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As the character person do I come up with his back story and everything (cause I have some great ideas, and ways to like houses and scarezones to him) or do I just design his look? I think we should go with an authentic name (Paulo and Julian were names that expressed them as a person) and go with an African name. I see him being New Orleans since that is the closest well known voodoo to FL. I think his last name should be Samedi which is the last name of the god of death and have a couple options for first name...

Abrefo - "executioner"

Adise - "one who will teach"

Akello - "one who brings forth"

Berihun - "our guidance"

Camara - "teacher"

Menelik - "what will he send"

Oji - "bearer of gifts"

I like Adise and Oji the best and like the irony of the names. (also they are the most pronounceable names haha)

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Yup, I like Adise and Oji as first names the best. Those could be his real name, but he might have a "killer" name too like Caretaker has a real name and so does Director... I think he could have a cool personality, maybe he does head shrinking too or something?

I'm liking everyone's thoughts so far!

Who should I contact about scarezone design and characters? I can come up with ideas for things, but am not much of a designer for either. I ran my first idea by Agent and he liked it...

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People lets use something called knowledge the last time HHN did something along the lines was the house "Jungle of Doom" and it was one of the biggest bombs ever created and it wasnt like all the houses were so great that one needed to be last but this one especially was one of the worst houses in recent time for HHN and it's been like 6-7 years and your telling me you don't want only one house devoted to this voodoo idea but the whole theme and icons? And even the director himself can't think up one whole house by himself and the parts he made was mostly scenery for a disney ride (crickets,fake allagators,and a shaky bridge) and he can't think up more scenes and neither can I... So how can we based a whole HHN around something we don't know what to use for only one of the eight houses. I'm sorry but if you guys really think the voodoo idea is going to be this great fan based HHN I don't know if I and the director can think up all eight houses just with this theme. So to say the least if you go ahead with this theme and is concrete I will have to quit.

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Actually voodoo works quite well. You are all thinking jungles of Africa when we really should be thinking New Orleans voodoo, something very big around the time of 1839. There doesnt need to be a jungle house, but you can tie in all houses and scarezones much the way the were tied in with RoF, her patients fears became the houses. So what if his amulets or the gods of voodoo were the themes of the areas...i.e. voodoo dolls could translate to a toy factory house, zombies are huge in voodoo, the god Ghede requires blood sacrifices (we could do a body collectoresque house set in 1830's french quarter, just instead of Gentlemen we have voodoo priests or zombies as the icon house), the god Limba was a cannibal, and the god Sousson-pannan was covered in sores and drank blood (vampires) you guys are looking too literal at the theme. I think it is an excellent idea it just makes you think and we should go the lazy was by using movie based stuff. If you read the speculation thread people hate movie based things because they are unoriginal.

I mean they didnt have a woman afraid of fairy tales with Bloody Mary torturing her, they just used that to hit at what the theme of the house was. I think we should stick with this concept and work thru it and embrace the challenges, not cop-out and go the easy way.

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You can advertise Bloody Mary because she's scary and known world wide... Not so much voodoo's theme can you see the icon of the year and how are we going to sell him or her to the public? A half naked African who does Voodoo rituals will people pay to see that?

Again you are thinking Africa...DONT! Think 1830 New Orleans, and I wasnt saying Bloody Mary I was using all the ties in. You are just afraid of the challene because you dont have the knowledge on the subject (not an attack, it is understandable because it is not necessarily common knowledge, but fear of the unknown is one of the biggest fear so we could play that up) He would be more in a tattered suit with a top hat, amulets all around him and his face painted like a skull. Make him an ex lover of Marie Lauveu to place him in history with a known person. But he wasnt interested in her helping others and went the other way. I think it really has a lot of potential

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We do need an icon that is very well known so we can sell it. Its hard to think of one since alot has been done before. Hmmm..

The Caretaker, The Director, The Storyteller...none of those were well known and didnt have movie taglines to sell the event and they still went well

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sorry, Im not familiar with Orlando. But all the mazes cant be the same voodoo. I need to do more research on the topic

The Icon and theme just kind of tie everything in together but the houses really have nothing to do with it. i.e with the Universal Palace the Dracula house did not have anyone resembling Bela Lugosi or have the Usher in it. The UPT theme was to explain what Dracula had to do with the 8 other houses (it was a "movie" pulled from the screen) but once in the house it has nothing to do with the actual theme. The only house that does is the Icon house (Silver Screams last year)

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You don't have to do movie tie-ins. It's ok to do it sometimes like HHN17 and 19, but it gets tiring if they're all based on movie characters all the time.

Also come on guys, we don't want to take all the fun out of this creative event by putting everyone's ideas down all the time or taking it too seriously like it's going to be a real HHN event, for example not worrying about what's going to market well. Sure we'll want to make it cool, but have fun with it!

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I totally agree with Shotguy, we are not looking far into it. So I went on wikipedia and read mostly everything and got an idea. It might, in fact it won't make complete sense, because we've only been working on this theme for a short while.

The voodoo queen (which ever one we choose) requires sacrifices for the voodoo practices. Which in this case will be similar to a Body Collectors or Blood Ruins, but set in New Orleans around the 1840's. So similar concept, whole new atmosphere.

What do they do with all these sacrifices, like I said above, use them for voodoo practices. This is the maze that will show them "bottling up" the sacrifices and making them into their "potions".

Food plays a huge culture in New Orleans todays and many years ago. There happens to be this local restaurant where everyone loves to go. From the outside this looks like it has nothing to do with voodoo, but it's in the kitchen where all the fun begins. The God limba was a cannibal like Shotguy said. So various voodoo followers go out to where the sacrifices were made and gather all the "left-overs" they can find. They bring them back over to the restaurant and separate all of the bones from the meat.

They've been running low on bodies so some select voodoo followers go out into some of the infamous above ground crypts and... grave rob. But while some are robbing bodies, the others are robbing the dirt around the crypts

Back then it was common to have voodoo ceremonies underground, and not in houses. So some select voodoo followers are assigned to dig out these underground areas. While they are underground, digging out tunnels and rooms debris collects. Such debris like stones is not overlooked.

Not much of this makes sense now, but the Gris-Gris is the main thing that ties it all together. A Gris-Gris is an amulet that protects the wearer from evil and brings luck. These are very popular in voodoo. The Gris-Gris is a small cloth bag containing herbs, oils, stones, bones, hair, nails, grave dirt, and other personal belongings. Tales of Terror in 05 centered all on the cycle of things such as the blood wine, sacrifices, and her dagger. This theme centers all on the cycle of things. Bones from the cannibal restaurant, the stones from the underground areas for their ceremonies, grave dirt from when they would grave rob if they are running low on scarifies, and the hair and nails from the sacrificial harvestings (Body Collectors) all would go into this small pouch.

You also saw me mention “select voodoo followers” a few times. Along with the main icon, there could be all of his/her followers or “workers” helping with the chain-cycle.

*Sorry if you don’t like my ideas, we all have different ones*

*I could only think of 5 houses*

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