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"Captive" Extreme House


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Lobby (Waiver/Payment Room)

You enter a cramped, grungy, dilapidated lobby with an elderly secretary sitting behind a desk. She wears an eye-patch, and glares at you from her good eye as she takes your money, and has you sign the waiver. She curtly directs you to stand by the wall, and watch the screen, as she rings a buzzer on her desk. You step to the side, and focus on a suspended CRT monitor that flickers on. A man appears on screen, tied up and bloody, who reads the instructions for the house. You can make out two hands holding his shoulders in place as he reads. At the end, he explains the safe word. As he says it, the hands quickly grab his head and twist it. A sickening crack is heard as his neck is broken and the screen cuts off. Immediately, a burlap sack is thrown over your head and you are dragged into the house.


You hear cries from nearby cells are you are dragged down a hallway, and the gruff mumblings of your captor. He pushes you into a room, sits you in a chair, strapping your wrists down. In the darkness of the burlap he berates you, and you hear random swings of a metal pipe against the wall and floor near you. After a moment, he comes around behind you and starts to tip back your chair. You hear a sudden gunshot and you fall back in your chair. You land softly though, as you hit his body, and the chair breaks releasing your hands. You pull the burlap off your head, and find yourself lying on his body, and a cell door cracked open. You scramble off the floor and escape the holding cell.


You enter a hall filled with closed doors. You walk along, feeling door knobs for an open one. After a few moments, a buzzer sounds and warning lights flash. Danger. Captive on the Loose, is heard as your escape is discovered. You open a door and come face to face with a Guard. Startled, he takes a step back before giving chase. You run, and find yourself trapped at the end of a hall. He slowly gets closer, when a nearby door is buzzes open. You rush inside, at the last moment, and the door shuts behind you.


Its a janitors closet, and theres little light. You hear the crackle of a radio nearby, and a voice calling you. You find it on a nearby shelf, with a flashlight. The female on the other end introduces herself as Tyler and explains there have been a number of volunteers disappearing and that she is going to help you get out of there. She says, Take the flashlight, and then tells you there are two ways out of the closet; high and low. The high way requires crawling over the next room, while the low way exposes you to more risk. The back of the closet reveals a door and a ladder.

High: You climb the ladder and squeeze into the air duct. You crawl through the black and suddenly find several mutilated bodies crammed in with you. You are forced to move a bloody arm out of the way, and cringe from the stickiness of the blood. You continue pass until you reach the ladder.

Low: You go through the door and find yourself in a pitch black room. Turning on your flashlight, you find yourself in a brick cell. The walls are covered in scratches and blood. You see a mass of darkness in a corner and shine your light on it, revealing pile of decomposing bodies. A scream is heard, and a Feeder appears; pale, thin, and with blood dripping from his mouth from feeding on the bodies appears. He crawls, weakly after you. You keep the light on him, when another Feeder screams behind you. Cornered by the Feeders, you turn frantically searching for a door. You find it and escape, the Feeders howling after you.

(More to Come)

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Part 2 -

Processing –

Regardless of if you took High or Low, you end up in the same short hallway (still with warning lights going, to remind the workers that you are loose) that leads to the Processing lab. You enter the lab, and find numerous bodies hanging on hooks. You cautiously nudge them out of the way, trying to avoid drawing attention to yourself. Suddenly a voice addresses by name, “You’re the escapee.” You see a meek-looking gentleman named Clark, holding a clipboard. He doesn’t attack but chats with you casually while he continues to work, measuring body parts and making notes. He explains how refreshing it is to see someone get out. Suddenly the radio squawks with Tyler telling you to keep moving and trust no one. A buzzer sounds, and huge Captor enters dragging a body. Clark presses a button, causing the bodies to move like a dry-cleaner’s rack and says following them is the only way out. The Captor rushes towards you as you squeeze through the narrow passage the corpses are travelling down.

Conveyor –

You move quickly through the passage, the bodies bumping against you as they move past. Tyler scolds you through the radio, and you hear the PA system announce your previous location in processing.

The Tank –

The Conveyor passage opens into a room with water filled holding tanks. Each take holds a body, breathing apparatus strapped to their face. You approach one nervously, wanting a closer look. Without warning, his eyes shoot open, and the monitors attached to the tank beep wildly as he pounds the tank at you. The commotion causes a door to open behind you, and Chaser sees you. He shouts at you to stop, and you run. You run through the open door and follow the hallway as he pursues you.

Office –

You find yourself in a small office, with a single desk. Files are scattered over the desk, featuring images of the human body, reports on reanimation attempts, genetic enhancements, etc. Tyler asks where you are located, and what you’re seeing. She explains that the rumors of the facility working towards successful reanimation may be true. She explains that the CEO of the facility lost the young boy in the photos on the desk, and that is the motive. Their research had led to several break-throughs in genetic enhancement, which became the cover. The PA systems sounds, and Tyler tells you to keep moving.

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Part 3 (the conclusion) -

You follow a hall of locked doors, the warning lights still running. You finally find an unlocked door.

Failures –

You enter what looks like a kennel, with several pens holding grotesque, deformed humanoids. One calls to you, pleading, begging for some relief. Two other ones lunge at you from the dark corners of their cages. The fencing of one of the pens starts to come loose, and the creature begins attempting to clamor through it to get to you. As it reaches for you, a door buzzes behind you and you escape.

Confrontation –

You enter a dark room, and hear a moan. Suddenly a bright light blinds you and you hear a lone individual clapping. Your eyes readjust to see a woman tied to a pole, and Clark standing before you. Clark explains how impressed he is that you made it so far, but that now you’re on your own. He introduces the woman as Tyler, and explains that she survived. You notice that Tyler is fidgeting, as if she is trying to free herself. They argue about morality briefly, when Tyler takes a now free arm and grabs Clark around the neck. She tells you to run, but that the door is coded. Clark shouts random numbers, while she gives you the code to escape.

The Freight Escape –

You escape into a maze of crates, barrels and storage supplies. You hear Clark shout over the PA system find catch you, and a roll-door begins to open with two Chasers. The chase you throughout the maze, until you find the lone door that let you out.

Final Hall –

Warning sirens blare as you reach the final hall. A door marked “Exit” is at the end. You race to it, only to find it’s locked. A TV Monitor blinks on, and you see Clark behind the desk, out of breath. He explains how close you were, but that you cannot escape now. And then “invites” you to see the latest break-through. With that, a large, lumbering Mutant, appears at the end of the hall. His massive bulk leaves no way to get around him. He moves towards you, Clark laughing in your ear from the monitor and the sirens blaring. With seconds to spar, Tyler appears from an air-duct near the behemoth and throws you a set of keys. The Mutant focuses his attention on her, slamming the wall, giving you enough time to find the correct key to unlock the door and escape.

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