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HHN Orlando-Possible Maze Location


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I was looking at some aerial views of USF and I noticed an area that seems to be empty for the most part, aside from some spare parts scattered here and there. It is behind Shrek alley, and, with the addition of a large tent and a little cleaning up, could become prime maze space. I wonder why it hasn't been used?

It is highlighted here in blue:


(Originally From Google Earth)

Any thoughts?


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Well, it hasn't been used because they haven't needed to use it. They've only ever had eight houses in the past and have been able to make it work with the soundstages, tents, queues, etc.

There's also a lot less space back there then you would think, and stuff that IS back there you really don't want to move. One of the biggest things back there (I'm fairly certain) is the dumpster for Mel's. Building a house would block that off, which requires a lot of shifting of regular operations. There's also several HVACs back there (especially the massive on for Shrek) that would do nothing but create outside noise for a house built right there.

All that said, it's very likely that the space IS going to be used this year, it just won't be for a house. Alice in Wonderland (in Shrek) will probably use that as queue space. There's less of an issue blocking access ways for queues because set-up and tear down is quick. This allows them to leave both Hollywood and Production Central open for foot traffic.

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I also believe a portion of Shrek's permanent extended queue is within the blue highlighted section. They wouldn't take those poles out for a maze, IMHO.

I mean they're taking out the seats in the auditorium for the house, so taking out semi-permanent poles wouldn't be all that difficult ;)

My assumption was that if there was no other way to make it work with standby and express, just use the Shrek alley inbetween the side of Transformers and the Shrek exit (where the M&G is) for a bunch of switchbacks. I don't think this house will need a huge line like say TWD or FvJ, but it'll need enough to hole a 120 min line for the worst of nights, as it's in the front of the park and on the 40k+ nights, EVERY house line fills up.

Or, maybe use at least some of the highlighted area in the original post, then use half of the alley for 3-4 switchbacks as overflow on the more packed nights. Curious to see how this area turns out. Will be interesting, for sure.

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The problem with that backstage area is that in addition to the HVAC and dumpsters for Mel's, it's a large staging area for all the beer, food and shot girls for HHN.  

Since there is no other area nearby they could shift those operations to, it won't be used in that capacity anytime soon.

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