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'Secrets' of HHN

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Greetings everyone!

I was looking through a bunch of HHN material I'd downloaded over the years and I came across a text file in which I'd collected various tidsbits and trivia about past events, most likely collected from an infamous now-defunct forum. I thought I'd copy the list here, it seems to stop at HHN 19. Feel free to ad/edit!

- During HHN 17 In NMOES in the patient sleeping room (whatever the hell you want to call it), the
names of the patients were people connected to Universal and HHN

- In 2004's Frightyard they had graffiti artists spray paint the user names of people from
ChainsawWolf and IOACentral

- In 2007 The "For Sale" sign in front of NOES was being sold my M. Roddy.

- At the entrance to "Home for the Holidays" was the picture of Ralphie's house from
A Christmas Story, Also There was a high school musical hat in Home for the holidays

- in HFTH in HHN 17 there were clocks from BTTF, the leg lamp from "A christmas Story" and
a reindeer wrapped in Christmas lights (red ones) hanging from a tree, sort of a play on the guy
in Orlando that caught hell for doing that during Christmas

- On the HHN 17 Site if you click on the Psychoscaraphy: Home for the Holidays Section and then
click on the ticket you are in a bus but if you see a clipboard click it and on one of the pages
had some of usernames of the vault!

- In HHN 16 The gravestones in Screamhouse were universal creatives.

- 2004 and 2006 sites had some members of A&D names all over the website.

- In 2007 on the NOES yearbook there was a picture of TJ, Micheal Roddy signed the yr book as well
David Hughes.

- In 2007 FT13 page the article was writing by Kenny and Jason was drawn by Kim G

- In 2006 Prez Bush's face was in All Nite Die In: Take II, in the Hellraiser scene.

- In HHN 17 In Dead Silence there was a raven perched upon a bust, in reference to Edgar Allen Poe's
"The Raven"... it was pretty much impossible to notice except during the behind the scenes tour.

- Spongebob and Scooby Doo both made appearances in a house in 2006 (Psychoscareapy: Maximum Madness
on a Friday they probably "Flashed" before your eyes)

- In Home for the Holidays 2007 there was a small token from Maximum Madness placed in the house.

- in Psychoscarapy: Maximum Madness (HHN16) the game room had a deck of cards that was missing cards
(not playing with a full deck) and board games like Operation. but also Mousetrap and Life
Also, Ford Pinto in the house. Also, there were lots of syringes stuck in the walls, which the
patients had been using as darts.

- Demon CAntina in 05 had a guest that decided the toilet was real and he pissed in it.

- TJ name was on a prop in BM in 2006.

- During HHN 18 Every house and zone had a reference to Mary. Most of them were cracked mirrors.

- TJ's name appeared on a crate in the Blood Masquerade scare zone in '06 It was one of the wooden
crates towards the end of the zone (closer to Mel's) and it had a stamp on it that said something about
a museum and "Thomas J. Mannarino, Curator" or something along those lines.

- The Storyteller made a handful of appearances in the Dead Silence house in HHN 17, in the
paintings on the walls. Also, Cindy Caine was featured in some of these paintings too.

- in the morgue room toward the beginning of Dead Silence in 2007; there were plaques and diplomas
hanging on the wall, and one of them was a prop from the movie "Casper". the doctor/dad character from
the movie was a paranormal psychiatrist, and his diploma found its way onto the walls of the Dead
Silence house.

- A portion of the Terra Cruentas rune (the section featured in the Terra Gate/Terra Guard Run part of
the set up...it's the bottom piece of the overall whole) was on some of the panels in Interstellar

- these same panels had names and references to the designers and creative team all over them disguised
as parts of the ship; I.e. the Roddy Valve, the Aiello Gasket, the Mannarino Hatch, etc.

- The name of the spaceship in Interstellar Terror was the Columbus 1492, a nod to the name of the ship
in the film "Event Horizon" off which I.T. was loosely based; the ship in the movie was called the
Lewis and Clark.

- Many of the set pieces from The Thing were reused in Interstellar. For example, the big frosted doors
with numbers on them that were in the freezing chamber in 2007 showed up in Interstellar toward the
beginning of the house.

- The 'Thing' dog animatronic puppet thing was reused in the Creatures house

- A few rooms in as you walked through The Hallow, (HHN18) there were hags with giant cauldrons
(the big cauldron on your right was tipped on it's side and concealed a scareactor who'd pop out
with a backlit effect). On the left in this room, there was an elevated platform (probably 4 feet off
the ground) with one of the hags standing next to a large cauldron/chalice. This is the cauldron that
was used in '06 in the Arrival show; it was this cauldron into which Darkness and his servants poured
the ashes to resurrect Jack, the Director, the Storyteller, and the Caretaker.

- Also, scattered around the base of the cauldron were slaughtered baby pigs...sacrifices? Like pigs
to the slaughter? It was a nice touch, anyways

- on the website for 2005, in the video/audio section you could access for the Gorewood Forest
scarezone, the narrator made a reference to his friend Mik Llomorg being taken and killed by the
beasts in the mines. Mik Llomorg is Kim Gromoll backwards.

- In the 'radio' broadcast that played in the queue line of the Home for the Holidays house in '07,
the announcer would break in between the Christmas songs that were playing and do the weather, traffic,
etc. In one portion of this, he made a reference to receiving a phone call from a Kim Gromoll over at
the Shadybrook Rest Home, and how the phone call got cut off but it sounded like they were having a
'really crazy time' over there as he could hardly hear what Kim was saying over the noise in the

- Kang and Kodos (the one eyed aliens from "The Simpsons") were painted onto the wall of the alien and
astronaut room in the Jack's Funhouse in Clown-o-Vision from '07.

- In Scarytales '08, the evil queen from the finale of the house could be seen in the big
stained glass window to your left in the beginning of the house. Also, the 'servants' who were
torturing the author at the beginning and in the finale room at the end are from '03 and were featured
in the scarezone in the port of Entry at IOA

- in Scarytales Eelmouth from '05 was in the Hansel and Gretel room. Also in this room, if you stood
and listened, you could hear crying children coming from the ovens

- Every restaurant in the park in '08 had a hidden reference to Bloody Mary. For example, there was a
shattered mirror above one of the doorways inside the Monster's Cafe.

- In Doomsday, Viper (Sol's girlfriend in the movie who gets beheaded, ouch) shows up...her head was
hanging from one of the jail cell doors, and her body was onstage with Sol in the final scene

- Another Doomsday one; Kim Gromoll (that guy gets around!) appears on the outside wall of the house in
one of the 'missing person' flyers tacked up to the wall

- Also in Doomsday, the 'Dragon Forge' section of the Terra Cruentas rune made an appearance on a
shield that was on the wall in the hallway you walked through to get into the medieval castle room
with the knights. You would have had to have turned around to see it

- As far as I can tell EVERY house and scarezone had a reference to Bloody Mary in some way or another.
Some were obvious, like the full body apparition in The Hallow, and some weren't, like the small
picture on the desk in Dead Exposure.And just to clear up any confusion, a cracked mirror IS a
reference to Mary.

HHN 18 -

Interstellar Terror Secrets:

- The artifact is an E.T. prop
- The captain is Michael Roddy
- If you look down the right-hand side on the bridge, there's a spaceman spinning around
- Mary is hidden in the television static in one of the last few rooms
- "Engine Room" (room with the girl up on the platform) there was a backlit panel that showed the l
ocation of every scareactor in the house. It is the same one with the references to Michael Roddy and
others that's also in the room with the captain's chair.


- Mary is hidden in the television static in the first room
- In the last room, look in the alcove right above the exit
- the pool table in the bar was used in Demon Cantina in HHN 15

The Hallow:

- Mary is hidden in the room with the skeleton scareactor, she's a ghostly apparition

Scary Tales:

- in the Oz room, look to the right. The Scarecrow has tied Dorothy to a pole and is eating her brains
- In the troll bridge room, look up... Rapunzel's dead.
- In the Mad Tea Party room, Alice is eating either the White Rabbit or the March Hare
- MacReady's body, from the Thing: Assimilation, is in the last room on the wall behind you, to see it
walk halfway through the room and turn to your right until you are looking back the way you came
- "Jack is back" played over the intercom
- in the "Mirror, Mirror" section, you can see Mary in one of the mirrors.

Body Collectors:

- One of the Gentleman is weilding the Terra Blade
- Look up before the Barbershop and see that it's called "Aiello and Roddy's Babershop"
(two event creators)
- one of the corpses in the bunk room is Childs from The Thing Assimilation

Path of the Wicked:

- Dorothy's clothes are sticking out of the Scarecrow's backpack.
- the white rabbit pretty muched looked different every night. Sometimes he'd have rotted teeth,
Sometimes he'd just have a touch of blood on his mouth, Then He'd end up having a load of blood
dripping off his mouth, like he just finished eating alice or something. And some rabbits would be
holding a clock, and the others wouldn't.

Dead Exposure:

- There was a photo of Bloody Mary on Charlie's desk in the first scene.

* The sliced up body in BC in 2008 is now in Frankenstein house

* the camera man prop in LCH was a prop used in The Thing house in HHN17

* Aiello(one of the minds behind HHN) makes a huge cameo in Leave it To Cleaver

* the statue in the beginning(first scene) of dracula was used in all the Sreamhouses.

* The frankenstin shadow/silhouette is Roddy

* A&D lightning in Hackton

* Also there is a clipboard in that SZ with many members of A&D on it.

* Meetz Meatz makes a cameo in Horrorwood Die-In

* Winchester Bar for Shaun of the Dead (Silver Screams) is almost entirely a reused/redressing of the
Butchered Buck from Creatures! in 2008.

* The entrance of Frankenstein has a wagon with a sheet over lumps...the lumps are dead exposure

* The growls and sound effects in Wolfman were taken from the movie, and people think it may be
one of the guys from KISS that does the howl

* The coffins in Dracula are real coffins, but according to the Federal law, coffins cant be
used twice...SO if someone was disintegrated, they would be put in the coffin for the funueral,
then they would be disintegrated. Universal bought the coffins in for 1/3 of the price, but
can not put any scareactors in there because of the law, hence the reason why there are dummies
in there.

* All the Frankensteins in Frankenstein have greek names...Alpha Beta Kappa Xi are just a couple.

* In the house Dracula, dracula went after the mens brides and gave them a choice. Either they loved
him and gave themselves to him or they didnt. if they gave themselves to him, then they would live
forever be well fed and be beautiful. If they didnt, they would live forever, but decay, and be
treated badly. that5 is why you see beautiful brides, and very ugly scary brides in the house.

* Wolfman has real trees

* There are a lot of Flying scareactors in Wolfman, Dracula and FRankenstein

* There was an effect in Wolfman (last scene) (opening weekend) where the scareactor is attached to a
rope so when he runs it makes him look more animal like, then the hunter "shoots" him, the rope pulls
back, and it makes it look like the huge crazy beast was shot. The rope pulling back makes it looks
like the bullet hit him, and with the force, pulled him back. This was later changed to the wolfman
running/jumping out at you and howling so they wouldn't have to pay a stunt man.

* Someone from A&D saw a sign at Cracker Barrel that said "Meet Me At Meetz" (or something to that
effect and thought it was cool because it had "meat" three times in a row.

* that shelf tht was in bc right after the spine scene is in franks house aswell.

* In Frankenstein, there's a body in the third room on an angled table, with a pulley-like prop next
to it with cloth running through it. Roddy confirmed in a video (you can view it at horrornights.be)
that it comes from the film Van Helsing.

* In the beginning of the Bill and Ted show you see a special report of channel 69... the news
reporter is Micheal Roddy playing as Dick Johnson

* The bar scene in Wolfman was also used in "Blood Ruins" at HHN 15.

* Horrorwood has quite a few characters from who are from houses as well. One is the Bar Wench from
Wolfman who has escaped the movie and is warning people. The 3 Strangers are also in SS. The miner
from MBV is in SS as well.

* Some of the set for Bill and Ted's this year is actually the Terra Throne from HHN15. It was
also used in 2008 for the entrance of the Hallow

* In the Wolfman, first "scene" (with the gypsy carts), keep your eyes to the right along the
ground. Near the last cart is a basket with two round fruits and what looks to be a cucumber
arranged in a rather... ahem... "coincidental" position.

* In wolfman, in the middle of the forest scene there is classic wolfman costume

* the hanging guy from SS was also in evilution, Home for the Holidays, Ghost Town in 2004

* The shields on the walls of Dracula are all from "The Fire Pits" scarezone at HHN15.

* Saw trap from second movie fly trap( I.e where key was in the eye) was from the bill
and ted show in 17

* Also the finale dracula at the end of the house has a mask that was from "The Fire Pits",
Which were originally in the Lost Continent scarezone during HHN13

* frankstein there is half of a scene stole from bc2 the leg cutting and there is the
dude thats cut up into pieces on strings.

* Dracula has the freddy mirrors, and same brides from sweet 16

* Leave it to cleaver - 2 rooms right before meat locker there
is a cut up bloody mary head, Its the room with the big pile of meat. In the video, Mike's son
is the little boy standing next to him.

* When you enter The Spawning, there is an X-Files lunchbox on the desk.

* two pods at the end of Frank are the "Fly" pods from the make-up show

* the 1st scene of The Spawning is nearly identical to the 1st scene in Dead Exposure Except we go
through the door on the left this year which was a boo hole last year.

* In the coffin room in Dracula, look up at the ceiling..the chandelier made of bones and other
body parts was also in the operating theater of last years' Body Collectors It also has some
real bones in it.

* In some areas of the park they are playing parts of the soundtrack to the original Nightmare Alley

* the lighting effect in the pumpkin patch..its the "broken Glass" from last year

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