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Dream Halloween Horror Nights Event (Terror Tram, Mazes, Scare Zone, Etc.)


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Reply to this topic expressing what your Dream Event would be.

The Terror Tram and Mazes you would want.

Scare Zones, Ride Overlays & Shows.

Myne Would be for @HHN 2013 since all of this would fit 2013's for obvious and specific reasons.

  • Jeepers Creepers - Terror Tram (The terror tram based on the "upcoming" 2013 third JC film)

  • SlenderMan: Fear The Name (A maze based on the Internet Meme. The first maze being based on a Internet Sensation.)
  • Scary Stores: To Relive In The Dark (A maze based on the "Scary Stores: To Tell In The Dark" books. We had mazes based on films, music, video games, urban legends. Why not books?)
  • Freddy vs. Jason: 10th Year Anniversary (A maze for the FVJ movie that came out in 2003 and celebrate the 10 year anniversary)
  • Alice Cooper: Brutal Planet (The third AC maze ending the AC trilogy)
  • Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies (Only based on World at War & Black Ops maps such as: Kino Der Torten/Five)
  • Beware The Blob! (Maze based on "The Blob" movies)
  • Klownz: Krazy Kircuz (An original maze inside a Circus that just has gone wrong)
  • Aliens: Infestation (Maze based on the "Alien" films. A video game is being released in 2013 so...)

  • Extraterrestials (Scare Zone)
  • Pirates (Scare Zone)
  • Demons (Scare Zone)
  • Goblins/Gargoyles (Scare Zone)
  • Slenderman (Scare Zone: Like How Pyramid Head was, Make Slendy tall)

  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (SHOW)
  • Chucky's Insult Emporium (SHOW: Since a Chucky Release To DVD film will be released next year's Halloween why not?)

  • The Simpsons Ride: Treehouse of Horrors (OVERYLAY: The topic's title does say dream)
  • Jurassic Park: Chucky's Revenge (OVERLAY: Chucky has the Insult Emporium Show so why not an Ride Overlay. Just imagine how it would be?)
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