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Bill & Ted Speculation

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Even though the script is constantly evolving (even after it is written)

What do you think we will see at Bill & Ted This year?

Movies, Memes, Celebrities?

(MIB III, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, The Hunger Games, The Avenger, Hologram Tupac, etc.)

What Songs?

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Alright. Here's a good list of possible parody candidates already mentioned before the database error.

2012 Presidential Election of course.

John Carter

Snow White and the Huntsman


Dark Knight Rises

The Dictator

Dark Shadows

The Expendables 2 (Any opportunity to have an Arnold parody is a plus)

Three Stooges

The Lorax

The Raven

A good viral spoof woult be the Miami Zombie situation.

And a good number of songs we might see this year..

We Are Young - Fun

Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO

We Found Love - Rihanna / Calvin Harris

Somebody that I used to know - GOTYE

Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

Back In Time - Pitbull

Wild Ones - Flo Rida

Without You - Usher / David Guetta

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For me, B&T has kind of lost its luster...the last great year IMHO was 2006. Ever since then it's as if the dry comedic genius that was once the heart of this show has completely vanished. Sure the past 5 years have had a few good moments, but the entire show just seems out of whack and not what it once was.

This year there is a cornicopia of music, movies, entertainment and policitcal spoofs they could capitalize on, but it will all be a matter of context. The past years they had some great material, but it lacked in execution.

Let the bashing begin, because I know this is completely sacreligious talk to some folks out there as B&T is the kool aid of their own personal Peoples Temple :blink:

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Haha, I really enjoyed last years show.

But I agree that the last year that was good before that was 06'. Really loved that year's show.

Last year had it's moments, I'll give it that much. But the last year where I laughed from start to finish was 2006...there was just something about that year that made it an altogether different experience than the past several.

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I still want to see a Bill and Ted where they compete against other classic "Duos" to be the title characters in the show.

Bill and Ted

Jay and Silent Bob

Wayne and Garth

Harold and Kumar

Bonnie and Clyde

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...

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The problem with the last 4 Bill and Ted show's is that all they do now is introduce a character then send them off! Almost like a long version of Epic Movie.. Plus the Main Villian is someone nobody knows! 2006 and prior had a Huge Villian who everyone knows (Lex, Dr. Evil, Mr. Burns, Vader, ect..) and a plot that went through the entire show... that Villian steals the PB and brings back a bunch of Villians. The main thing the older shows had was fight scenes! the last four shows had very little fighting... I remember once seeing a fight start from Agent J shooting Kenny from Southpark lol I hope this year they go back to their roots and not what they have been doing! And if they ever get rid of the Phone Booth or "We will rock you" intro, all will be lost!

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the Main Villian is someone nobody knows! The main thing the older shows had was fight scenes!

Villains of B&T - an original villain allows creative freedom and no copyright infringement. UNI was threatened by WB since they used Lex Luthor as the villain. The problem was, he was too Lex Luthor and not enough "spoof". So for the final night of HHN, he was replaced with Dr Evil.

Original villains = no lawsuits

Fight Scenes - There is a reason why the shows from 1992-2001 had fights and that is because back then, it was more of a "stunt show" due to the Wild Wild West stunt show/theater. When the event relocated to IOA in 2002, the format of the show changed for the Toon Amphitheater. In doing so, not only did B&T get custom sets 4 years in a row, it also became more of a 'dance' show. When HHN returned to the studios in 2006, the Wild Wild West show had been replaced by Fear Factor Live, which meant the current "less fights more dance" formula of the show has remained ever since.

The show will probably never return to its "stunt show" roots and that is not a bad thing. The multiple spoof movies are nowhere near as well written as B&T. The recent B&T shows do have a plot that flows through the whole show, its just not heavy because the general public are stupid & they just want to be entertained.

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