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Halloween Horror Nights 23 Construction (Pictures)

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Going to keep this thread locked only to be updated with HHN 23 Construction Updates. Please take actual discussion of construction to the appropriate thread,

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Ok here is he picture of the pile of trees outside the sprung tent. I'm thinking a nice forest scene? Who knows could be anything. :)


Here is another picture I forgot to add. I believe these are large shelves or dressers. They are covered by large white sheets. I suspect it's just general props to set the scene


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Not sure if this should go here or construction, so apologize in advance if its the wrong place.


This looks familiar!

So do these:


Photos via MagicCityMayhem on Twitter

A bike was added to the elevated grass set in Central Park. Bike Walker?


Daryl's truck and crossbow is out somewhere in the streets..


Both photos from TheTimTracker and TheJennTracker on Instagram.

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