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HHN: The Place Hell Calls Home


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Halloween Horror Nights: The Place Hell Calls Home

Hell Finds a Home

Icon: The Man In Black/Sandman

Jeremiah Solomon, a veteran of the Mexican-American war, found religion when serving in the U.S. Army. After losing his right eye in the Battle of Buena Vista, Solomon was discharged and began his career as a traveling priest. Jeremiah traveled throughout the midwest, testifying in the name of the Lord to throngs of sodbusters and their kin. However, he also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and would often hear "The Voice of God" in his solitary time. Solomon eventually found his way to the newly founded community of Carey, Ohio and spent only a few days preaching to the god-fearing folks before moving on. It wasn't long before the Voice of God told him to return to Carey and give them His word, lest their sins cast their souls into eternal damnation. Solomon returned and set up the First Church of Carey, much to the admiration of the townsfolk.

It wasn't long before the first young girl went missing. For several months, the children of Carey were disappearing, leaving the town in despair. No one suspected the righteous preacher would be the perpetrator of these crimes... Until the bodies were discovered, rotting in a mass grave behind the church, their eyes now only hollow sockets.

The town set upon Solomon, dragging him to his own church where they prepared to lynch him. Solomon was calm the entire time, telling all who would listen that the Lord would gladly take him into His arms. Solomon also predicted that the Lord would take vengeance against Carey for their heinous crime against the Lord.

His body swinging above the pulpit from which he had preached, the townsfolk went on with their lives, believing they had seen the last of Jeremiah Solomon. Forty days passed before Jeremiah came to the children in their slumber, clad in trademark black suit and hat, telling them to join him in his war against evil... cursing the town and their offspring for all eternity.

Now Carey has become a sinister place. What many perceive as a peaceful small town harbors dark secrets, and any outsiders who attempt to expose them will feel the wrath of the townsfolk who abide by One Commandment: Protect your own.

Thy will be done.


Vengeance of the Dead (Soundstage 20)

Deciding to make some easy money during Prohibition, some locals started an undercover moonshining operation on the outskirts of town. When the police chief discovered their plot, he assembled a group of vigilantes and slaughtered everyone involved. Now the estate where the moonshiners worked out of are haunted by their spirits, who, as legend tells, have been waiting an eternity to exact their revenge.

Shelter (Soundstage 21A)

Carey Memorial Hospital hides a dark secret. Unbeknownst to their terminal patients, the hospital staff was trying unapproved drugs for their own gain. When the drugs began taking more… adverse, side effects, the dying patients were locked in the old fallout shelter. In their degenerative states, the patients might view anything as a threat, and attack anyone in their path to find shelter.

Uprising: Class Warfare (Soundstage 24)

Negligent managing practices led to a dozen worker deaths. Now, the 99% have risen up and are taking arms against the owners of Serenity Textiles. These workers will fight to the death to protect their own.

Precinct 13: Bluebloods (Disaster Queue)

Carey Police Chief Wyatt Spade uses moral authority as justification to murder interlopers who break the law in town. But what the town doesn’t know is why Spade and his “bluebloods” really need so many dead bodies. More bodies mean more organs to harvest, more money to make, and less blood running through your veins.

Desolation (Sprung Tent 2)

"Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword." (Deuteronomy 13:15) The First Church of Carey is a relic of the past, and the evil that has haunted the town for centuries. The Man In Black is far from gone, his soul still walks among the living, and in his wake you will understand Desolation, for your soul is his to claim.

Hypnophobia: Night Terrors (Sprung Tent 1)

When the children of Carey sleep, the Sandman comes for them. The terror you felt in your worst nightmare is nothing like what the Man In Black has to offer you. Enter the world of childhood terrors as all your worst fears come to life. Waking up will not save you.

This is my first shot a creating a completely themed HHN event. The Sandman was inspired by (obviously) the Nightmare on Elm St. films where a psychotic killer terrorizes people in their sleep, although in this case the Man in Black is attempting the have you join his demonic cult. I'm still working out the final two houses, so if anybody has any good suggestions you can just send me a PM, and I have some scarezones which utilize the "Walking Dead" approach and create the same world, although in this case, the themes and actors are much more varied and include: an area with the eyeless ghost children of the Man in Black, an occult-ish church revival with a "fire and brimstone" motif, a journey into the afterlife where angels and demons hide, and a journey through the charred ruins of the Carey State Penitentiary, although I'm looking to add at least one or two more. Any criticism is appreciated as this is an ongoing creative project for me.

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