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a maze treatment that i am gonna get hate for


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yep, you read that right, and i don´t regret anything.


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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria

As you wait in line for the house, you notice that you seem to be outside in a rural town. The orange leaves on the floor suggest that it’s in the middle of fall. You notice a empty parking lot in the distance, as you walk towards it you see a building. “Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria” there’s a large sign featuring 4 cartoons of anthropomorphic characters. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. on the window is a small “Business Closing, Pizza 50% Off” sign in red. As you are waiting in line for the house, the phone calls from Phone Guy (night 1 specifically) would play throughout the queue.








File:Show stage nocamera.png

Show Stage.

As you enter inside the building, you see three animatronics right next to you. Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy. Bonnie is seen holding a red guitar, Chica is holding a plate, on it is a cupcake with eyes. And freddy is holding a microphone. On the wall behind them are some sort of circular decorations that resemble clouds and stars. There is a black and white checkered strip of wallpaper outlined in red on the wall, as well.Surprisingly enough, there isn’t any scares in this room, the only scare here is the balcony light would flicker from time to time. As you look more closer at the animatronics, there eyes seem to twitch every now and then. You cautiously go into the next room.



Dining Area.

As you enter into the next room, you see it’s darker than the previous. The Dining Area appears to be a large room furnished with six tables lined up in three rows, ready for parties. The tables themselves are covered in white tablecloths decorated with confetti patterns. In the middle of the tables, lined up in a row, are different colored party hats. Chairs line the tables on both sides. These chairs boast confetti patterns as well, and there is a large gold star on the backrest of each one. The floor itself is tiled with blue-and-red tiles. For some strange reason, children's laughter and carnival music is heard playing from a unknown source. A door in the room is labeled “Kitchen, Chefs Only”, from inside that room is the sound of pots and pans being crashed together. As you walk past the door, Chica would come out from the door and screech at you. You run towards the next room through a door labeled “Employes Only”.


File:Backstage nocamera.jpg


As you enter the room, you are hit with a strong stench of decay. The room consists of a checkered, white-and-black tiled floor and a small table, on which sits an endoskeleton and an extra Bonnie head. To the back and left of the room sits a shelf, holding three spare Bonnie heads, two of Chica's, and three of Freddy Fazbear's. Wires hang loosely from the ceiling. You finally find the source of the smell, a large Freddy Fazbear costume is on a table near the endoskeleton, blood dripping down from the mouth and eyeballs popping out of it. On a hole of the costume, is a small phone hanging on a loose wire. As you walk by it, it will lunge out at you, gurgling for help before going limp again. As you back up away from it, Bonnie would come out from a wall and try to scare you, you run towards the next room.


File:Pirate cove nocamera.png

Pirates Cove.

As you enter into the next room, you notice a large purple curtain with stars on it. A small opening is seen in the middle of it, a sign is right next to it reading “Sorry! Out Of Order”. You go inside the curtain, and you are transported into a small (25 ft) maze of the curtains from before. As you are traversing through the maze, you hear a small humming noise from behind one curtain, it’s almost rhymic. As you walk by it, Foxy would come out and slash at you with his hook. You go towards the next room.



West Hall.

You enter into the next room, and it seems abandoned. There is a door on the left with a low light shining through. Star-shaped decorations hang from the ceiling. The walls are gray, the floor is red and blue-tiled, and the bottom of the walls are white and black-tiled and outlined in red. On the left wall, various pictures drawn by children are hung. As you walk past the door, Bonnie would come out and screech at you. You go towards the end of the hallway, a corner is there littered with papers and trash. On the walls hang some papers with writing on them, as well as a poster of golden freddy. A small child's laugh echoes through the halls. There appear to be monitors of some type on the ground, the monitors would occasionally sputter on showing a title saying “Fredbear And Friends”. Star-shaped decorations hang here as well. The floor are bluish and black tiles. A bunch of wires seem to hang from the ceiling over the monitors. On your left is a small room, you enter into it.



The Office.

You enter into the room, and you see that even though it’s small, tons of stuff is in it. In the center of the room is a desk, on it is a fan, a soda drink, and rolled up balls of paper. Wires stream up from the ceiling. The desk has two drawers, along with a speaker, though spider webs cover it. Multiple monitors are on, showing the rooms from before (live footage inside the house). On top of one monitor is a pink cupcake, with small eyes in it. The wall behind the desk is a poster with Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica with the words “Let’s Celebrate!” on it. You touch freddy’s nose, and you hear a small honk. Once you pressed it, golden freddy would pop out from inside the poster and roar at you (boo-door). Next to the poster are multiple kid drawings, showing multiple of the animatronic characters, and a strange puppet character to. On each side of the office is a window, a bloody handprint on it.  Next to each is two buttons labeled “Light” and “Door”. If you try to press the button, they would just make a clicking noise. On the ground near a door, are multiple bloody claw marks and a broken fingernail. A desk is next to it, a bloody security cap on it. The floor is black and white tiled, with some blood stains on it. As you are about to exit the room, the lights go out. You hear footsteps from behind you, and then...music. You turn around and see freddy’s face, his face lighting up in tune to the song. Then the music stops, he then lunges out towards you screeching. You dash towards the next room.


Image result for take cake to the children(fnaf 2)

Take Cake To The Children.

You are then transported outside, you are hit with the warm summer air. You see a smaller building then the pizzeria you entered from. There’s a large sign on the building reading “Freddy’ Pizzeria Circa. 1982”. Through the windows, you can see freddy handing cake to multiple screaming children (projection). As you walk past the parking lot, you see a purple colored car. On the ground near it are several small bloody footprints. The trunk of the cars opened, and you see a sheet covering a small object...and there’s blood stains on it. As you try to look more closely, a kids hand would come out from the sheet and try to reach for you. As you dash towards the next room, William Afton would come out from a large bush and slash at you with his knife.



Credit to playstation-jedi on deviantart

New And Improved, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

As you continue going outside, you notice a much larger building then before. A massive sign is out front, reading “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza” with the words “Grand Reopening” below it. The logo above the sign shows the same animatronics ro before, but more detailed, the colors stand out more and they have more rosier cheeks. You enter into the next room through the front door of the pizzeria.



The Game Area.

Instead of the first room being the show stage, you enter through the game area. This room features a carousel, as well as several arcades next to it (pacman, donkey kong, etc etc) The animals visible on the carousel are based on Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. They are notably based on the designs of the originals rather than the toy animatronics. A large banner reading "Happy Birthday" spans the room, hanging from the ceiling. On the right side of the room are some large gift boxes with confetti-styled wrapping paper and balloons in multiple colors. The floor is tiled black-and-white in a checkered pattern. There are many multi-colored stars hanging by strings from the ceiling. There are also two tables draped with white tablecloths in the back of the room, each lined with two rows of party hats. There are several balloons floating around the room, each having the color of the fnaf 1 animatronics (bluish purple, yellow, red, and brown). As you walks past them, you hear a young boy saying “Hi”. you turn around, and you see Balloon Boy, his eyes slowly tracking your every move. As you move away from him expecting him to scare you, Toy Freddy would come out and try to attack you with his mic.



Prize Corner.

The next room you enter into, appears to be a medium-sized gift shop. The counter on the left of the space contains plush versions of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica. There are also posters depicting the new animatronics on the wall. The poster reads "ROCK!", "EAT!", "PARTY!", and "PLAY!". On the side of the counter, there is a poster with all three of the new animatronics, as well as a poster featuring just Toy Chica. The floor has a black-and-white checkered pattern. There are festive pizza decorations on the walls, one in a pacman shape. and to the right of the room, several colored balloons can be seen. There’s a large purple striped box in the center of the room. Right next to it is a music box, playing a child-like instrumental song. As you walk past the music box, it stops playing...and then new music starts to play. The song “Pop Goes The Weasel” is heard coming from inside the box. Once it hits to the verse “Pop”, the Marionette will leap out of its box and lunge at you, releasing an animatronic roar. You run towards the next room



Kids Cove.

As you enter into the next room, you hear loud static blaring through the room. The pizza decorations from before are on the walls. To the left are presents wrapped in ribbons of differing colors, as well as a table with two rows of party hats placed neatly in the center. Balloons can be found next to the table in multiple colors. A poster is on the right of the room, showing Toy Foxy with the words “The New Face Of Fun”. various drawings are on the walls, showing kids tearing apart the new Foxy to bits. There’s a pink curtain in the room, you find out that’s where the source of the statics coming from. As you walk by it, the Mangle would pop it’s head out and try to bite at you (animatronic). You go towards the next room, as the static blares throughout.



Parts And Services.

As you enter into the room, you smell the stench of decay. The room is dirty and dusty, with wires and pipes along the walls. The floor is smooth, with a black and white checkered pattern, and appears to have a dark fluid splattered on it - possibly oil. There is a grey wall decorated with a green-and-blue checkered stripe that comes from the left side of the dark room. In the middle of the room, a narrow wall divides the space in half. This wall also appears to have the same dark fluid on it as the floor. On the floors are withered bonnie, withered chica, and withered freddy. Multiple hook stains are right next to them. As you walk past them, withered bonnie and withered chica would lunge out at you, and release a loud roar at you. You dash towards the next room.


File:The Office 2 No Flashlight.png

The Office.

You enter into the next room, and it’s massive. The Office has a large, dark entrance in front of you, with vents on both the left and right walls. In front of you is a desk with balls of paper, a fan, and a drink. There’s a chair near the desk with the security guard on it, a Freddy mask covering his head (dummy). There are two warning symbols on the wall above the entrance. On the left wall there is a poster that reads "CELEBRATE" and features the toy animatronics. If you honk toy freddy’s nose, it will of course honk. The right wall features children's drawings of the animatronics. Each drawing seems to have the words "My day at the NEW Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!". There appears to be colored stars hanging from the ceiling and black and white tiles used for flooring. Monitors are positioned against the far wall with thick wires connected to them, seeming to lead from cameras throughout the building; there are also wires leading to nowhere on either side of the room. The walls appear to be made of either gray concrete or moldy/fading wallpaper with confetti as decoration. On the left side of the entrance is balloon boy, in his hand are multiple batteries. He’ll laugh at you, as fast footsteps are head near the entrance. Suddenly, Withered Foxy would lunge out from the darkness and roar at you (bungee). You run towards the next room.


Image result for fnaf give gifts give life

Give Gifts, Give Life.

As you enter into the next room, it seems to be a hallway. Multiple posters of the animatronics are hung on the walls. Below each poster, is the body of a dead kid with an animatronic mask on them. In front of the bodies, is a small gift box. As you walk past them, some will jump out at you and reach for help. As you are about to exit the room, Withered Golden Freddy’s head would lunge out from the darkness and roar at you (animatronic). You go towards the next room.



Credit to playstation-jedi on deviantart

Fazbear’s Fright.

As you enter back outside, you see a massive building in front of you. There’s a logo on top of the building, it reads “Fazbear’s Fright, The Horror Attraction”. Right next to the building is a small ticket booth, the panel to the window shut. There’s a sign on the window reading “Opening On October 19th To October 31st”. Some of the brick walls on the building are left unpaint, a small ladder is hung onto a wall. You enter inside the building.




You are now in what seems to be a long hallway. This hallway has a Chica head with flashing lights on the far left next to a small air vent, and on the far right, The Puppet's head can be seen next to a doorway from the right side. Children's drawings of Balloon Boy, Toy Bonnie, The Puppet, and what appears to be Freddy Fazbear are visible. A large pile of presents can be seen. The floor and certain sections of the wall are checker-tiled. Wires can be seen hanging from the ceiling. As you walk past a vent, Springtrap would come out from it and lunge at you. You dash towards the next room.


Arquivo:CAM 10.png


You are again in a small hallway. On the far wall of the room a glowing sign with the word "exit" upon it can be seen above a door. On the wall to the right of that, a cartoonish poster of Freddy Fazbear can be seen next to a pizza. This room bears the same black-and-white checkered tiled floor as the rest of the attraction. A few stray tubes can also be seen on the far right wall. As you walk through the room, Phantom Balloon Boy would come out from the floor and screech at you (hole in ground). You dash towards the next room.


File:CAM 07.png


You enter into a small corner. The floor consists of black and white checkered tiles, and two vent panels can be seen on the left and right. Bangs and thuds can be heard coming out of them. To the front of the room is a large arcade machine, on top of which an image of Freddy Fazbear's face can be seen. Another arcade machine can also just barely be seen to the far left of the room with Foxy’s head on the screen. As you walk by the Freddy arcade cabinet, Phantom Chica would tear her way through the arcade screen and screech at you. You go towards another door.


File:CAM 01.png


This room is really small, a exit light illuminates the room. Pieces of wires are hanging from the ceiling. The floor consists of black and white checkered tiles. A freddy mannequin is seen right next to a door, armless and legless. As you walk past it, Phantom Freddy would pop out from behind the mannequin and roar at you. You enter into the door it’s next to.


File:FNaF3 Office.png

The Office.

You enter into the room, and it smells awful. it’s a long room with a large window set in front of you. Between the doorway and the window lies an old-looking cardboard box filled with old animatronic parts and relics, consisting of the toy animatronics, as well as the BB paper-plate cut out and what appears to be Foxy's hook-hand. To the right is a desk, mostly clear, save for some wadded up paper balls, a soda cup, what appears to be a half-eaten hot dog, a table fan, and three figurines of the main animatronics, Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica. To the left of the desk is a waste basket, filled with a few more balled-up papers. Attached to the walls (and the window) are several drawings of the various characters of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, half of which appear to be official posters, the other half seeming to be drawn by children. The entire room is fairly dark, and takes on an eerie greenish-yellow glow. Wires hang down from the ceiling in several places, both inside the room and in the hallway on the other side of the window. The tiled walls throughout this room appear water or age-damaged, or both, lending an old, decrepit feel to the area. The floor is also made of tile though it looks cleaner. 2 vents are seen right next to a wall.  On the office chair, is the body of the guard, his body mangled and disfigured. In front of the window, is Springtrap staring at you. Thinking it’s a dummy, you walk past him. Suddenly, he punches his way through the window and tries to grab at you (no glass in the “window”, air/water would simulate glass flying, and strobe lights would go off for the scare). You enter into another room.


Related image

Safe Room.

You enter into another dirty room, and the stench of blood hits hard. The room is mostly empty, besides a few arcade cabinets, a tape recorder on top of one cabinet, and blood stains on the floor. At the center of the room, is William Afton writhing on the floor in the Spring Bonnie suit (animatronic). Blood sprays out through the holes in the suit, as he screams and gurgles in agony. As this would distract guests, the Ghosts Children would pop out from the darkness and start to cry loudly at you. You quickly go to the other room.


Image result for fnaf 3 fire

Credit to freddyfredbear on deviantart

The Fire.

You enter into the room, and it’s chaos. It appears to be the office from before, but it’s burning down. Flames are seen rising (projections), parts of the ceiling are caving in, and the wires are sparking (light effects). Smoke (fog) covers the room, as the cackle of the flames are heard. As you walk past the hallway door, a burnt up springtrap will come out and rush at you, roaring and screaming in agony. You go towards the last room.

Image result for fnaf 3 happiest day

Happiest day.

You enter into a party room, it’s empty besides a few tables and balloons. All of the tables have a large birthday cake on it. Several kids wearing animal masks are seen sitting near it, plastic smiles on their faces. At the end of the room, you see the table and cake is in black and white. On the floor are multiple masks of the freddy fazbear mascots, along with the puppets. The theme from the good ending is heard as you exit the maze.

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You did a very nice job on this. I've said this a lot before and I'll say it again: I would be all for a FN@F house if the fanbase wasn't predominantly tweeners. I do think there's actually more horror to at least the first game than jumpscares, it does a great job at just inducing dread.


My idea for an original take on FN@F:


Fun Time: Ghosts of Lizzie Lemming's (yes, straight from SS)
On Friday, May 13, 1983, a disgruntled costumed performer (or chef, or manager, some employee) went on a horrific rampage during a birthday party at Lizzie Lemming's Funtime Pizzeria, massacring everyone present with a shotgun and pizza cutter before turning the gun on himself. The children's play place has since been closed. Five (or however many) years later, you decide to break in off a dare. The sprits of the murdered haunt this place.


Would have children crying/calling out/laughing, with news reports about the massacre, animatronics with eye glowing (like the one in CGY that was so scary looking), smells of vomit, etc.

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No hate from me!


I have seriously been hoping for a Five Nights house since HHN 25. Every time I see the Five Nights merchandise during Horror Nights I always have a hope that it means a maze isn't far behind. The lore of the games is damn near TAILOR MADE for Horror Nights (or some similar Halloween event.) Tight hallways? Check. Creepy, rundown location? Check. Twisted Innocence? Check and check!


I would LOVE For the queue line to play the phone messages! Especially Night 5. If they don't include the Night 5 recording, a mistake was made!


It wouldn't even be the first video game based house! They did Resident Evil back during HHN 23! As to why they've never done more? I'm not sure. Maybe they think it's a bit too niche of a genre?


They could go The Exorcist route and focus on Same Room Different Scene type approach if they focused on a particular game. For example base a house focused on Five Nights at Freddy's 1 on the whole week. The last room of the house being a 20/20/20/20 situation with EVERYBODY including Golden Freddy going ALL OUT on the guests. If anybody can bring it to life, it's the Horror Nights Crew!


With Horror Nights getting bigger and bigger IPs, I'm not sure if the team is considering contacting Scott, or if they are going after the bigger fish. I know that some of the Horror Nights higher ups have kids and are probably well aware of Five Nights and the fact that Markiplier is the King of Five Nights!! Who knows. But, themazethinker I can tell you put a lot of time and passion into your post.

Thank you, dude.


They will know the joy of creation.

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