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HHN XXI: The Takeover


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(A rebrew of an idea from the long lost HHNVault)

Brian was not like a lot of kids growing up. When fall came around, he started to dive deep into his biggest obsession. Halloween. Brian started going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando from the very beginning. Right before his parents divorced, Brian's Dad gave him as a Birthday Present, tickets for him and his dad to go to Universal Studios for their first ever "Fright Nights". Since then, Brian was hooked. He kept going back every year, saving up from paper routes, bagging groceries and other odd jobs to feed the adrenaline rush he got from getting scared each and every year at Halloween Horror Nights. He started to go multiple nights, bringing his friends, but he delighted in what he had called "The Heebee-Jeebies" or "Evil Vibes".

Little did he know how right he was.

At Halloween Horror Nights 20, Brian was 29 years old, and successful in his work, but the one thing that he was not successful at was his annual mission at Halloween Horror Nights. He always claimed that he could do it all in one night. Well, HHN 20 was bigger and badder. Even his best plans were unsuccessful. It got to the point where most of the cast got to personalize the scares he received from them.

But it came down to one final night for him. One last chance for him to make it through the night...One last chance...Halloween Night.

He used the last of his savings to get in, and he started right away. But this night was different. This night had even more of the evil vibes flowing in the air. Some of the scare-actors noticed that he was looking pale. As if the blood was being drained. He did get a chance to recharge as he rested at the Bill and Ted show, but he kept going, as if he was driven by an unseen force. He went through just about all the mazes, and he stood at the threshold of "Legendary Truth: The Wynadot Estate" when he got a text on his cell from one of the scareactor-friends. "Prk Closing soon." Some others heard and left the line. So he did the one thing you shouldn't do.

When the attraction closed the gate, he distracted the guard and went in past him, going through the gate and through the Haunted House as fast as he could to keep up with the others. But he soon found out he was the only one in the house. The scareactors had gone, but the scares and the startles were still going on. He bust through the exit area and confronted his worst fear...

He was alone.

No guests

No scareactors

No security

He scrambled through Universal, making his way through all the scarezones. The lights were on, but no one was home.

He made it to the front gate, but there was an accordion-style metal gate, and he ran straight into it. He slammed against it, bouncing off and collapsing to the ground.

He stared up into a full Halloween moon. And those "evil vibes" he felt earlier became stronger. A dark figure, seven feet tall stood over him. Brian was scared.

Brian scrambled, but the shadowy figure stalked him and surrounded him. "What do you want?" Screamed Brian, as he curled into the fetal position.

The spirit never answered...but levitated Brian into the air and carried him into a swirling vortex of dark energy.

The next morning, Security saw Brian's run through the park and crash into the accordion gate, but the cameras malfunctioned after that. After a thorough search of the park, Brian was nowhere to be found. After a few months, the police and the people of Orlando forgot about Brian.

In the month of February, some weird paranormal reports came from Universal cast members and patrons. They saw someone standing at the front gate, looking out with an angry stare. He was wearing a tattered HHN 20 T-shirt, a black hat, black pants, black shoes, but his skin had turned paper white. He stared out toward the outside of the park. People tried to get him to respond, but he wasn't listening...He couldn't listen...

In March, things started to go missing. Various hand tools, blueprint paper, pencils, nails, screws...some employees claimed they heard hammering and sawing through the night time hours.

In April, the creative department decided that despite having a bona fide urban legend in their lap, they would not exploit Halloween Horror Nights as a commodity anymore. That same day, a website went up that showed a web video. A Universal guard was standing by the front door of a soundstage one minute...the next minute, he was on the floor...covered in blood.

In June, scaffolding started to go up around items on various soundstages. And anytime they were torn down by Universal Staff, they were replaced the next morning with MORE work done on them. The same was true with Brian's Website. Universal tried to tear it down, but every time they did, it was back up and with more content within 24 hours.

On September 24th, Universal Studios Executive Director held a press conference to officially squash any and all rumors that Halloween Horror Nights would exist this year. As he took the podium in front of several hundred reporters and several thousand HHN fans, he started his prepared statement. He didn't realize the fog creeping in at his feet. The lights flickered a bit and then when they came back on full power, Brian stood there...paper white skin, dark hollow eyes, sweating...a torn ragged HHN T-shirt, torn jeans, greasy hair, and a dead on stare toward the Executive.

"You want to cancel Halloween Horror Nights? The very thing you created? I'm sorry, but it's far too late. I've finished my work. Halloween Horror Nights 21 will go on as planned." said Brian in a warped voice as he stalked the Executive.

"No! It Can't be! You're..." stammered the Executive.

"DEAD? Maybe...Maybe not...But the show WILL go on."

"OVER MY DEAD BODY!" Screamed the executive.

Brian gave a wicked laugh. "I thought you would say that...So I came PREPARED!" and he whipped out a very ancient looking dagger. It looked like the one from a fantasy attraction from HHN 15. He backed the executive up to the podium. By then, three shadowy figures held the executive still. Brian raised the dagger high and plunged it into the executive's heart. When he pulled the dagger out, he twisted it round and was able to extract the heart. He held it up to the gathered crowd.

"Beware if you are against me...For if you try to shut me down, I come back stronger than ever! You poor souls...YOUR FATE IS NOW SEALED!"

Brian threw the heart to the stage floor, fireworks erupted from the stage, and several demons representing each house and each scarezone ransacked the press and chased the crowd in.

The hostile takeover was complete. Halloween Horror Nights 21 had begun...And BRIAN...was now in charge.

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Run 3

(Inspired by the song "Vato" by Snoop Dogg)

(Commercial for HHN and for RUN 3)

BKG: portion of Vato by Snoop Dogg

Actions: Civilians running for their life down various hallways and paths made of chain-link fence, low light, and red siren light. As the civillian hits a chain-link dead end, a menacing figure scrapes the running blade of a chainsaw across the fence, causing sparks. The civillians run out, and you see them with various small scrapes on their faces and arms...then they come to what they think is the exit...but BRIAN stands there with his chainsaw, and revs it duirng the first verse of the chorus and lifts the chainsaw over his head.


HHN Logo card, with dates on it.

V/o: (Deep voice of creeps) Run 3, a new experience in Haunted Houses. Only at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights select nights in the fall. For details, log on to halloween-horor-nights-dot-com


Brian, holding the blade close to his face.

Brian: Can you make it through the night? (Guns the engine for two chainsaw roars)



World Showcase (Both Tents)

Sign at gate:

This attraction will allow people in Groups of 20. TimePass required for "Run 3".

Those who want to experience Run will receive a TimePass (similar to FastPass at that other place) giving them a time to arrive at to be in the group.

When you return, your ticket is scanned and you are granted access to one of the two tents.


The interior is a maze made up of solid walls, mirrors, and chain link fences. Along the top of the building are various bright lights that shine down illuminating portions of the path ways. Also along the walls are red and amber siren lights. Some of the chain-link areas are intentionally blocked off to contain a chainsaw wielding maniac. Should you stay in one place too long, you will be hounded by the hunters, who yield various weapons from knives to chainsaws. The "Hunters" will pop out and while their main mission will be to disorient and scare, their scares should force those going through the maze to the proper exit. All the while, Brian's voice can be heard mocking the civilians.

Music: "Vato" by Snoop Dogg, "Du Hast Nicht" by Rammestein, "Breathe" by Prodigy and songs of the ilk where it sounds like you are being chased.

Note: There will be one maze in each tent, and start times will be staggered to keep the lines of people moving. Those waiting outside will be watching on video cameras and it will look like those that preceeded them did not make it out unscathed or alive.

(NEXT ATTRACTION: The Hostile Takeover Haunted House)

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