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U.A.C. Facility

As you enter outside, you see a large base in front of you. Claw marks litter the side, as a red barrel with a fire symbol on it lies near the entrance. Inside, you hear the sounds of gunshots and demonic screeching. Hell, you can even hear a chainsaw going off. You then enter inside.




In the center of the room is a large sarcophagus, with the lid left open. A Possessed's smashed in head lies near it, as the lights above flicker. As you are distracted, a Possessed wanders aimlessly, and tries to attack you. You exit to the next room.




You then enter into an open room. To your left and right are candles with flesh on the bottom of them. In front of you is the Praetor suit, with a spotlight over it. As you exit the room, you can hear a nearby demon stomp it’s feet above you.



Glory Kill

As you enter the hallway,the steps above get louder. Suddenly, an Imp appears in front of you. It snarls, and screeches, charging towards you. Suddenly, the Doom Slayer appears from the side, and punches through the demon's chest. It drops to the floor, as you enter the next room.



Gore Nest

You then enter into a large room. To your right, you see a gore nest, with a circular light above it (projection). As you walk by it, The Doom Slayer runs towards it, and removes the “eye” from it, as it lets out a blood curdling scream, spraying blood on you (water). Suddenly an Imp runs near you, and tries to claw at you. You run to the next room.




You then enter outside, and heat blasts onto you. Mechanical equipment lies near you, as a catwalk is seen overhead. As you walk past a large rock, a Possessed Soldier emerges, and shoots at you with his plasma rifle (light and air effects). You run to the next room.




You find yourself in a catwalk, as you see pools of lava coming from the walls to your left (projection). You feel hot heat from that side, as smoke fills from that area (fog). As you walk to the end of the room, a Hell Knight bursts from a wall, and tries to grab at you. You run to the next room.



Maintenance Room

You enter inside a large room, as support beams lie around you. As you walk around, you hear a loud roar. A Revenant can be seen in the corner on a catwalk. It then flies with it’s jet pack to you (bungee), as it tries to claw at you. As you are distracted, a Possessed Engineer appears behind, and growls. You run to the next room.




You then enter into an open hall. Around you lies dead bodies of scientists, with some being just limbs. As blood drips down from the ceiling (water), a Pinky’s head bursts through a wall, as it roars at you (puppet). You run to the next room.


Hell Portal

You then enter into a massive room. In front of you, there’s a large mechanism that almost looks like a portal. It is seen pumping tons of argent energy into the sky (light and projections). Olivia Pierce can be seen on a catwalk near it, as she monologues (dummy). As you are distracted, a Mancubus emerge from the side and roars at you (puppet). You run to the next room.




You then enter into an open area. Temples and rocks line the room, as torches lay on top of some. As you feel the warm heat from the new area, you see a Summoner in the distance, as she incarnates an Imp in front of you (projection). As you are distracted, a Cacodemon emerges from between rocks, and tries biting you (puppet). As you run to the exit, the summoned Imp attacks from behind a rock.




You then enter into a massive room. In the center is the Cyberdemon (large 25 foot puppet). He roars, as he points his gauntlet hand at you, missiles firing everywhere (lights and air effects). Suddenly, Doomguy comes out with a chainsaw, and runs towards it. You run to the next room before you can see a winner.



Hell Temple

You then enter into a semi smaller room. A demon’s skull lies above you, as torches are held onto the fleshy walls. As you hear the fleshy sounds echo, a Hell Knight tears through a wall, and roars at you (stilt walker). Before it can attack, Doomguy emerges from your side, and blasts it with the BFG-9000 (light effects). You run to the final room.



Spider Mastermind

You enter into the final room, with the final demon inside...and it’s dead. The Spider Mastermind's body lies motionless in the center of the room, it’s head split open with it’s legs crushed. As blood sprays from it’s tumorous brains, a mechanical roar is heard, as Doomguy emerges from the head hole, and swings his chainsaw at you, as you leave this living hell.

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