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AU HHN 2008 HOLLYWOOD- Live Your Worst Nightmare


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AU HHN 2008 HOLLYWOOD- Live Your Worst Nightmare



A Nightmare on Elm Street: Home Sweet Hell- 1428 Elm Street was the home where evil prevailed. The door is open; step inside, and witness true fear and wonder. The rooms inside go in different dimensions; a simple garden may be a jungle, a simple garage may be a whole junkyard. Beware, Freddy Krueger is near!


Dreamthology: A History of Nightmares- There are more to dreams than you know of. Many cultures in the past believed the realm of dreams to be in-between the world of the living and the dead. Close your eyes and submerge yourself into sleep’s door. There you shall be taken to a journey through the nightmare and encounter the many creatures and spells within.


Childhood Gone Wrong- A child’s life is supposed to be full of sweetness and sugar. Children are supposed to be happy and cheerful. But this ain’t the normal childhood. Toys, parties, school, the basic elements of kid life… It’s all downhill from here. And that’s even counting the children who do laugh but with sinister intent… 




The Nightmare Begins (FRONT GATE AND NEW YORK)- Freddy greets you at the front gate (though not in person). You step into Universal Studios Hollywood itself though it’s distorted more as you pass through the entrance. You have entered through the door of sleep and into the realm of nightmares. Freddy’s Nightmare Minions greet you as you pass the boiler room.


Island of the Dolls (WESTERN STREET) - There resides an island filled with hundreds of decaying dolls. They hang, some whole, others with their heads lopped off or by limb. Be sure not to wake up the spirits resting within this island, for they do not take kindly to unwanted visitors. And they have tons of vessels to serve their rage.


Nightmare Demons (PARISIAN COURTYARD)-  Mares. Incubi. Succubi. Alps. Baku. These are the creatures dwelling within dreams, waiting to enter your conscious mind. There they can inflict whatever they can unto you. But alas, they are only mere dreams right? Wrong. Thanks to Freddy’s machinations, you are now given the chance to face your fears head on.


No Place Like London (Baker Street)- The time of the Industrial Revolution in London was not pretty. And not just because the streets were filled with fog and smoke. Workers suffered terrible working conditions, the factories being full of risks and dangers. Enter an abandoned boiler factory said to harbor haunted wretched spirits. And be careful of the various machines.


Freddy’s Turf (Lower Lot)- Herein lies the epicenter of darkness, the nightmare’s heart. The skies are shrouded in a fog of fear, the streets colored in shades of green and red. Freddy’s Nightmare Minions prowl; looking for fresh victims to “play” with. The house of 1428 Elm Street resides within here… watch out. Freddy may be behind you.

Shows and Rides

Bill amd Ted

Freddy Krueger show

JURASSIC Nightmare

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At the end of the queue line, you see in front of you the famous 1428 Elm Street House from the NIGHTMARE series. It’s recreated identically to the one shown in NIGHTMARES 3-5; dilapidated, run-down with boards covering the windows, and a blue-ish paranormal glow emanating from the slits. The giggles of children mingle with the screams of FREDDY’S victims. FREDDY speaks “You can check in, but you can’t check out.” and with that you and your group are led into the house from hell.




Passing through the door, you push through a narrow hallway barely decorated. Then you pass and find yourself in the exact same hallway again, but with the sound of FREDDY scraping the walls with his finger knife glove piercing your ears from all directions. Then you pass through the same hallway again for the third time, but this time FREDDY KRUEGER finally reveals himself behind a scrim wall effect. 

Finally exiting that damned hallway, that’s when things get slightly trippy. The whole foyer is bigger than it’s supposed to be, making you feel like you’ve shrunk in size. The sound of wheels ring from above, and as you pass the stairway, a “gigantic” bicycle almost crashed into you! (Listen closely and you hear the sound of goo as it falls down the stairs, a audio reference to the goo stairs from the first NIGHTMARE.) 


Living Room


The living room is only illuminated by the television set, playing the Evil Dead. This is used for either one of the two scares described:


SCENE A- FREDDY pops out from behind the couch to slash at you.


SCENE B- The couch itself lunges at you with a roar.



Technically it’s in normal size, but with the space of it it’s more like a restaurant kitchen. The cabinets are filled with vials of embalming fluids and blood samples, the pans and pots searing and boiling with severed human body parts; raw human meat laying on a rack. A severed head is seen turning inside a microwave. The oven springs open to reveal a WARPED GINGERBREAD MAN bursting at you with the smoke. At the end, DEBBIE THE ROACH GIRL from the fourth NIGHTMARE cries for help.


(The Pizza of Souls is seen as an Easter Egg)


Dinner Room


Here, FREDDY KRUEGER and his party guests happily feast on the cannibalistic delights. FREDDY digs his claw into GRETA’S stomach and force feeds GRETA her own innards. You disturbed by the horrifying scene leaving you unaware of the GIANT DEMONIC HOG puppet that roars at you on your left.




Once again, you find that the dimensions have shifted. The bedroom is seemingly giant sized, decorated with an antique mirror, toys on the floor, and of course the mattress itself. As you walk through, a baby stroller glides through as if pushed by an invisible being. The stroller looks a lot more darker and spiky than any normal stroller; it is in fact the same demon baby carriage from the fifth NIGHTMARE. FREDDY’S claw swipes from the stroller (either a hidden actor or a mechanical puppet). 

The following scene is either:


SCENE A- You go underneath the bed itself, the corridor stimulating the dirty and grimy underneath, with giant bags of garbage laying. HUMAN-FACED DOGS AND GIANT DEMONIC RATS from the second NIGHTMARE movie charge at you from the darkness. 

SCENE B- The bed is broken, it’s hinges cracked, the mattress on the floor. This gives you chance to slide under the covers. There you push yourselves through corridors of sheets illuminated by moonlight blue. The LOST SOULS claimed by FREDDY push through the walls begging for help in muffled cries. At the end, FREDDY’S claw slashes through a sheet wall, creating a red glow.


Bathroom and Shower Room


Escaping from the bedroom, the bathroom is surprisingly well-lit and clean, though sparsely decorated. The water in the faucet is running hot, with mist in the air as a result. The lights start to flicker, and FREDDY’S razor knife glove slashes through the mirror, creating sparks as it does so.

Then, you come across the shower door where someone is bathing. The sheets are pulled down to reveal SHOWER FREDDY, a full frontal long haired version of the nightmare demon. He gives the line “How’s this for a wet dream?!”  




After a short transition hallway with screens projecting stairs going in all directions (like the scene in WDW’s Haunted Mansion), again the dimensions are all whack. The attic, which is filled with antique items and ELM STREET memorabilia, by itself isn’t abnormal, but there are several oversized children’s toys strung about. A nursery rhyme can be heard, along with a music box tune, but they seem to be broken. Suddenly you are ambushed by the NIGHTMARE MINIONS, some lunging from the air via bungee. Along with a hanged man. 



Another transition hallway with the bizarre staircases leads you into the basement of the house- or more accurately the boiler room. Giant pipes and other machinery hiss smoke and fire, the lighting of the scene bathed in red and orange. Trinkets from FREDDY’S victims hang in various places. Speaking of victims, CHARRED VICTIMS burned to the core charge at you from hidden alcoves, some in a deranged state, others pleading. However FREDDY himself pops out and takes one victim with him back into the furnace (this may be used for a elaborate kill scene). 



Going out the basement door, you enter the garden. The dimensions make this more like a giant conservatory. Mirrors help give the illusion of this garden being wider in depth, along with dimly lit matte paintings. The garden is full of plants and other greenery, but some not only look huge but some seem… off. Animatronics and puppets conveying GIANT VENUS FLYTRAPS, HARLEQUIN-HEAD FLOWERS are used to great effect, and there are a few VICTIMS stumbling about with cuts on their faces and eyeballs missing, and the walls decorated with bloody thorns.


The setting morphs into a dark jungle-like setting, the hissing and growling of wild animals permeating your ears, the pathway dark and hard to see. At the end, another puppet conveying SNAKE FREDDY from the third NIGHTMARE film (with green goo and all) either bites at you or is eating a girl whole. 




Finally, you make it into the garage, which while dimly lit seems normal. However you are led into a hallway of boarded up walls, where in the holes fully-sized cars honk and almost crash through from nowhere from in different angles from above. The room morphs again into something akin to an abandoned junkyard. SKELETON FREDDY jumps out from the ground itself to swipe at you and at an unfortunate VICTIM. The impaled body of NANCY’S FATHER is on display. A giant version of FREDDY KRUEGER bursts from a mist projection of the moon for one last scare. 


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Woah! This looks incredible, and I’m loving the way you’re using Freddy as an icon differently. Have you thought of adding Michael, Jason, Leatherface for an unholy alliance of Slashers? You could do a zone called “Freddy & Friends.”

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1 hour ago, Fear2010 said:

Woah! This looks incredible, and I’m loving the way you’re using Freddy as an icon differently. Have you thought of adding Michael, Jason, Leatherface for an unholy alliance of Slashers? You could do a zone called “Freddy & Friends.”

Not for AU 2008, but I’m thinking of doing a version of the Titans of Terror house they had in 2017 but much differently and involving Psycho. However the version I’m thinking of is too similar to the NOES house I just wrote.

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This is just the rough draft for the Dreamthology house as I’m currently too disinterested to write a more detailed version. Will delete this and come up with a more detailed one later. 



Museum Facade, Museum entry room, Transition Hallway/Room, Cornerstone of Sleep, Ancient Greece Temple (2 rooms), Ancient Egypt dreamland (2 rooms), Sleepwalking in medieval times (2 rooms), Sleep Paralysis in modern times, rescue, Museum room and finale.





Once you reach the end of the queue line, you see in front of you the entryway for an museum. A large stone plaque sign on the top of the museum reads “The Research of Sleep and Dreams”, etched in either Times New Roman or Greek font. To the left and right of the sign are stained glass windows showing imagery pertaining to dreams and sleep like the moon and clouds. Classical music plays as the soundtrack, conveying an aura of elegance. Immediately you are met with the presence of the museum’s curator/ either he (a man with frizzled hair resembling the narrator of Ancient Aliens) greets you in person or his voice plays on the speakers. Either way his dialogue promotes the museum and its new exhibit about nightmares throughout history. Greek style pillars line the doorway and banners with the title of the maze are draped on them. 


Entry Plaza


You step into the entry plaza of the museum which is normally lit and still has the same classical music playing. The entry plaza itself looks fairly decent with artifacts from all over the world on display, all of them connected to sleep, dreams and nightmares. On your left you see a moon sculpture, a statue of a dream diety, and paintings of the boogeyman. On your right, you see a model city encased in glass, and an ornate mirror.


A matte painting simulates the other interiors of the museum on one side in the center as a medieval style banner with the title of the maze ushers you in.


The voice of the CURATOR (who narrates the whole maze) plays on the speakers as he gives a spiel on dreams and nightmares, specifically it’s history as you step out of the plaza. 

Door of Sleep


An open coffin is laying on a wall’s side, there seems to be something behind it. You step inside and you walk through a hallway themed as either


SIDE A- a hallway where the walls are lined with mirrors creating the illusion of depth. The set is very gothic and baroquely detailed, with the design of clocks permeating. The lights dim here and out simulating the mind drifting to sleep. Tiny clock gears can be seen wheeling while ticking is heard.


SIDE B- a hallway filled entirely in fog. It blinds you.


The CURATOR’S voice drones in reverb about the mind drifting to sleep.


SCENE 3- This room is the representation of a sort of “center core” of dreams. Visuals of nightmares play in orbs. DREAM DEMONS or INCUBI AND SUCUBI jump out from above.


SCENE 4- The Ancient Greece temple is dark and fire lit with water pouring out from holes. NEW NIGHTMARE FREDDY makes a cameo maybe killing someone.


SCENE 5- In the temple, GIANT SNAKES via puppets jump out at you, some blowing dream fog.


SCENE 6- An ancient Egyptian is seen struggling in the Nile River. As you’re distracted, people with missing teeth and Leopard faces and fangs charge at you.

SCENE 7- Acter a SPHINX jump scare you walk into the “dream wall” where hieroglyphics glow in the walls. Breathing and heartbeat are heard simulating sleeping. The breathing then becomes hurried and frantic and the heartbeat grows faster until the scrim walls reveal EGYPTIAN UNDEAD pounding at you and your group.


SCENE 8- In either a castle or medieval village, someone is literally pulled by “puppet strings” (ANOES 3) to murder someone while sleepwalking.


SCENE 9- Either a repeat of the above scene but they jump out at you, or a new scene involving a sleepwalking knight and a demonic horse puppet. 

SCENE 10- You walk into a hospital hallway in modern times where 2 paths lay- in Room A, you and your group are locked in a room where the lights dim and strange shadow form from the walls into SLEEP PARALYSIS DEMONS, scareactors dipped in black from head to toe featureless and latex. Room B has you walk into a hospital room the same but with stilted breathing and the same DEMONS scaring traditionally. 

SCENE 11- A skeletal woman on a white horse beckons you forth, showing you a way out of the nightmare via a fog tunnel. 

SCENE 12- You return into the museum on a room of artifacts. Scareactor statues “break the glass” and roar while strobe effects blaze.


SCENE 13- The Curator bids you goodbye as a “Moon with a Face” puppet gives you a surprise. 


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