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Most Anticipated House



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  1. 1. What is your number one 'Most Anticipated House'?

    • The Walking Dead : No Safe Haven
    • An American Werewolf in London
    • Resident Evil : Escape from Raccoon City
    • Evil Dead
    • Cabin in the Woods
    • Urban Legends : La Llorona
    • Afterlife : Death's Vengeance
    • HAVOC : Derailed

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I'm looking forward to all of them this year, but here's how I have them ranked so far:

1. American Werewolf in London - long time fan of the movie, can't wait to see it recreated and be both nostalgic and scared as hell

2. Resident Evil - love the game series. RE3 may be my favorite of them, so this maze being based on RE2 & 3 is awesome news. Raccoon City!

3. Cabin in the Woods - was hoping for a CitW house since I saw the movie. should be very fun, can't wait to see all the different monsters & facility

4. La Llorona - heard good things about the Hollywood houses, and it's a good old fashioned ghost story/urban legend which I can appreciate

5. Afterlife - this house seems like the most original, really interested to see how it turns out

6. Havoc 2 - cool concept for a house, sounds intense

7. Evil Dead - feel like I won't get too much nostalgia itch scratched, but still interested. I didn't mind the new movie, but missed the campiness of old.

8. The Walking Dead - must admit that I was a tad bit underwhelmed by TWD last year, and the line for this house was insane. still a fan though.

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1. Resident Evil - My most anticipated house of all time because I've been into this series since I first played the original game.

2. Cabin in the Woods - I think there may be a few surprises in this house......... The potential of this one is huge, everything horror could fit.

3. Afterlife: Deaths Vengeance - I'm a sucker for the 3D houses.

4. Evil Dead - I look for GORE, GORE and more GORE.

5. AWIL - The movie is great and I know how much of a pet project this is for the design team, could easily end up being house of the year in my opinion.

6. Havoc 2 - I liked the first house but it wasn't a favorite of mine, the train concept could be great.

7. La Llorona - I don't know the story so it isn't something I'm looking forward to besides knowing how well it was received in Hollywood.

8. The Walking Dead - Lol, what a difference a year makes.

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1.) Cabin In The Woods

2.) Resident Evil

3.) Evil Dead

4.) Havoc Derailed

5.) Afterlife Deaths Vengeance

6.) La Llorna

7.) An American Werewolf In London

8.) Walking Dead

Surprised by all the hate that Havoc is getting, I missed 2010 but I feel like its gonna be fun, my favorite horror movie of all time and one of my favorite video games series of all time.

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Guest kiwisoup

I kinda figured Evil Dead and The Walking Dead would be at the bottom of peoples' lists, but I'm actually kinda surprised so many people put La LLorona so far down their list *scratches head*

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1) AWIL- I love the movie and I'm super excited to see it brought to life. The set pictures got me excited.

2) Cabin in The Woods- I think that gore in this house could be great depending on which direction they go, plus the anticipation of familiar faces we could see at the end is high.

3) Walking Dead- I'm a fan of the series and I'm more excited for this year with the prison set and last year was a tad lackluster.

4)Afterlife: Death's Vengeance- I always enjoy the 3D house and I think the original concept could prove to be fun.

5)Evil Dead- I do prefer the original campy version, but I'm hoping to see a forest set/scene!

6) La Llarona- The sets look gorgeous, plus I have seen videos of Hollywood's version and enjoyed it.

7)Resident Evil- Only at the bottom because I have never played the video games and only seen one of the movies. I think it has potential because the creatures mentioned to be featured can bring a lot to the table.

8)Havoc: Derailed- I never got to experience the original Havoc house, so I don't have a huge investment in this, but everyone else seems to have liked the original.

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1. AWiL

(absolutely amazing film and if they have been working on it so long surely they should have perfected it by now)

2. Resident Evil

(my parents bought me RE2 for christmas one year and while i played it i became so scared i thought they hated me)

3. La Llorona

(Looks stunning and the whole idea is truly creepy)

4. Havoc 2

(Wasnt there for the first house but heard so much good stuff from some friends who were that im totally ready for it)

5. Afterlife

(if they get the dark-3d thing right im sure itll be awesome but ill always be sceptical of 3d houses because they are awkward over my glasses)

6. Cabin in the Woods

(one of my fave films of that year could go either way)

7. Evil Dead

(was so excited for this and then i saw the remake... then my excitement went away)

8. The Walking Dead

(its hard to get excited over something which was so incredibly disappointing last year... which means with such low expectations this could end up being my house of the year... maybe... possibly... urgh)

Was hard putting this into an order as im equally excited for most... should be a good year :D

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1.Cabin in the Woods- Loved the movie and I think it could be the best house this year.

2.Resident Evil: Escape from Racoon City- I haven't played the games, but I've seen the first few movies and I think the house has potential.

3.An American Werewolf in London: I love werewolves and this seems like a labor of love for the HHN crew.

4.The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven- Woodbury and the prison are much better locales for the house than the farm from last year.

5.Urban Legends: La llorona- Heard good things about the hollywood version, I think Orlando version can match it.

6.Evil Dead- Haven't seen the movie, might change when I do.

7.Havoc: Derailed- The first house was before I started attending, so I'm not as excited as others

8.Afterlife: Death's Vegenance

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