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Fan made event


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More Coming Soon...



Thir13en Ghosts (Soundstage)

Based off the movie.


1692: The Witches of Salem (Soundstage)


Stephen King presents: Tales of Terror (Soundstage)

For the first time, step into some of the most terrifying stories ever written. You'll walk through the hedge maze outside The Overlook Hotel before you find yourself running through the Pet Cemetery. You'll come face to face with The Man in the Black Suit along with scenes from Salem's Lot, 1408, Misery, IT, and The Children of the Corn.


Living Dead (Disaster Overflow Queue)

Ever since the zombies took over, the uninfected found refuge in a local mega-store. For months they've survived off the stores products, but now the supplies are running out and the zombies are getting in.



Fog (New York Streets)

They're not sure where it came from. They're not sure when it came. The only thing they know for sure is that there is something in the fog.


Havoc: Unleashed (Shrek Alley)

Two years ago the Shadowcreek Enterprise was taken over by a group of test subjects involved with the HAVOC project. The lone survivor of the rampage narrowly escaped in a military storage van. It's contents: the remaining doses of the HAVOC inhalant.


Restless Remains (Central Park)

Make your way through this forgotten cemetery, but beware: it's inhabitants stalk your every move.

*[Walk-through abandoned church-- think The Skoolhouse]

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I like...all of it.

I'm a big fan of reading fan-made things like this. I constantly follow theme park websites of all kinds, and this has the potential to be great.

Normally you see things like this and things seem awfully childish. But...Darn. I love the idea of seeing Havoc as a scare zone - I can just see the overturned Van with the inhalant (Though to be honest with you, I might consider switching the Fog and Havoc. Shrek Ally is very enclosed and narrow and not much place for the Fog to escape to, but unless you are considering Sting Ally, I would say the Fog would disperse WAY too quickly in New York).

Thirteen Ghosts as a house...hmm...It's a little late, what about taking the parts of it that you would best make a house and then create a new story around it. Edit: On second thought, it still plays on TV every October, it's not a forgettable film, they did a Thing House like 20 years late, so more power to you, do it.

I love the Salem House, I love the Supermarket House, I love the cemetery scare zone.

I hope to see more. Wonderful graphic designs as well.

Well done.

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