feeling that IH is only going along with it because he promised her a position of power if he succeeds and she's probably personally (IE: romantically) involved with the man

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Q: I'm beginning to question the wisdom of completing the circle. This thing means trouble. I doubt you're willing to say anything on the matter, but I can't help but wonder about the organization's real motives.

It's one thing to research and document paranormal phemonena, but the last thing I wanted to do was help release it.



Well, shit.

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but LT does not have the lantern soooooo..... yeah, mind tease there with the whole Uni vs LT thing


Is he being summoned tonight, at the event or with the website update?

Everything goes down either tomorrow or on the 26th is my guess.

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the proper question is WHO wants him summoned...

obviously one horse in this game benefits more than the others...... or do they?

and i think this goes right back to the names Fell and IH - a fallen angel and fiery heaven. I'm definitely starting to feel that LT is in this for the dark side... I'm putting my trust in uni and A&D and TJ in this one, I think.

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poor DP, expecting (sympathy?) from a cold heartles soul like IH.

she's pretty much confirmed (more than once) that LT is indeed the "bad guy" this year and that she herself is involved in summoning The God of Fear to reality. I always had a feeling both e and Fll were not to be trusted...wonder if anyone else in LT was away of thes 2's alterior motives?

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though, i'm not sure if LT is the one summoning the demons/gods/whatever or if it's Uni. the information is confusing, since I'm not sure what's coming from Uni and whats coming from LT... I think I need to go back and re-read it. Were the pictures stolen by LT from Uni, or did they get them on their own? I can't remember.

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Look what I just realized. Maybe I am behind the entire group or something, but in chat I discovered this. The sword they were talking about in the image, is, in my opinion, the whole thing, but a marking on the whole collage. V Chat V

GOT IT -Sohrin


Then what is? - Anonymous

It is a marking ON the diagram.

I am thinking the "sword" is the scythe.

Or something else. It is used for sacrifice.

Look at the image and try and see it.

Are you catching my drift? -Sohrin

I guess. -Anonymous

I take it each section of the image, the top left, top right, middle right, bottom right and bottom left will ALL have something significant,

Call the sections 1,2,3,4,5 respectively. Going clockwise from the upper left. --Sohrin

Okay- Anonymous

1 has the Circle with the crosses through it? see that?

2 Has the scythe

3 is to be determined by center picture.

4 Has the fountain looking sort of < 3 shape if you look for it.Sohrin

And 5 may be hidden as well. -Sohrin

You can see that 5 has a space for something, and if you look close, you will see some bold markings around the edge of the missing picture.

I hope I am not confusing you -Sohrin

You aren't, trust me. -Anonymous

I like puzzles.

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