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HHN 2010 Hollywood AU

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Icon: The Storyteller

Tagline: The Tome of Evil


Houses: Hellraiser, The Ring, Psycho, Storyteller house


Terror Tram: Chapters of Evil


Scarezones: Tales of Terror (Front Gate), Not just another Fairy Tale (Lower Lot), Death’s Ship (Western Street), Little Red Man (French Street), Lunatics (Baker Street) 


(again this will be more detailed as I think more ideas)

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Halloween Horror Nights 2010 at Universal Studios Hollywood- The Tome of Evil



The Storyteller- The elderly woman at the old house seems like such a kind and gentle soul. And she has such a vivid imagination that enables her to tell such fantastical stories. But her mind is a dark place and her imaginations are of the grim, bloody and terrifying variety. She has the power to enchant guests to be transported into worlds where it’s residents feast on fears and violence with the guests as their supper. 


Hellraiser- Do you dare open the Lament Configuration? For if you do, you will be sucked into a world that mixes both pain and pleasure in a sick yet sweet concoction. This is literally Hell, and Pinhead and the cenobite cult wait to show you such sights in the labyrinth of chains. Based on the Hellraiser series, itself based on the novel “The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker. 

The Ring- There is a legend that if you watch a certain tape depicting a certain stringy haired ghost, you have only 7 days to live before your life is taken away (unless you transfer the curse to someone else). The ghost in question is Samara Morgan, a little girl who couldn’t control her psychic powers and was imprisoned in a well because of it. Now watch the tape and then step into the abyss as Samara directs her pain and suffering towards all of humanity- including you. Based on the 2003 film, itself a reimagining of the 1991 Koji Suzuki novel.

Psycho- It is the 60th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal horror masterpiece, and what better way to celebrate it than by taking you into the film itself? Or rather within Norman’s head that is? See the tortured imagery that inflicts the former proprietor of the Bates Motel, from flashbacks of his previous murders and the memory of his cruel mother, to surreal imagery such as giant knives floating in the air and a version of “Mother Bates” akin to a giant. You may want to check out as soon as possible… but you may not have a choice to leave. Based on the 1960 film, itself based on the novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. 

Glasses Hiding Dark Thoughts- Baligha Ballade still lives in the old house. The house is surprisingly well-kept; all it’s antiques and furnishments are still in place after all these years. Unfortunately, so are the corpses hidden under the walls and the floors. The gruesome imagery from the Storyteller’s mind creeps out into reality here as the monsters come out from under the bed and closets. 



Chapter One (Front Gate and New York)- Begin the tale by stepping through the front cover and into the first chapter of Halloween Horror Nights. The Storyteller rests on an ornate platform, telling random tales of gory violence and macabre obscenities as giant sized books line the area. Her minions surround the area and you must evade them to move past the various pathways.

Ghostwreck (Western Street)- The fog shrouds the remains of an abandoned shipwreck. The literal skeleton crew glide in the broken corridors, some hiding in the darkness. Demonic dogs from hell also are part of the entourage of fear. Inspired by Old West ghost stories “Ship of Death” and “Hell Dogs”. 

Little Red Man (French Street)- A street full of the resurrected drowned spirits of a hospital disaster is the home of the Little Red Man. He used to be an assassin for the royals of Old France until they killed him out of paranoia. Even after taking his revenge from beyond the grave, he is unsatisfied. Walking bodies with faces bloated from the tragedy serve in liege to the Little Red Man as they direct their rage on humanity itself. Inspired by Parisian ghost stories.

Lunatics (Baker Street)- Same as 2010’s one. The notorious White Chapel Asylum is home to the most dangerously disturbed inmates in England. Unfortunately, the Lunatics have overrun the asylum and slaughtered their certakers. Finally freed from the cruel confines of the Asylum, these blood-crazed loonies have begun a murderous rampage through the foggy streets of London.


Not Just Another Fairy Tale (Lower Lot)- The deepest layer of hell awaits you down, down below. This is where the hidden passageway to the house of the Storyteller can be found. But be very careful as hordes of her minions prowl the very streets. Watch out or you may not make it to the epilogue. 

Terror Tram: The Final Chapter

Baligha Ballade was a acclaimed storyteller of children’s books who sadly lost her creative touch. This drove her to engage in more visceral themes for her books which eventually led to her ban from publishers. Long after taking revenge (and her disappearance) she is back and ready to drag you and your group into the very stories that inspired classic horror films. Step into the Universal Backlot as the movie sets are turned into the twisted realms of Pinhead, Samara, Norman and Mother Bates, all under the Storyteller’s watchful eye. This may be your final chapter in the worst way yet. 

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