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Has anyone heard of this?

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Well I came across it a few nights ago, its called turntables.fm where you make a room and up to 5 people can play music "taking turns" I was thinking of starting a room for everyone on here for us to listen to all sorts of music from HHN. I'll be creating the room shortly! :)

There's also not just DJ's in there but there can be tons of people in the room chatting and listening!

Here is the link: http://turntable.fm/halloween_horror_nights_all_years

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Added some files from Carnival of Carnage and played around with the controls and such. One thing I noticed is that unless other people in the room choose a song after you start playing one, you will only hear a little bit of the beginning of the song you are playing but everyone else in the room will hear it in its entirety.

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