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HHN 21: Our Mutual Friend


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I brought home the 3D glasses from Jack's Fun House in Clown-o-vision. So it could totally happen I think.

Yes, but you're a major fan. I don't see your average joe (who is probably isn't sober) thinking to keep his glasses, even if there's some tacky communication to "keep" your glasses for the website. The site is unwieldily to newcomers as it is...

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I'm not really like a major fan or anything, I don't think the average Joe really goes through the website more than just getting their tickets and finding out house names/scare zones anyways. Anything extra like games and stuff I think if people knew they could be enhanced with the 3D glasses they would totally keep them, especially when you think about the fact that it's a small group of people who actually spend time playing the games when they visit the website.

Last year I didn't even get around to doing the warehouse game on the website lol...

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I'm not surprised we're having a discussion about 3D glasses...although I probably should be. But here is my 2cents. I still have about 7 pairs from 2007. If you want the guest to bring them home make them a cheap souvenir. I still have quite a few pairs of the Jack 3D glasses. More people will bring them home if they are a free souvenir.

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