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"Literary Terror"


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The is based off the "Mouthless Librarian" Icon I conceived during 2011 spec, and I'll post other house concepts (but not walkthroughs), and the Icon's (the Librarian's) story later. But for now, enjoy.

Literary Terror

Façade –

You pass a small, brick sign that reads “Carey Grove Library” as you cross the parking lot towards the one-story, red brick building. It is immaculately landscaped and has the aura of a historic site structure blessed with superb maintenance. Nothing visually alludes to the evil that waits within. The only clue is the tinge of coolness in the air and lack of sound from the surrounding trees. You cautiously enter the front door into the darkened Library.

Lobby (2) –

A motion sensor at the door gives off a jarring buzz in the silence. The only light in the library is the bluish glow of the moon coming through the windows. To your right, you see the Librarian watching you above the large book in her hands from the checkout desk. As she stares at you, a Victim, lips sewn shut, stumbles out from behind a rack of books, startling you. You scream, which causes the Librarian to lunge at you slamming her book on the desk. You move as quickly as possible into the nearest aisle of books to escape.

Into the Stories (1) –

As you move further down the aisle of books, you realize the books are beginning to glow and move. Before long books are flashing in different colors and flying off the shelves. You see the Librarian come after you again right before you are plunged into the books of the Library.

(Scene is designed as a long “aisle” of books shelves. The strobe effect becomes more intense the further you walk down it. The “flying books” effect is achieved by using multiple ribbons, with pages attached to them, hanging from rotating arms above the guest. While looking down the hall, it gives the illusion of flying pages and assists in “breaking” up the strobe effect. The aisle walls end into a purely strobe based room, where the disappearing of the aisles is painted on the walls.)

Twain (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) (2) –

The aisle of books fades into a whitewashed picket fence at night, which soon reveals itself to be incomplete. The fence ends into an early American cemetery and you immediately are harassed by a haggard–looking Tom Sawyer. You move away from him, as he warns you of Injun Joe. Suddenly, Joe appears from behind a tree with a knife. You try to escape, but he cuts you off. Desperate, you push through the leaves of the nearby trees that soon grow into floating pages as you move into the next story.

Shakespeare (Hamlet) (3) –

The pages become a tapestry that you push aside and find yourself in the hall of a Danish castle. You faintly hear the mad ramblings of Hamlet, echo through the corridors. A flash of lightning in a nearby alcove reveals the King’s Ghost approaching you. You rush past and turn a corner, coming face to face with a castle Guard. He comes at you, but you escape into dark hall. Suddenly, Ophelia shrieks at you from a corner. She sings maniacally as you push through the flying pages before you.

Survival (The Lord of the Flies) (2) –

You smell acrid smoke, as the pages become a lush forest. The world is red and you hear the crackle of a fire all around you as you approach the impaled pig’s skull mounted before you. Without warning, 2 Stranded boys appear on both sides of you. They give chase, multiple boo-holes allowing them to “follow” you. You run around the pig’s head, and through reluctantly through the smoke filled branches and vines before you to escape.

Gothic (The Picture of Dorian Gray) (1) –

The smoke disappears and you find your self in a dusty attic. You pass a body lying slumped against the stored furniture as you turn a corner. A shaft of sun light from a nearby window illuminates the pristine portrait of Dorian Gray. The image seems to shift and move in the light in a mesmerizing effect. Suddenly, the aged, corrupted Dorian appears with a knife coming at you. He screams in anguish as he attacks and you flee, pushing up the cloth beneath the portrait and through the pages.

Children (The Bernstein Bears) (2) –

You enter a brightly colored living room that seems to have been built with a rustic flare. The design is surreal and fantastic. You a suddenly charged at by a Bear in a muumuu, that unleashes a deafening roar. Before you can run, another Bear in overalls appears, cutting you off. You push move as fast as you can through the door, pushing the pages aside.

Short Stories (The Lottery) (2) –

You hear shouting and are surrounded by moving shadows. The flickering shadows mimic the rapid movement of bodies and arms. You find yourself among a mob of people, each screaming at someone. From beside you, a Stoner pushes through the throngs while holding a rock. You shy away, when the lottery Winner appears reaching for you, bloody and beaten. She pleads for help, while you push through the crowds away from her.

***To Be Determined***

Finale (4) –

You push through the pages and find yourself, once more, in the Library. The books continue to flash, and pages continue to fly around you, as three of the Librarian’s Victims, lunge at you from openings in the bookshelves. Desperate and terrified, you run from the row of books and past the checkout counter, the Librarian watching you. You glance as you pass her, and she attacks you one last time. You mouthless face is all you can see as you exit her library.

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Commercial Concept -

Audio – Long thunder roll

Fade to slow pan of books on a library shelves. The titles on the book spines are stories and authors houses and scarezones are based on.

Audio – Begin to hear an occasional page turn and a male’s whimpering. The sounds continue throughout the commercial.

Fade to close-up of male wrist strapped to chair-arm struggling to get free.

Fade to close-up of woman’s face reading a book. She glances up.

Flash of lightning and cut to close-up of male’s panicked eyes. His whimpering gets louder.

Fade to wide shot, slow pan. Male has back to camera. We see Librarian hiding the lower part of her face with the book she is reading across the table from male. Table is covered with books.

Quick inter-cut, close-up of male’s sewn-shut mouth.
Audio – Thunder-crack.

Cut to wide shot, slow pan. Opposite view from previous shot. Male is wearing contemporary casual clothing.

Fade to medium-shot of male, suddenly struggling noisily to break free. He knocks a book of the table in his struggle.

Cut to close-up of Librarian’s eyes.

Cut to close-up of book as Librarian closes and sets it on the table.

Cut to close-up of reaction shot as male sees Librarian’s face.

Cut to close-up of Librarian’s hand as she pulls a blood-stained bookmark from another book.

Cut to wide-shot from behind the Librarian as she stands, bookmark raised, ready to strike. The male panics, but can’t scream or escape.

Lightning flash

Cut to title-card. Narrator spiels.

Cut to medium-shot of Librarian reading a book. She suddenly slams it down and lunges at the camera, giving us a good look at her mouthless face before the commercial ends.

House List (While I'm thinking about it):

Literary Terror (Parade A) - Visit the Library and enter the tortured imaginings of some of the literature's most classic tales.
Dante's Inferno (SS23B) - The classic poem becomes a terrifying reality as Virgil guides you through the rings of Hell itself.
The Island of Dr. Moreau (Sprung 2) - Macabre experiments and attempts to turn animals into humans have resulted in the Law of Nature itself being broken.
The Horrors of Lovecraft (SS23A) - Explore the disturbing visions of HP Lovecraft as you attempt to voyage through the Mountains of Madness.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Disaster) - Jane Austen's literary masterpiece is up-ended as the undead roam through the English country-side.
Jekyll/Hyde (Sprung 1) - The terrifying evil that lurks inside each of us is unleased upon London.
La' Fantome (SS22) - Journey beneath the Paris Opera House and come face-to-face with the murderous muse known only as the Phantom of the Opera.
1984 (Jaws) - Welcome to Oceania, a world of never-ending conflict and surveillance. Big Brother is watching.
The Wicked World of Willy Wonka (Parade B ) - The candy factory isn't all chocolate waterfalls and gobstoppers, but a place where one man's obsession can cost you your life.

Scarezones (cause why not!):
Paper Cuts (Lucy/Plaza of the Stars) - The Librarian's victims welcome you to a world where fiction is deadly.
Legend (New York) - A strange infection has resulted in human-kind becoming a new society of vampires. Can you survive and become legend? Based on the novel, I Am Legend.
Paradise Lost(Central Park) - The war between the angels has ended as Satan and his followers have been banished to Eden. Based on the epic, Paradise Lost.
Aesop's Fear-bles (Shrek Alley) - The character's from the legendary fables have been unleashed in a nightmarish fashion.
Something Wicked (Simpsons) - Mr. Dark's carnival has appeared in the mist, allowing you to live out your darkest fantasy. Based on the novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes.
Tragic (Hollywood) - Pass between the smouldering columns as the shadows of great Greek plays assault you.
Treasure Island (San Fran) - Long John Silver's mutinous crew has landed in search of treasure. Don't stand in their way. Based on the novel, Treasure Island.

Shows (You has ta have shows!):
Bill and Ted - Duh
The Readings of Poe (Sting Alley) - Join Edgar Allan Poe as he recites his famous stories and poetry. But beware, the fear his writings provoke is very real.

Scarezones Dissected

Paper Cutz - Two over-sized, "leather-bound" books frame the entrance to both sides of this scarezone. A stack of books on one side of the zone creates a higher level for scares and acts as a pseudo stage for the Librarian, while a fifth book standing on end on the other side of the zone creates a large pair of corners for scares. The scareactors all wear half-masks with the signature "sewn-lips" of her victims and 1950s/1960s period clothing.

Legend - Vehicles and trash are strewn about the New York streets, while the creatures prowl. The city is dark, lit in nothing but hues of blue. The light in a single room is on on an upper level. The creatures where ill-fitting and distressed plain-clothes, and deformed faces (likely masked).

Paradise Lost - The Mel's Entrance to Central Park features the statue of an angel, weilding a flaming sword overhead. As you enter the park (on both sides), you must walk around the ridges of a crater. The crackle of flames are heard, with an occassional boom as another angel falls. The park is lit with flickering red's and oranges. The scareactors wear distressed, and ornate, armor. Wounds are seen on their arms and slightly deformed faces (not "demonic" just different). Most scareactors have bloody nubs where wings use to be (think the movie Dogma), though a couple have half a wing- hanging limply behind them. Some angels carry swords.

Aesop's Fear-bles - A large truss hallway, fronted with unrolled scrolls, is set up. Scrolls hang down on the sides of the truss, creating walls. This is a frantic, high-speed zone, inspired largely by "Asylum in Wonderland." Characters include Tortoise, Hare, The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, and Lion.

Something Wicked - A wagon marks the entrance to this zone (coming from IFB) that announces the arrival of Mr. Dark's carnival. Several "tents" hide the carnival's freaks, while Mr. Dark barks from stilts. Everything has a decrepit and darkly whimsical feel to it.

Tragic - Roman pillars, charred and smoking, line Hollywood in this zone. Two columns lean precariously over the walkway, while some have already toppled. Some of the scareactors where Greek theater masks (the Chorus), while some are strictly make-up. Specific characters include Oedipus (post eye removal), Medea, and Cyclops.

Treasure Island - Row boats have been dragged onto the San Fransisco docks, allowing Long John Silver's crew to land. Barrels of supplies are stacked, haphazardly along the zone, as the pirates attack the encroachers. The scareactors are literal pirates. No fancy, supernaturalism to them at all.

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I always liked the idea of it being your first day at Miskatonic University, but as you walk into the doors you realize that cultists have raided the school in hopes to summon the old ones and that Herbert West is experimenting on the fresh bodies they leave in their wake.

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I really like this event you came up with! I love the scarezones and mazes, my favorites being Dante's Inferno and the Island of Dr Moreau. I'd love to see more concepts from you.

I have far too many ideas. Many of them I keep fairly close to the chest so I can potentially pitch them in the future.

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I know this is an old forum but here are some room ideas that might fit well into the haunted house idea.

Dragons (Wings of Fire)-You now end up in a gladiator tournament area where Queen Scarlet barks at you to fight while this happens Tsunami and Gill rush toward you.

King (The Shining)-You are now in a hotel hallway where you see a massacred family and Charles Grady committing suicide and when Grady commits suicide Jack with a bloodied mallet will pop out and try to whack you.

Wells (The Island of Dr. Moreau)-You are now in a tropical jungle where the animal hybrids are lurking within the jungle and at the near end Moreau will taunt you for discovering his secret.

Sci-Fi (Frankenstein)-You are now in a forest where you can see the creature in between the trees however when the lightning strikes twice the creature will come out of the trees and roar at guests.

(Do the room ideas fit well into the Liteary Terror idea you had Legacy?)

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