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Knott's Mazes?


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So all the ideas on the Your Nightmares area seemed to be directed for HHN. I've designed quite a few independent mazes for Knotts, so this thread is for anyone who's designed a Knott's or non-HHN maze.


Trial By Fire

[Ghostrider 2]

For years, the small New England town of Salem’s Hollow have persecuted those they believe to be witches. Tired of being hunted, the true mistresses of evil have decided to lay down some judgment of their own kind. It is the season of the witch, and revenge for these ladies is trial by fire.

Shattered Dimensions

[Ghostrider 4]

In a top-secret government testing facility, something has gone wrong. An experimental teleportation device has opened a portal to another realm, releasing a dark, evil force in the process. The creatures that inhabit this netherworld feast on the souls of the living. When traveling through the shattered dimensions, the blood pumping through your veins may cause you to become their prey.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

[Front Gate]

Frustrated over what she saw as society’s eroding moral values, Cybil Zangara transformed herself into the Matriarch, and began taking in lawbreakers, vagrants, and general troublemakers to give them a dose of special motherly care. The Matriarch is a firm believer of discipline, so be sure to follow her rules, because the Matriarch and her “family” of mothers will go to extreme measures to make you a better person. When it comes to your capacity for pain, mother knows best.



You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Journey to a post-apocalyptic Oz where the Wicked Witch rules over all the land and anarchy rules. In this dystopian landscape, Beyonders, like yourself, are not welcome. A storm is brewing in the land, and when it hits, the terror unleashed will be like nothing Oz has seen before.

Song of the Siren

[bumper Cars]

Their song beckons you forward into the shipwrecks of the deep blue sea. But beware, for appearances can be deceiving, and these succubae would like nothing more than the flesh from your bones. Many have fallen for the song of the siren, will their call lure you to your doom?


[Ghostrider 3]

Something is ahappenin’ in the small mountain town of Shady Creek, California. An army of strange creatures seem to be jumping out of the pages of TALL TALES COMICS and are terrorizing the townsfolk. Truth is far more terrifying than fiction!

Icon: The Matriarch, from the maze Home Is Where the Heart Is. She is tied to the other mazes at the event through her "rules", I.E. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" (Song of the Siren), "Play with fire and you'll get burnt" (Shattered Dimensions), "You'll find nothing but trouble away form home" (Beyonders), "Treat others as you'd like to be treated" (Trial by FIre), "Don't believe everything you hear" (TALL TALES). The "rules" are hidden easter eggs in each maze, written in different places, such as appearing on a page of the TALL TALES comic or flashing on a computer monitor in Shattered Dimensions. Her mutilated "children" roam the park and attack unsuspecting guests along with the "mothers" who pick out visitors (actors) and perform gruesome torture in front of crowds.

I'll post full descriptions of each maze as I finish them.

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