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Urban Legends: Modern Fear


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On our HHN 23 Behind the Screams tour, our tour guide told us that Urban Legends was most likely to become a franchise. So it got me thinking of a house idea.

You enter a suburban house as the sound of police cars come closer. Inside the house is a set of stairs and a table with a home phone on it. The phone constantly says "Have you Checked the kids?" You look up and see a man at the top of the stairs holding a knife, grinning at you.

Urban Legend- The Babysitter

You turn into a hallway and enter a child's bedroom in which a girl sitting on the bed is on the phone asking if she can cover the clown statue outside the window, as you pass the bed, you hear the sound of glass breaking as the the clown rushes at you from the window.

Urban Legend- The Clown Statue

You enter another bedroom, and on a mirror written in blood are the words "Humans Can Lick too". A door swings open, and you see the corpse of the dog as the madman lunges towards you.

Urban Legend- Humans Can Lick too

You walk into a decrepit attic, as flashlight's lights can be seen down a hallway, you turn, and the corpse of a bride lunges out of a wardrobe.

Urban Legend- The Bride

You exit the house onto a road, where cars are seen sitting. On the right in a car you see the body of a woman with her throat slashed as the killer jumps out from your left.

You continue on the road until you walk into the woods, where you see a car with a hook in the door, as a man with no hand lunges from the shadows of the woods.

Urban Legends- The Killer in the Backseat and The Hook

This is all I have so far.

Will add more soon.

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