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I know that Hazbin Hotel isn't so popular right now, but what if there was such haunted house? It would be cool if there was a Hazbin Hotel and/or Helluva Boss haunted house or scarezone in Halloween Horror Nights, based on Vivziepop's Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. This could work for a Halloween Horror Nights event, since they are both adults web series and has some terrifying moments, characters, and gorey scenes. It could happen since Ghostbusters, despite being mostly comedy, has been added in 2019's Halloween Horror Nights as a haunted house. Sure, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss may be both animated series, but if they could pull off Ghostbusters, they could succeed in their Hazbin Hotel and/or Helluva Boss haunted house/scarezone. It's just my speculation and wishful thinking. ^_^


Here is an idea made by Victor Boo's (now named Wacky Ball): https://halloweenhorrornights.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Wacky_Ball/Hazbin_Hotel_(Haunted_House_Orlando)


If you can't access the link or don't want to, I'm copying this here.


Queue and Facade


The queue entered from the outside of the entrance for A Day in the Park with Barney. You would walk through the pre-show area for Barney and exit out the back. You would then go along a road that wraps around the pavilion that contains some parade floats. You then go around the back of the pavilion which leads you to the front of the Second Parade Warehouse. Painted on the wall of the Second Parade Warehouse was a giant painting that showed the logo of the house, with Charlotte Magne painted on the right. In the queue, five different songs from the show could be heard playing. Guests would then go around to the door and into the house.




Entering the house, guests would see the Happy Hotel. Entering inside the Happy Hotel where you see Charlotte Magne the Demon Princess, she would welcome you into the hotel, then guide you to the hotel rooms, by pointing right.


After making a right turn, and entering a hallway with hotel room doors on each side. Alastor the Radio Demon would open a hotel door in front of guests, then making two right turns, on the right side Vaggie would pop and scare guests by holding a spear, to protect for those who impact the hotel. then straight forward, Angel Dust would pop out and scare guests, before making a left turn, and leaving the hotel.




What are your thoughts about this idea? Leave a comment below if you want to!

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I'm not against the idea of a haunted house based off of Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss, unlikely as it is. It'd just take a lot of effort to transition the cartoon characters and environments to a 3D stage, especially since one of the shows hasn't gotten a season out yet.


I'd probably have either houses' entrance be a building, IMP headquarters for Helluva Boss or Happy/Hazbin Hotel for... yeah. Both houses would explore Hell outside of their respective buildings, although Boss would also feature some of the hit jobs on the mortal realm. And it'd also be unlikely that they would share a house, because technically the shows have different owners with Hotel being picked up by a channel.


I haven't seen enough of the series to plan a house for either.

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