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My backstory for the Storyteller


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As we all know, the Storyteller really has no backstory, so I decided to create my own out of boredom. Tell me what you think.

Elsa Strict was born in the year 1934. From a very early age, she began to show telltale (no pun intended) traits of a sociopath. The most chilling was the fact she would bring dead animals home on her way back to school. Not only that, but she could also be heard muttering nonsensical tales about their deaths in her sleep, which were typically graphic and disturbing in nature. Around the age of 10, her abusive parents decided enough was enough. They would not stand for this behavior, especially after they had tried painstakingly to correct it. They gave her up for adoption and left her for good. Elsa’s strange behavior began to worsen as a result. She began to murder animals herself, and scarred the other orphans with her gruesome tales, retelling exactly what she did to the animals. Elsa was never adopted. Nobody would take her once they learned of her violent and chilling tendencies. On the day of her 18th birthday, she took her murderous desires to the next level. She left the orphanage and murdered a human being in cold blood, only to tell the tale to an undercover police officer the next day. This was her mistake. She was arrested and found guilty of murder. She was given a life sentence in the Shadybrook Rest Home for the Criminally Insane. It was only a matter of time before she killed an inmate gruesomely with a plastic knife. She was left to wither away in solitary confinement for the rest of her life. Guards would listen as Elsa became madder than ever, telling fictional tales of terror that had spawned in her sick mind sporadically. Elsa died at Shadybrook in 2005. Later that year, Universal Studios Orlando used some of Elsa’s sick stories as source material for their annual “Halloween Horror Nights.” Soon after this was announced, a trail of grisly murders swept across the states from Shadybrook all the way to Universal Orlando. Universal had awoken Elsa’s evil spirit. She is not a ghost. She is not a human. She is an entity of concentrated evil waiting to tell her tale once more.


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