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Halloween Horror Nights 26 (2016) Event Music

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Tagged something we were missing from the exterior of Tomb. It's called El Clon from the Taniec Brzucha album.

Also did the Repository tonight. They use a lot of work from Brian Tyler. In the holding area where you sign your waivers and what-not, I tagged Into the Barrio from the Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel soundtrack and Humanity Arising from the Into the Storm soundtrack. In the actual Repository, I only got two tracks as I couldn't Shazam or anything but I'm 100% positive I heard these two: 2 Ghosts I by Nine Inch Nails plays in the first room where you meet the curator (at least that's what I'd call him, actor was amazing btw) and right before the finale puzzle, they play The Cross Over from Constantine. Yes, the same track being used in Tomb. Finally, in the exit lounge area, I tagged Escape from the Expendables 2 soundtrack. Everything but that Ghost is by Brian Tyler.

Also, for those wondering, I loved the Repository. If you follow the LegendaryTruth stuff, you'll love it. Only negative is the price tag, that should be like a $25 or $30 experience, not a $50.

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20 minutes ago, CaptVladKin13 said:

Is there a complete list of the music so complied so far? Or better yet, a place to download all the music. I know years ago for 2008 someone made a mix of all the music of the event to download.

Ah yes, Reaper's audio mixes. Find those here on the forums. As for this year, not yet. Reaper gets done after the season and list are complete.

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I noticed you guys don't have that old, 1910s era song listed for A Chance in Hell. It's Helen Kane's Button Up Your Overcoat. As far as what version, whichever sounds like it's being played on an old gramophone. Its listing on the album "Music of the Lost Generation 1910's - 1930's" sounds like what's used, for example.

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On 11/1/2016 at 12:48 AM, DarthSpielberg said:

There is a dubstep style song in the preshow of Academy of Villains that I can't find. It's not Dopeness or No Gravity, but something else, but Siri couldn't identify it when I tried to "name this song" 


It's also not The Joker. 


I'm only two years late, and not sure if you managed to find out what track this is. Is it what starts around 0:35 on this video? Because I'd love to know it, too, and hoping having a clip of it will possibly help someone ID it.

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4 hours ago, RedditictCumberbatch said:


Which video do you mean? I don't see a link in your post.

Ah, that's because I'm a dummy.


Edit: Back in the day I tried my best to figure out the track. It sounded very similar to some Zomboy stuff I found, but I couldn't find exactly this. I'm stuck in the 90's musically, so take this feedback with a grain of salt.


Here it is: 


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