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Hardcore Mode (Video Game Montage Maze)


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Hardcore mode

(Note - i had to remove tons of rooms themed to F.e.a.r. Perseus mandate.Penumbra black plague,Left 4 dead 2. Alan wake. Metro 2033, Dead island , Dead space 2 , Cry of fear. Dead space 3 , Dying light, Soma, Killing floor 2, Bendy and the ink machine, and Duck season. so i am sorry for removing those, i just felt the maze was getting WAY to long. might make a part 2, but it's unlikely)


As you enter into the facade, you notice a large object in front of you. It seems to be a game cover. The cover design will feature 5 characters. Specimen 8, the hunter, a servant brute, and a hellknight. Each looking directly at you, and look like they want to kill you at any second. In the background, you see flames and bodies behind them. Above the characters are two words, “Hardcore Mode”. You enter inside the cover.


(note, each transition for each room would feature a tv with the games startup menu on it)















Doom 2 - Circle Of Death.

As you enter into this room, you notice the walls of the room seem blocky almost (images put onto the walls). On the walls are various skulls and bones. As you walk past them, some will jump out and roar revealing it to be a lost soul. Multiple bodies of zombiemen and shotgun guy lay on the floor, there bodies blown to shreds. You walk past a large gate with weird scrawls on it. It then opens revealing an archvile as it lunges out at you. It then stops, and holds it’s hands out as fire glows in it (light effects). Suddenly, the bodies rise up and try to reach out at you. You quickly run towards the next room.


Image result for blood overlooked hotel

Blood - Overlooked Hotel.

You enter into a room, and it seems to be a hotel hallway. The carpet scheme on the floor looks...familiar. From across a corner, you see a light flash as a shotgun is heard being fired. As you walk past a door labeled “732”, it opens by an unknown source. The room seems to be dark, and you can’t make out a thing. Suddenly, strobe lights flash as a phantasm comes out and swings at you with it’s scythe. It then suddenly disappers back into the darkness, as you enter into the next room.



Dino Crisis - Chiefs Room.

You enter into a medium size office room. A large window pane is to your right. A body is slumped on a table, with various claw marks on his chest. A safe is embedded into the wall, with the code “705037” typed in. as you walk past the safe, you feel glass flying (air), and hear the sound of shattering. You turn and see a giant t-rex head roaring at you. (animatronic head coming out of boohole). Saliva dripping down from its mouth, as it tries to take a bite out of you. You quickly go to the next room.



System Shock 2 - Shodan Room.

You enter into another hallway, and it’s mostly empty. At the end of the room, you see a body of a woman slumped on her chair. As you walk closer to the body, you hear the sounds of metal pulling as the wall next to you pulls away, revealing shodan. She then starts to talk, “Welcome to my world, insect.”. You cautiously exit the room.



Fatal Frame - Doll Room.

You enter into the next room, and it’s..creepy to say the least. Throughout this whole room, dolls line the walls. The doll all seem to be wearing nun cloaks, and there expressionless on their faces are blank. As you walk past some expecting a scare, you hear a camera flash as a bright light flashes you. You turn, and you see a ghostly child crawling towards you. You run towards the next room.



Return To Castle Wolfenstein - Catacombs.

As you enter into the next room, you hear a scream coming from a hallway to your right. You turn and see a stairwell at the end of the hall. The screams go silent, as pieces of flesh are then thrown down the stairs as you hear..chewing. You suddenly hear pounding from the wall beside you. You turn and see a hand reaching out towards you, and connected to that hand is a decaying face as it snarls at you. You run before it fully breaks through the wall.



Manhunt - Deliverance.

You are then transported into a fancy looking hallway, well fancy besides the occasional blood splatter here and there. As you are about to turn the corner, you hear the sound of a chainsaw revving up and...oinking. As you turn the corner, you feel wood splintering out towards you from a door (air), as a chainsaw cuts in between the wooden boards (boohole). Pigsy peers his head through, and squeals in rage as he sets his eyes on you. The door then bursts open, as pigsy comes out and tries to cut you into two. You run towards the next room.


Image result for doom 3 hell knight

Doom 3 - Delta Lab Sector 4.

You are then in a large testing room. In front of you, is a large 15 foot machine with a orange opening in it. As you walk past it, a figure emerges from the portal. This figure appears to be a scientist, and he looks scared shitless. Suddenly, loud thuds are heard behind him. He tries to run, but an enormous hand grabs him. A hellknight then comes out of the portal, as it flings the scientist into the air (bungee). The hellknight roars at you, as it starts to give chase. You dash towards the next door.



The Suffering - Death Row.

You enter into another hallway, and alarms are blaring. Multiple cell doors line the room, all opened. You pass by some, and you see mutilated dead bodies lying on the floor. The bodies have their arms and legs torn away, and their face caved in. as you walk past them, you hear metal scraping on concrete. You look around and you see..nothing. You look up, and you see the slayers. Their metal stumps are clinging onto the concrete, as they growl and snarl at you (animatronic). You go towards the next room.


Image result for condemned barts department store

Condemned Criminal Origins - Barts Department Store.

As you enter into the next room, you notice it’s extremely dark...and you’re not alone. All over the rooms are dozens of mannequins, there faces cracked and all wielding weapons. A torn sign lies in front of you, reading “Barts Department Store”. As you walk past one, you notice it’s..breathing. It quickly turns it’s head towards you, and starts to walk in your direction, dragging it’s pipe on the ground. Before it can swing it at you, you quickly enter into the next room.


F.E.A.R. - Bad Water.

You enter into a large room, filled with pipes and machinery. Most of the pipes are rusting, and the machines rumble gently. There’s a catwalk in the middle of the room, and you see Alma (dummy). she isn’t doing anything, just staring. Her eyes might glow orange (light in dummy), but that’s it. As you walk past her expecting a scare, a camouflaged assassin will rush towards you from a wall. You go towards a opening in the wall to the next room.



Bioshock - Fort Frolic.

The next room you enter into is massive. It seems to be a small lobby, something out of a casino in L.A . there are various signs lying about, some more suggestive than others. You pass by a employees only door, and it starts to bang. You back away from it. However, a plastered splicer comes out from behind a pillar and swipes at you. You go towards another door to the next room.



Condemned 2 - Black Lake Lodge.

You then enter into a more dank environment. It seems to be a small hunting lodge, but it’s utterly wrecked. Tables are overturned, bullet holes line the walls, and claws marks are everywhere. Strange rustling sounds are heard above, as dust comes down from the second floor floorboards. Suddenly, intense thuds are heard against the wall, as the concrete tears revealing a BEARS HEAD. you quickly run before it’s whole body comes out.



Dead Space - Hallway.

You are then transported into a futuristic hallway. Metal wiring hangs from the ceiling, along with the body of a scientist hanging from a fallen light post. The corpse seems to..mutating somewhat. Two appendages growing out of his back, and his jaw hanging from muscle tissue. As you walk past the body expecting a scare, a massive grotesque tentacle pops out from the floor (puppet). It tries to grab at you, but you run past it to the next room.



Left 4 Dead - Mercy Hospital.

You are then in a large hospital corridor. The rooms has dozens of blood stains lining the walls, floors, even the ceiling. The smell of antiseptics lie next to a open room. In it, there’s a body twitching on a gurney. As you pass by several curtains, various infected jump out (hunters, boomers, smokers). As you are about to exit the room, you hear crying. Suddenly, strobe lights come on as a witch charges at you.


File:FEAR 2 abominationwriting.jpg

F.E.A.R. 2 - med ward

You are then inside a small break room in ruins. The vending machine tipped over, dead bodies of F.E.A.R, and strange scrawlings on the walls. As you walk past them expecting a scare, the ceiling opens up revealing an abomination. It crawls and hisses at you as you go to the next room.



Amnesia The Dark Descent - Torture Chamber.

You then enter into a dank room. This room smells horrid, as you see torture equipment hanging on the walls. Each and every tool is covered with blood and feces.as you walk past some, you can hear the echoed screams that used to be heard from it. You pass by some jail cells, and it immediately bursts open as a servant brute charges at you. You quickly go to the next room.



Last Of Us - Hotel Basement.

You are now on a catwalk. You look down, and you see tons of water flooding the lower floor. On your left and right, are two other catwalks with doors on both ends. As you walk past the 2 doors, they suddenly burst open with a runner and a clicker. They quickly charge at you, as you leave the room.



P.T - hallway.

You now enter into a mildly cramped hallway, it looks like it’s from a modern house. You walk around expecting a scare, but nothing happens. You walk past a radio, and you hear a report on a murder inside a house. You also pass a bathroom door, and you hear a baby crying. You enter into the next door..



P.T - hallway.

...and you’re back in the hallway. It looks the same as before, but with a few “subtle” changes. On the ground is a conjoined cockroach, a portrait with one of its eyes removed, the bathroom door being opened which now has a bloody sink and more strange crying, and a fridge hanging from the ceiling with some more crying coming from inside. You exit before it gets weirder.


File:WAM Room.png

Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion - Room 557.

As you enter into the room, you immediately get scared by subject 1. The room itself is nearly empty.The only piece of furniture in the room are some cabinets, a chair, and a table with a record player. As you walk past it, WAM will appear from a wall, then quickly disappear (pepper ghost effect). As you are distracted by it, specimen 8 will glide toward you from behind and scare you. You go to the next room.


Image result for doki doki literature club sayori noose

Doki Doki Literature Club - Classroom.

You then enter into a large classroom. You can’t see much of the room though, because in front of you are rows and rows of hanging bodies. You pass by the bodies, and multiple scares will come from left and right (yuri stabbing herself, broken neck natsuki, and jumpscare monika will scare depending on the cast). You then enter the final room.



3D Monster Maze - The Maze.

You then are back in an 8-bit like environment. The walls are...blank, and the floor occasionally shakes as loud footsteps are heard. In front of you is a textbox (projection) that reads “FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING”. Suddenly, the footsteps increase, as a T-REX HEAD COMES DOWN FROM THE CEILING (animatronic). The text box then changes to “REX HAS SEEN YOU”. you finally exit out of this nightmare.




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