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Terminal 13 Treatment


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As requested. This was first designed in 2003.

Facade (Security Checkpoint)-

You approach the entrance to the airport at night. Trash litters the ground, spotlights scan the outside, and military vehicles sit along your way. You are forced to pass through a check point before entering the airport, where a military official warns you about the dangers the lie ahead. You push the caution tape aside and move through the glass doors.

Ticket Counters-

The lights inside the airport are turned off, as you hear raged screams in the back ground. Some bodies lie on the ground around you as you a forced around a baggage cart towards the ticket counter. You move along side the ticket counter, when a thunderous crash startles you. You turn and see an infected stewardess holding up a broken keyboard. You move past her as she screams. However, as soon as you move out of reach, a survivor jumps from behind a pillar, pleading for help. Unable to assist him, you move past into the baggage claim.

Baggage Claim-

Entering the baggage claim, you move around abandoned luggage. From behind a stack of luggage, an infected passager attacks. You flee, moving along side the carousel, which is still moving. A body on the carousel catches your attention, when behind you an infected burst out from inside a suitcase. You move past the monster, and pushing aside hanging wires, you move into an inner corridor.

Inner Corridor-

You move through a long hallway, where steam escapes from the pipes above and wires hang everywhere. You hear screams, and the pipes bang randomly, startling you. You pass a door, which you cautiously move past. As you pass it however, an infected security officer reaches for you from above. You quickly escape and exit the corridor.

Food Court-

You leave the corridor and enter the food court. You squeeze between tables and the counter of a resteraunt. Behind the counter (where the lights are on), fire erupts from the grill sending tremendous heat your way. The fire distracts you, as a survivor emerges from a trashcan. He surprises you with his cries (and smell) and you move away. However, a burned infected lurks behind the counter, and they lunge at you. You escape and move into the security checkpoint area.

Security Area-

The metal detectors are haywire, as their beeping never ceases. You move cautiously by the partitions, that shake uncontrollably from those trapped behind it. An infected appears above the partition and reaches for you, but you are out of its grasp. You head through the metal detectors, along side the x-ray machines. You successfully get through, when an infected appears from the end of the x-ray machine. It startles straight into an infected security officer, who chases you out of the security area and into the terminal.

Terminal A (Conveyer Belt)-

You step onto a moving conveyor belt. As you move across it, an infected appears on you side and chases you along the path. At the end the conveyor belt, he is trapped by a transport cart, and you flee into the waiting area.

Terminal B (Waiting Area)-

Through the large window you see the Flight 1013, the source of this horror. You quickly move past the chairs, behind which lurks an infected. You past him, and past the information counter. However, another infected lurks behind the wall behind the desk. That one startles you into the loading tunnel.

Loading Tunnel-

The walkway which will lead you to the plane shakes violently in all directions. Sides of it have ripped off, revealing the runways outside. An infected reaches for you from one the openings, but you arrive onto the plane before it can get you.

Flight 1013-

You enter the plane, and immediately an infected pilot attacks you from the cockpit. You move passed him, and discover that all the seats still have bodies in them. You move towards the back of the plane, unsure which bodies are alive and which are dead. Several infected sit among them, who attack at you, but the no avail. Midway through, you see that part of the cabin wall has been torn off, revealing the wing outside. The engine is on fire, and the smell of gas tells you that you have little time. You continue on, where move infected attack you. At the rear of the plane, you discover the body of a scientist, whose luggage is open, revealing broken test tubes. You realize that this is the search of this madness and you attempt to exit through the rear emergency exit. From inside the latrine, an infected stewardess lunges for you, but you escape the plane before she can reach you. Relieved, you move pass the tale of the plane, where one more infected waits, who attempts to catch you one last time before you escape.

(Total scaractors- 22-25)

(Fire effects- 2)

(Soundtracks= Strong winds/snarls/screams/sparks)

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And I found a more recent version.

Terminal 13 (v2) (Alternate Title - "Terminal Z")

(Ideal for Parade or Soundstage, Potentially Disaster Queue)

General Aesthetic - Inspired by the "look" of Memphis International. Size of rooms is reminiscent of a small regional airport. All "internal" walls of the airport proper are tan brick color with blood and handprints throughout. Highlight colors, signs, and carpeting are maroon. Luggage, benches, planters, wheelchairs and luggage carts are used to direct path. Roughly made barricades block some doors and paths. Lights flickering from loose connections are used throughout. Where noted, flashing lights and sounds are primarily organic to their scene. Audio throughout (except specific to scenes) is high winds and groans. Wire, tiles and clothing hangs sparsely in throughout unless noted differently.

Numbers after scene name denote number of scareactors in that room. Two numbers represent (minimum/ideal) numbers.

Facade - The flight control tower looms over you as you approach the entrance to the Carey Regional Airport. In the distance, you can see a coming storm and lightning flashes. You pass around a fountain that features an airplane, the water stagnant. A cop car has been abandoned in front of the entrance, its lights still flashing. You squeeze between it and a pillar, stepping over the down police tape. A body is slumped over the curbside check-in counter as you enter through the glass doors.

Ticketing (2) - The walls are brown brick and smattered with blood. Luggage is strewn around the floor, left behind in the rush to escape. Ahead of you is the ticket counter, where a zombie futilely tries to climb over the counter to reach you. You move around a column, and see that passenger cart as crashed into it. Its yellow light flashes as its siren drones incessantly. Benches and queue lines force you close to the loud buzz, when a zombie passenger lunges at you from behind a planter. The commotion causes a horn to go off, startling you. You escape around a security wall, leaving the zombie behind.

Baggage Claim (2/3) - You pass a wall of flickering monitors, showing arrival and departure times, before walking into baggage claim. A baggage carousel (the conical shaped, traditional ones), is against the wall in front of you, baggage left unclaimed. Opposite it, a haphazard fort of stacked luggage is formed. As you approach, a victim screams at you, swinging a fire extinguisher. He attempts to spray you with it, but it exhausts only empty air. You move away from him, and a zombie lunges at you from inside a suitcase on the carousel (scare effect similar to Bone Alter from Catacombs and "floor scare" in Forsaken). It forces you towards the closed security gate to the main terminal, where another victim, bleeding from a recent bite, pounds on the gate to be let out.

Service Corridor (1) - With the security gate closed, you sneak into a service hallway. The alarm from the door blares above you as you enter, and begin moving the wires, duct work and foam that hangs down from around you. Suddenly, a zombie trapped in ceiling reaches down at you, roaring. You duck down, and hit with a blast of steam and water (triggered by the SA) from a leaking pipe. You rush down the hall, desperately trying to escape the claustrophobic hall.

Duty Free (2) - The hall dumps you into a ransacked Duty-Free store. You move past a cooler, and see the body of a frozen victim who was desperate to escape. Clothing racks and display shelves form a maze past the cash register. A zombie suddenly appears between the racks and shelves, moaning at you. Your scream catches the attention of the zombie behind the register, who rushes you. They reach at you as you move out of the store and into...

Food Court (1/2) - The smell of burnt and rotted food surrounds you as you move between a condiment stand and restaurant front. The alarm from cooking food, long abandoned can be heard. You weave between tables, some still occupied with corpses. A burned zombie staggers behind the restaurant counter when another runs into a trash can at the condiment stand, creating a loud crash that startles you. Trapped on both sides, you escape past the tables around a security wall.

(Alternate to "Food Court:" Bar - Layout is similar to Food Court, only themed to an airport bar rather than a counter-served restaurant.)

Security Check (2) - You find yourself stuck in a queue line to a security checkpoint. Behind a plexi-glass wall, a large TSA zombie pounds trying to get to you, but you're safe. You approach the X-Ray machine and metal detector, and another TSA Zombie reaches over the conveyor belt after you. The metal detector and X-Ray machine blares as you walk through. While distracted by the zombie at the X-Ray machine, the zombie that was behind the plexi-glass lunges at you again, but you're protected by a table. You escape around a security wall and enter the terminal.

Bathroom (2/3) - A barricade of luggage, carts, planters and benches prevents you from moving forward, so you must go through a nearby restroom. You round the corner and zombie lunges, forcing you down the first hall. You walk between a row of stalls and wall of urinals. The urinals are overflowing, causing them to splash onto your legs. Zombies attack you from random stalls (the stall doors remain closed, but have no walls between them. This allows the SAs to choose where they scare from). You rush back around the corner and exit.

(Alternate to "Bathroom:" Sky Lounge - You enter a polished wood-paneled room, lined with cushioned lounge chairs and blue up-lighting. Classy images of passenger planes line the walls, as you pass a sign welcoming you to the "Miles High Lounge." From behind a barricaded door a zombie reaches for you. A pair of zombies attempt to grab you from behind a row of seats, while a TV shows static.)

Gate (2) - A floor to ceiling "window" (projection screen) shows the plane at the gate and the storm outside. Corpses and luggage rests in the benches around the gate. One corpse, sitting opposite a planter, suddenly rises and rushes you. The scare sends you against the gate check-in counter, where an Attendant, driven mad with fear, slams her keyboard against the desk. The zombie comes at you again, having worked his way around the benches and planter, but you escape down the gangway.

Gangway (1) - Holes in the ceiling and walls of the gangway allow the roar of the jet engines and rush of wind to fill the narrow gangway. Insulation hangs down from the holes, forcing you to push it out of the way as it blows towards you. A Zombie Runway Worker rips part of the gangway wall away and reaches for you, screaming. Lightning flashes as you escape the gangway into the plane.

Plane (4) - A zombie Pilot immediately reaches at you from the cockpit as you enter, sending you down the aisle. Clothing hangs down from the overhead compartment, emergency lights and lightning flashes, and wind whips in through windows that have been busted out. Corpses are seated down the plane, oxygen masks in their faces. Several of the corpses are actually zombies in waiting. You rush down the aisle, zombies reaching for you. You get to the exit at the back of the plane, where an emergency "slide" (simply the material and inflated walls) leads you out of the plane at out of the house.

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