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Vanity Ball


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22 hours ago, ultimateforce said:

Some of the costumes in this zone were great. The music selection was fun, I wish they played the whole songs. A scare actor putting a mirror in my face trying to scare me with my own reflection is very rude, thank you. :(

On opening night, my boyfriend took pictures for me in front of the Vanity Ball banner on the stage. A nurse noticed, approached me, and struck a few different poses with me before looking me in the eyes and saying, “You don’t need surgery. You’re perfect,” and marching off.


On the other hand, not sure how to interpret it, but the doctor at Metamorph was played by a dude my guy and I know by name, so we hung around just for a second. He looked at me, motioned up and down my body to which I did the same, and shook his head and motioned for me to get moving. Not worth his time because I’m not one of the scary supermodel creations or not worth his time because I don’t need to be???

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This might be the only scare zone I've actively disliked since attending this event. It's not scary in anyway and has the worst theming I've seen at the event. This area is usually my favorite place for scare zones but like said:

On 9/8/2019 at 11:08 AM, ultimateforce said:

I avoided the scarezones so much I didn't even see the doctor parts.

I literally avoid this zone

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