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Info on the planned "extreme house".

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Last year, during my Unmasking the Horror tour, someone asked about the extreme house. Our tour guide replied with a FULL out explanation of their plans for it.

So, without further ado, here is some highlights of the house.

The first scene depicts a room with chairs. You are seated, then a bag is put over your head.

You are escorted (or pulled) into a coffin. Sounds and air would make it seem like it is being nailed down.

You lay there for a while, and they allow you to take the bag off. Then the growling starts.

The bottom of the coffin drops out, and you fall into a tunnel.

After crawling for a while, you enter a room with a cage maze. On the wall there is a timer with five minutes on it.

Scareactors are reaching for you, and if the 5 is done, the cages open.

Next you get on a bus, the bus is set on fire, and prisoner scareactors jump onto the bus.

After a chain of events, you enter a library. In the library there is a door, and 300 books in shelves, and only 1 opens the door.

The final scene is five electric chairs. The "master" of them will make one random one go off, and the victim will be escorted out via wheelchair.

There is a code word, that if you get too scared, you say and can leave: it was "fluffy bunny"

This is just what I remember, but there is probably more, enjoy! :chainsaw:

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