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What houses are most excited for?


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We now have the full HHN 29 lineup.  What are you excited about.


My House list:

1) Depths of Fear - Sounds so great.  Super excited for this.

2) Yeti - Yeti was not my favorite part of Slaughter Sinema, but I don't think this will be anything like it.  I anticipate a high degree of gore.

3) Nightengales: Blood Pit - This could steal the show

4) Graveyard Games - I have a feeling this will rise on my list

5) Ghostbusters - Hoping they can pull off another Poltergeist

6) Killer Klowns - Loved the scarezone.  What could possibly go wrong?  The Shrek venue, for one...

7) Universal Monsters - Wildcard.  Murdy did great things.  I didn't care for the Black and White house years ago.  

8) House of 1000 Corpses - Hollywood house was REALLY good.  I hope this surprises me.

9) Stranger Things - I'm sure it will look great, but will they amp the scares?

10) Us - This seems like the throwaway to me.  Sure wish we could trade it in for Tooth Fairy


My Scarezone list:

1) Zombieland

2) Vanity Ball

3) Anarch-Cade

4) Rob Zombie

5) Vikings Undead


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1) Universal Monsters- I have always wanted to see them at HHN! They haven been at the event before but with me I have never saw them in a house, since I started going in 2013. With Hollywood’s success last year with it, I can’t see Orlando dropping the ball on this.  
You can’t go wrong with the classics epically with making them scary!
2) Nightingales: Blood Pit- I have heard how Nightingales: Blood Prey was a good house and I wish I could have gone though the house. With my love of Greek/Roman mythology and history, this couldn’t be better!
3) Yeti: Terror of the Yukon- Swamp Yeti was my favorite in SS last year so a house fully about a yeti will be awesome! I also love camping and being in a log cabin with everything about it. I wish it would be cold in the house but that’s unlikely, still this house is gonna be great!
4) Graveyard Games- I love the idea of walking though a graveyard! Also having the interactive  part in line is pretty cool. I think this house could be pretty scary if done right and it’s HHN how could they fail? 
5) Ghostbusters- This seems strange to me since it’s not really a horror movie and more of a Halloween comedy. That being said Universal seems excited for this house so I don’t see them failing at it. 
6) Strangers Things 2&3- The house surprised me last year. With seasons 2&3 I have hopes for the house. I can’t wait to see some Demedogs!
7) House of a 1000 Corpses- I didn’t really enjoy the movie. Rob Zombie is just weird to me. The only thing I’m looking forward to in this is Captain Spaulding. 
8) Killer Klownz from Outer Space- I enjoyed the zone last year but it wasn't really scary since the actors could scary well in the costumes since they were so big. I don’t see how they can fit though the boo holes and scary you. I see another Creatures incident from 2008 (maybe they learned from that but it’s unlikely) and being in Shrek doesn’t help. 
9) Depths of Fear- At first I was excited about this but after we learned more about it, I got less excited. Insane crew members just don’t seem scary to me. 
10) Us- I enjoyed the movie but I don’t think it can be well revived in a house. My favorite part of the movie was that “you were killing you”, I just don’t see that being possible in a house.
1) Arnch-Cade- This is were the “Bad Zone” is but last year with Harvest I think they are going in a good direction with this zone. I also love slashers so a zone with 80 style neon slashers can’t be bad!
2) Vanity Ball- I liked the Chucky zone last year and I think this may be like it. Also “plastic surgery” can be scary if done right!
3) Zombieland: Double Tap- I enjoyed the movie but I feel this may turn out to be a classic zombie zone. 
4) Vikings: Undead- Undead usually means Zombies
5) Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe- Not a fan of his and have really only seen HoTC from him. Music zones can’t be scary IMO. 
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Hype List




10. House of 1000 Corpses - Dumb movie. A lot to work with for a house and I've heard that this was a house before it was even a movie so it has the potential to be great. Just hate the source material.

9. Nightingales - Unsure why but I'm not really interested in this house. I know it will probably be scariest house of the year (past three houses in this location were Tomb of the Ancients, Scarecrow, and Dead Exposure) but yeah, not on board with this one yet.

8. Ghostbusters - Unpopular opinion, but not a fan of the movie. I'm sure the house will be fun but will have crazy lines like ST which will make me careless to do it even more than I already do.

7. Us - Movie was super intriguing. I think this will be better than most think, but then again, could be pretty meh too. 

6. Graveyard Games - Seems like a cool concept. Wasn't really sure where to rank this one because I'm neither here nor there about it yet.

5. Yeti - Should be awesome. Excited to see how large the scareactors that were hired this year are in Yeti get-ups. Also curious how cold they'll make the house. 

4. Depths of Fear - Most intriguing Original for me this year. Dead Waters was my favorite house for 27. Not to say this will the same, but the water theme is similar and I can't imagine this house being anything short of outstanding.

3. Killer Klowns from Outerspace - Love the movie and loved the scarezone last year. They have so much material to work with so this has the potential to be excellent. Shrek building has disappointed past two years but maybe this will be a comeback for this location. 

2. Universal Monsters - Love the Original Monsters and can't wait to see how they're used in a house, especially with the success of the house at Hollywood last year.

1. Stranger Things 2 + 3 - So very intrigued with how much they will utilize Season 3. Season 2 was great, but no where near as good as Season 3. Last years house was ranked pretty low for me but I think this year will be a huge step up. Just hoping they use more from Season 3 than Season 2. Plus, it's taking the spot of Poltergeist from last year, so they have some big shoes to fill.




5. Rob Zombie - Props look cool but could really careless about his music and movies.

4. Vikings - Has potential to be great and the props that have been set up look awesome so far. 

3. Vanity Ball - Love the idea for this and the stages should have fun mini shows.

2. Zombieland - Big fan of the movie. I think this will be a great zone with all the props they have out and I'm sure the show they do where the drop tower is set up will be awesome.

1. Anarch-ade - Past two years, this zone has sucked. This is the first zone, if you don't turn right, that people walk through. It should truly get people excited for what else is inside the event but this zone failed to do so the last two HHNs. This year, though, it has the tools to be successful. Very excited for this one.


I'm very interested to see how my list will drastically change lol. 

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1. Nightingales: Blood Pit - I missed the first one, but the theme & costuming fascinated me from the moment I started following the event from home. It's a dream-come-true to be able to experience a newer, hopefully even more brutal group of 'gales in action. The setting is something pretty unprecedented as well. The history nerd in me loves that aspect of it to death.


2. Universal Classic Monsters - My dudes! Especially Phantom, Mummy, Creature, and the Invisible Man. Putting it in the Seeds parade building from last year makes me a little nervous for the sets, but I still think it could pull off some great things.


3. Depths of Fear - The tent houses really interest me this year. Expecting more of a SOMA vibe than a Bioshock vibe, and I'm super cool with that. 


4. Us - Really interested to see the Vision Quest funhouse, possibly nega-Tim Heidecker in his fancy home, and of course, for the music. <3


5. Stranger Things 2&3 - All depends on how the Mind Flayer is conveyed. Based on the giant puppet rumors, I'm intrigued. 


6. House of 1000 Corpses - If we get a "Run rabbit, run!" line from Otis/Bill Mosely-lookalike, I will yell "Dog will hunt!" back at him. Also, the setpieces should be really fun, this movie's full of 'em. Fishboy confirmed makes me super happy.


7. Ghostbusters - I know it's the creative team's passion project, so I can see this being absolutely breathtaking. I'm most excited for the NY Public Library section, as I work full time in an absolutely beautiful historic library further upstate. But Stay Puft has me hyped too.


8. Yeti: Terror of the Yukon - Hoping for a super aggressive cast and cool setpieces. Carnival Graveyard really underwhelmed me in this location last year, so this could go either way...


9. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Although at 9, I'm still very much anticipating this house. I think I dropped it a bit in my list because the press release for Hollywood specifically mentioned Mooney, the cop-turned-puppet, and Orlando's left him out. So I'm nervous that the freakiest scene in the film (and one I felt would translate best to a house) might not be included. So this is a wildcard until we know exactly what's inside. Cotton candy cocoon scares could be great though!


10. Graveyard Games - This could move way up since I do dig the Louisiana graveyard setting, but it could also go the super-generic route. I get why people are getting hyped for the interactive social media gimmick, that's just not my thing. 


For the Scarezones:


1. Vanity Ball - I like my scare zones how I like my women: Classy & homicidal in disturbing ways. 


2. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe - A lot of cool setpieces here, plus the Living Dead Girl video stage is probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari have any presence at HHN.


3. Anarch-Cade - I'm a sucker for neon and I think the chainsaws will fit well in this area. Hoping some actors take the time to sneak up on folks in the Killer Klowns queue like last year's did near the H4 one. 


4. Vikings Undead - Weird direction to go in with the zombies thing, but much better than getting White Walkers this year tbh. The props & decor are hyping me up for this though.


5. Zombieland - Should still be a really fun zone. The cast lookalikes should be cool, though I don't know what else to really look forward to seeing there.

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I think this is the hardest year yet for me to rank my anticipation as I am excited for all the houses and think they can all deliver, especially after the heels of such a successful year last year. However of course there is possible things that could hold a house back. Hilariously whenever I do these my least anticipated actually becomes one I really like, ex SAW from 27 I had a blast with that house and it was rock bottom on my anticipation.


10. House of 1000 Corpses, haven't seen the movie actually so maybe once I see it it'll change my outlook but from images I've seen it has potential at least aesthetics even if the movie isn't that good.


9. ...


Ugh! I can't decide! The rest I am so unsure how to rank, it is about equal! Have positives and negatives to think of for the rest.


Killer Klowns, size constraint of costumes to actually be scary and Trick 'r Treat I thought made the jump from scare zone to house poorly and I just hope the same fate doesn't fall upon KKFOS

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So for houses: 

1. Graveyard Games: I think this house could be absolutely beautiful. Ghost houses are typically very good and use great effects for scares.

2. Yeti: This will probably be the scariest house of the year. Hoping for lots of big, intense scares and hopefully snow.

3. Us: I really enjoyed the movie and I think it can shine. Depending on how they go about the plots and select their sets and moments it could be one of the top houses.

4. Ghostbusters: I think the love and attention will be put into this house that it needs. While not an ideal horror property, there are so many iconic scenes that I'm excited to see how they recreate.

5. Nightingales: One of the reasons why HHN 21 is my favorite year. This is a property weve been begging to come back. Here to more blood and guts. I am a bit skeptical about the location however. I was hoping for the ancient Roman architecture to be highlighted and the scale may not be illustrated well in a tent.

6: Stranger Things: So far, season 3 is my favorite, season 2 is my least favorite. However there are great scenes in both that the house can utilize. Let's home for the majority of the house being season 2 and just a tease of 3. That way 3 can get it's own house next year.

7. Universal Monsters: I've never been disappointed by the usage of the monsters and expect a great house again this year.

8. House of 1000 Corpses: I'm curious about the utilization of the space since there are three really distinct areas in the film that may not transition well in the tent.  I'm looking forward to lots of fun interaction in this house.

9. Killer Klownz: this one will be fun. I think there may be an issue with scares and the size of the costumes but I'm sure the actors will make each walk through enjoyable.

10: Depths of Fear: this will either be the worst house of the year or completely blow my mind. I'm curious of how they will keep the illusion of being underwater and hope the costuming doesnt come across as cheesy.



1. Zombieland- I think this will be up fun zone. Very excited to see real life Tallahassees and hope the zombies are as intense as they are in the movies.

2. Vanity Ball: this should be really fun with the makeup effect. I'm really excited about the little stages set up and see what they do with these.

3. Zombie Vikings: this is the zone where the actors need to go all out. The narrow space of central park is a bit concerning. 

4. Hillbilly Deluxe: I'm a big fan of rob zombies music and movies, however I think this will be more of a selfie zone and not a lot of scaring

5. Anarchade: mostly because i dont really know what to expect. The props look really cool and hope the utilize the machine screens 

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Let's boo this.



1) Yeti: Terror of the Yukon - This sounds like an amazing house. Bloody, snowy, and Yetis! Really excited for this.


2) Nightingales: Blood Pit - The original house looked amazing, and the setting for this house is perfect.


3) Depths of Fear - People have said online this is going to be the SoX of this year, and will rival Scarecrow from 2017. Pretty excited.


4) House of 1000 Corpses - The more and more I think about it, the more and more excited I get for this house. This has the potential to be REALLY good.


5) Ghostbusters - Will hopefully be a very fun and great house, but also has the potentially to go horribly wrong.


6) Graveyard Games - Sounds interesting. At the same time though it also sounds like your generic ghost house. We'll see.


7) Universal Monsters - If it wasn't for Hollywood's house last year, this would be dead last. Could be cool.


8) Killer Klownz from Outer Space - The scare zone last year was a blast, but I fear it'll have the same problem with Trick 'r Treat, which is the fact that we just saw this.


9) Us - Eh... I liked the movie, but knowing this is a last-minute house gives me low hope. I wish we could've had Tooth Fairy.


10) Stranger Things - I love the show, but I hated the house. Hopefully it'll be different this year, but I don't have high hopes.




1) Zombieland: Double Tap - I absolutely loved the movie, and this zone has the potential to be a lot of fun.


2) Anarch-cade - This could also be a really fun zone. I love the slashers in an arcade idea.


3) Vikings: Undead - Could also be a pretty fun zone. Vikings, yeah!


4) Vanity Ball - It could be cool, we'll see.


5) Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe - 


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1. Graveyard Games

2. House of 1000 Corpses

3. Universal Monsters

4. US
5. Yeti: Terror of the Yukon

6. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

7. Depths of Fear

8. Ghostbusters

9. Nightingales: Blood Pit

10. Stranger Things


1. Vanity Ball

2. Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe

3. Vikings: Undead

4. Anarchade

5. Zombieland: Double Tap

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