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HHN XIX: Perfect Insanity


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(TV PROMO) After eight years in the shadows...eight years of waiting...his time has come...AND HE'S BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!! Visit the all new Halloween Horror Nights featuring the long waited debut of EDDIE. starting September 28.




Event Name: Halloween Horror Nights XIX: Perfect Insanity (No Where To Hide This Time)

Icon: Eddie Schmidt

Location: Universal Studios Florida


RUN: Ride of Your Life

Location: Disaster Que

Beyond Highway 35 lies a hidden warehouse no one knows about, one mysterious, that once you're in...there's NO WAY OUT! Now you find yourself locked in with chainsaw psychos, pyromaniacs, and some crazed individuals in this warehouse. You only have one chance to live, get to the gas station on the other side of the warehouse or rot in a cell...your call.

Hotel Psycho Hell!

Soundstage 22A

Enter a hotel with a psychopathic murderer on the loose, crazed staff members, and a wicked house that wants to take you're soul! Only way out of this one is...well THERE IS NO WAY OUT!!!!!

The Mummy: Curse of Imohtep

Location: Sound Stage 22B

Travel back to the sands of ancient Egypt, to a time where the Pharaohs ruled, and mummies come at you from every corner. With Imohtep raised from the dead, he intends on putting the hom dai onto you and make you suffer with your own life.

Hellgate Prison: Lockdown

Location: Parade Warehouse

The doors of Hellgate Prison are now broken and the Inmates have taken over the Hellgate Police Station. With crazed serial killers, psychopathic freaks, and a warden held hostage, try not to get in the way or you'll join the officers in their doomed fate.

Dark Psychosis

Location: Sound Stage 20

Your mind boggles, your heart is racing, your sweating, and you fell that if someone was breathing down your neck. once you enter this sanitarium, you would have wished that you wouldn't have gone in.

(This is not a Psychoscareapy rehash)


Location: World Expo Tent 1

Stuck on a zombie infested island, your only hope of survival rests on a safe house on the highest point of the island. To get to it...that's a whole other story, good luck.

Hell Factory

Location: World Expo Tent 2

A hard day of work is the least of your problems. Crazed factory workers look to make your tour of their factory a living nightmare. Whatever you do, try not to anger the boss or you'll end up on the CUTTING LINE.

Project: Evilution-Extinction

Location: Jaws Que

You've been called back to the Jurassic Park resarch center to explain what happened back seven years ago. What you discover, could be the last thing you see for the rest of your existence


Highway Carnage (Production Central)

Junkyard Mayhem (New York)

Mindfreak (San Francisco/Amity)

Terrorland (Woody Woodpecker's Kid Zone)

City of Gangs (8th Avenue)

Metal Maniacs (Rodeo Drive)


Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (Fear Factor Live Theater)

Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute (Beetlejuce Rock 'n Revue)

Brian Brushwood (Animal Actors Theater)

Eddie's Ultimate Game Show (Sunset Blvd.)

What do you think?

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