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Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Mark M.

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The innocent traditions of the tooth fairy hide a darker ritual. It’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


You’re about to discover the sinister reality behind the seemingly innocent childhood tradition. All children must give up their baby teeth to the goblinesque tooth fairies or pay a gruesome price. It’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


  • Step into an old manor house that has been swarmed by yellow-clawed fiends, dripping with blood, teeth and gore.
  • Grit your teeth as you see the evil fairies extract their toothed bounty by force while their victims struggle in vain.
  • Hold in your screams or risk exposing your own teeth to their monstrous grasping claws.



Revenge of the Tooth Fairy will entice guests to uncover the darker ritual behind an innocent childhood tradition. Long ago, parents struck a bargain with vicious, goblin-esque tooth fairies to protect their children from these evil creatures who crave pearly whites – all children must give up their baby teeth or pay a gruesome price. Guests will step into a heinous realm of blood, teeth and gore where these fairies extract their toothed bounty by force and the only way out is to hold in their screams and keep their mouths shut.

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Disclaimer: I am going to write this review as spoiler-free as I think is possible to properly explain the house. If you don't want to read anything before entering for yourself maybe skip this one for now.  I went through this house back-to-back twice before writing this and waited a week to record my thoughts here.


This is a classic, return to form, HHN house. Lots of tight, winding spaces with pinball scares. Plenty of fake outs and misdirection. When compared to the lineup of HHN 29 this could be in the top five of most people's list. The Victorian house theme and monsters design fit well with what the HHN team can create and do well. I think this is a stark contrast to the monster design of Depths of Fear of which I found more comical than scary. This house had an excellent smell factor that every great HHN house has too!


The Covid precautions took little away from the scares, in my opinion, and I consider this a must-do house if you have the chance. 


1 - bad
5 - average for a HHN house

10 - best of the best


Overall score: 8
I noticed some scares that were either removed due to Covid concerns or not staffed when I was visiting. This house suffers greatly from not having 'SIF' scene transitions. One scene in general obviously was missing a divider and I think would make a great addition for a do-over next year.

Use of theme potential: 10

I couldn't think of any ideas to expand on the lore or theme when thought about later. Completely nailed it.


Visuals / Audio / Smell: 8

In my opinion this house was still a little too brightly lit, but a lot of opening week houses suffer from this too. 


Should this house return next year: YES

Should there be a sequel to this house in the future: YES


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Looking forward to this one cause of the Scary Tales vibes. I had seen videos of it when it opened last year a few times, and I still thought it was really good overall. Can’t wait to walkthrough this house in person, especially the facade from the word of mouth type of feeling.

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  • Mark M. changed the title to Revenge of the Tooth Fairy
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On 9/7/2021 at 10:35 AM, Grime said:

This one will be rough for anybody who has a phobia of teeth/dentistry.

And it’s no wonder masks are still recommended when you go inside. 

Tooth Fairy has a really good sound design. That house is driven by it and the lighting to make it feel like you’re going through a storybook, and the storytelling aspects of the house are very creative as it’s story was a hundred percent clear. The only downside about it is can be repetitive in ways, but it’s still a pretty good and fun house. Now, I’m waiting for the next Scary Tales spin off to be my dream house, which is a discussion for another thread. 



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