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Best Finale of HHN24


What was your favorite finale of Halloween Horror Nights 24?  

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  1. 1. So, what was it?

    • The Walking Dead: End of the Line (Strobelight Chainlink Fence)
    • From Dusk Till Dawn (The Twister's Main Room)
    • AVP: Alien Vs Predator (Alien in the Airvent)
    • Dracula Untold: Reign of Blood (What was the finale to this?)
    • Roanoke: Cannibal Colony (The Wendigo's Spirit)
    • Giggles and Gore Inc (Orlando's House of Horrors Finale with Pool Tubes and Fabric)
    • Dollhouse of the Damned (Mannequins and Giant Doll Heads)
    • Halloween (Myers vs Loomis)

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We have a Best Facade thread, so I figured we should give the finales their own thread. Finales: the last major scare that should send you screaming into the night. Which was your favorite?

Walking Dead - A lame ending to what in my opinion wasn't that bad of a house. It's a shame they didn't go through with changing this mid-run to Season 5 like what was rumored.

From Dusk Till Dawn - My Number One Finale for this year. This finale was a major advantage for this house, with music around you and Santanico and The Geckos and Chainsaw Kate. Just a very good finale in my opinion.

AVP - 2 Problems: The final Xenomorph can easily be ran past. And when you compare this to Hollywood's ALIEN QUEEN, it just looks so meh.

Dracula Untold - I loved this house, but I could not tell what the finale was meant to be. I remember the staked bodies and I think I saw the coins, but I just can't remember it. Which is weird, considering this was my personal HOTY.

Roanoke - My Number 3 for this year. Not for scare value, but for coolness, even though I never got the Wendigo scare, but I saw them.

Giggles - I liked this finale, as it did gets some scares out of me, but it seems sorta low budget in setting, though maybe that's just me.

Dollhouse - Literally didn't know what this room was until I saw some Unmasking pictures, and I never got the scares from this, so yeah. The giant doll heads are coolio though.

Halloween - Not really scary, but a great scene to see if you got to. Number 2 for me.

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My list.

1. AvP. This is totally biased because I love the Alien movies and Aliens in general. But an Alien attack while being crouched really caught me off guard, loved it.

2. FDTD. I loved the atmosphere and it felt the assault was from all sides, also I love how Richie would block your way for a brief moment, in an attempt to split off parties. I wish they would do that more honestly.

3. Giggles. The aggression of the actors in this room was amazing, getting right up in your face is what I like most. Also the room gave of a very creepy and eerie vibe which was great.

4. Dollhouse. I'm always a sucker for living statue scares, add strobes and you have one hell of a room.

5. Halloween. I enjoyed it but it didn't really scare me or catch me off guard, it just sort of happened. The actor who played Loomis was spot on with the way he portrayed himself, Michael was being....Michael.

6. Roanoke. I did enjoy the atmosphere but having a wall made of sticks was probably not the best design choice. I saw the scare coming every time, but the Wendingo spirits were awesome and so was the guy on the catwalk.

7. twd. I would have this last but what can I do? I was more disoriented than scared in this maze. I was concentrating on where I was going and didn't have time for the actors trying to scare me.

8. Dracula. I put this last because this house really didn't have an ending. You just turn a corner and all you see is the black cloth walls and the line of people entering the house. Left me wanting more so I think it did it's job.

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I didn't love any of the finales last year, save From Dusk Till Dawn and Halloween. FDTD was a lot of fun and Halloween was a great show scene straight out of the movie, with one really good scare immediately before you entered the room. G&G and Roanoke were pretty entertaining, Dollhouse and TWD were ok, and Dracula/AvP were pathetic. Half assed endings with no climax or good scares. Dracula was basically just a walk out of the castle with a Dracula at the end, and AvP should've axed the tunnel with the side alien that felt completely out of place and let the last Alien vs Predator room be the ending. Or, you know, A GODDAMN QUEEN still bitter about that.

My ranking:

From Dusk Till Dawn


Giggles and Gore


The Walking Dead



Alien vs Predator

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Im the only one who didnt enjoy Roanoke's ending... I must have never gotten the full ending. AVP for sure had my favorite ending because it finally used the Crouch thing to really scare me!

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Only reason I liked Roanoke's finale (or the house itself) at all is because I viewed the whole house as a campy-ish house. It felt like if they didn't try to take the house seriously and marketed it as basically the comedy house of last year, it would've been seen as something so much better. The tribal music felt sort of upbeat, the MEEEATT sound effect couldn't be taken seriously, the actors with short spiels were given very cheesy phrases to say, etc. Then the finale with the sound reel of the pilgrim talking about the Wendigo with the louder tribal music playing solidified my view of that house being the comedy house of last year.

If I were to view it as a serious house, there would be no bright side to it. And since that's how the house was intended to be perceived, that and Dracula were at the bottom of my rankings last year. My house rankings aren't anywhere near the same as my finale rankings.

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TWD's was really something else the first time I did it. That and the forest scenes were two highlights of the event for me, but TWD's finale loses points for not working AT ALL in the daylight. I usually went through right when it opened, after Stay and Scream, and you literally couldn't see the strobes as they got rid of the black curtain on top of it for some reason, so it was incredibly stupid. But the forest scene was an excellent idea, and executed really well.

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