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Fright Forest XI: Dark Fortunes - An Original Event Concept


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So for the last 11 years I've come up with a creative event that is inspired by Halloween Horror Nights (and an event I actually worked in New England known as Spooky World) and each year, I go through the trouble of mapping out houses, scare zones, and how it all fits into a park I built in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. When I can get the file working, I even set up tents to be the houses and build queue lines. I'm a bit mad. 

Anyway. I used to post about it on HHNVault back in the day, and posted the event from two years ago here: 

But I'm back again with an all new (well mostly) event for 2018. Bigger than ever after last year's 10th anniversary year, this event is probably the most ambitious in terms of scope and the IPs I've pretended to nab. Without futher ado, I present Fright Forest XI: Dark Fortunes. 




To set the stage: Fright Forest is an annual Halloween at fictional theme park resort Adventure Gardens. The event is held in Mystic Mountains park, an adventure themed thrill park. It runs from September through October on select nights and is an extra ticket event featuring Haunted Houses, themed street atmosphere, and live shows. In 2018, the eleventh year of fear is taking over at Adventure Gardens resort. Madame Zira has come to tell your fortune, but you may not like what she has to say as she unveils 9 houses of horror, 6 zones of fear, a frightening new ride experience, and 2 live shows that will thrill and chill.


The Event Backstory: In 1928, the Marneville Carnival of Curiosities was the height of entertainment for the locals of Marneville, Maine. One of the main attractions was Madame Zira’s Tent of Wonders. She was a gifted psychic and medium, and she told the fortunes of many a traveling guest. One of these guests was a married couple. In her reading, she revealed the infidelity of the man to his wife, and in return, he came back later that evening with several friends, and set fire to her tent and the rest of the carnival. The flames raged all evening, taking the lives of most of the staff of the carnival’s staff, including Madame Zira. The fire’s cause was never discovered and went down as one of the great unsolved American mysteries. Sometime later, all the men involved in the arson were found dead, hearts having stopped in their chests with no explanation. Foul play was suspected, but no evidence ever found.

Throughout the years, people claim to have met her, have had their fortunes told, and had bad things happen, but the legends seemed to be only that...until now. The carnival has returned, the smell of ash and smoke filling the air, and Madame Zira welcomes all who would come to see the truth of the Carnival and to face their own dark fortunes.






The event features 5 original houses based on ideas from the creative director (me) with a few returning concepts spruced up for 2018. There are also 5 houses based on popular IPs that fit the style of the event. 


1. Carnival of Souls: Dark Fortunes

Stumble upon the remains of an old carnival tent destroyed by fire and meet the mysterious Madame Zira. She awakens the restless spirits of those who perished in the flames of old, and now you must survive the horrors that await you in the Carnival of Souls (Centerpiece House of the event, ties in with fright zone located near the house entrance)


2. Santa’s Little Helpers

Discover the horrific secret behind the merriest season of all when you meet Santa Claus and his devious little minions. He no longer can control their monstrous appetite for blood, so you’d better watch out, you’d better not cry.


3. The Gateway: Complex of Terror

Two years ago, a pathway to hell itself was found in a suburban home, and was subsequently destroyed, but these things always find a way back. Now, step into the newest, ritziest high rise apartment complex in the city as the portal opens once more. Stay away from the walls, they are alive. (Sequel to a house from 2016)


4. All Hallow’s Eve: Chapter II

After bringing the house down last year, It’s time to enter an all new collection of classic Halloween horrors. Enter the old house at the end of the street and face the true spirit of All Hallow’s Eve. Will you make it out alive, or will you join his devious army of trick or treating monsters? (Sequel to a house from 2017)


5. Welcome to Karfax Karfax Hospital is not your average medical facility. Here the monsters we’ve always feared are being held hostage at the whims of some horrifying nurses who now have set their sights on you. You might just become the newest patient.


6. Creepshow: Double Feature

The Creep has returned to a theater near you to host a marathon of mayhem. Step into the classic terrors presented in the Creepshow films from George A. Romero and Stephen King. Trust us, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have...being scared!


7. Gremlins: Mayhem after Midnight

You knew the rules. You didn’t listen. Now these maniacal monsters are on the loose yet again, terrorizing the newly opened Clamp World Amusement Park during their inaugural Halloween event. Just don’t get them wet, whatever you do.


8. Until Dawn

Something terrible has happened as group of friends spend a night on Blackwood Mountain. Now it’s your turn. Enter the frightening world of the best selling game, and what you do may change the outcome of the story. No two visits will ever be quite the same!


9. Fright Night

Jerry Dandridge has moved in next door to Charlie and his mother. Jerry Dandridge is a vampire. Now that Charlie knows his secret, Jerry will stop at nothing to make sure Charlie never tells. Step into the classic 80’s horror film like never before. Welcome to Fright Night!




The event has six areas where live themed streetmosphere performers roam. Known as Fright Zones they tell their own stories in a less confined space than the houses and allow more interaction with the characters and the guests. Four original ideas, two based on IPs.


1. Return to the Mountains of Madness

The Sisters of the Mountains, evil fairies with eyes on destroying the world of men, have returned and begun to invade our world. Will you escape, die screaming, or become one of them? (A sequel to an original house from 2016)


2. Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween

Long a staple of Fright Forest, Goosebumps returns to terrorize the streets of Horrorland, inspired by the all new film in theaters this October. You’d better beware, you are in for a scare! 


3. Tiki Terrors!

The Gods have been angered by blasphemous celebrating from tourists, and they are out for blood. Terrifying Tiki Totems and Horrific Hula Dancers make this one Luau you don’t want to miss.


4. Tumbleweed Cemetery

Deep in the western town of Tumbleweed lies a long deserted cemetery, but it’s residents are rising from the grave on Halloween to terrorize the living. Gunslinging Zombies? You better believe it, cowpoke.


5. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Parade of Nightmares

The big Turkey Day parade has made its way to the city but one float seems to be causing quite a bit of chaos. The characters of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza are now loose on the streets and not even daylight will save you now.


6. Carnival of Souls: Zira’s Revenge

Madame Zira welcomes all into her newly reawoken carnival and dares them to tempt fate, to face their futures. Experience the Zone before you enter the terrifying centerpiece house this year. (Ties into the centerpiece house of the event)




There are two live shows. The staple show of the event has been a horror themed “gameshow” called Torment that has been in existance since 2009. During the tenth anniversary event, the show was renamed Circus of Torment. It returns this year under that name in a new location. Think of it as the event’s Bill and Ted mixed with the Carnage shows of Jack the Clown. The second show features the comedy electrofunk band TWRP in a spoof of old school Halloween television specials. (This is not realistic as TWRP is a touring band, but hey, my imagination can do what it likes)


1. Circus of Torment (Adventurer’s Outpost Stage)

After stealing the show (literally), Nightshade The Clown returns to host the most demented game show, featuring murder, mayhem, and some killer tunes. The Fright Forest classic show has a new look and new location!


2. The TWRP Halloween Special Live! (Castle Stage)

Blast to the past for a live taping of a cable access Halloween special featuring the world’s premier time traveling, crime fighting electro-funk band. TWRP brings energetic music and hilarious antics hailing from the far away land of Canada! Now in a larger venue for even more earth shattering musical shenanigans.


Exclusive Ride Experience: Fright Train


In the early years of the event, I imagined there was a classic carnival dark ride they would retheme to various stories through the years. Eventually, it stopped, but then I brought it back for the tenth year last year. Now I decided to do my spin on a classic Halloween event staple: a Hayride. Hop aboard a haunted locomotive to take a journey into the very depths of Fright Forest and encounter monsters from the event’s past, present, and future. This modern take on a haunted hayride will thrill fans of horror of all ages. Who knows who you’ll meet on the Fright Train.



Whoo that was long winded, but here we are. All the original concepts are mine. IPs belong to their original copyright holders. Hope you enjoyed. What do you think? Would you attend?


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