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Video Game based houses?

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Thought there was a topic for it either here or on the old board, but what would your take be if they ever had an idea to do a video game-based house? Have they ever done one? Which game would you most like to see get a house?

I think Splatterhouse would be cool. Has a great name, cool settings, plenty of monsters to make scare-actors out of. Though Rick's mask is similar to Jason's, but with the modified 'more skull-looking' mask would be alright.

Resident Evil and Silent Hill would perhaps be obvious houses if they ever did one, seeing as how they have the name value. Doom as well!

Eternal Darkness maybe?

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I'd love to see a Fatal Frame house.

Totally agree with you on that, and it would possibly be one that would actually scare me seeing how the games had frightened me.. playing alone in the house, in the dark, sound up... ah, good times. Although how would it work? Putting you in Miku's position in the game or being like the investigative team that Mafuyu had gone in to find before being taken by Kirie?

Now I got the urge to play it again.. and its sequels..

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To celebrate the release of Dead Space 2, I decided to do my own high-budget soundstage version of a house based on it. Enjoy!

Though the USG Ishimura has been destroyed, the Necromorph infestation remains in our galaxy. In the Sprawl, a bustling metropolis on a shattered piece of Saturn’s moon Titan, your investigation team will come face to face with the horror of the parasitic organism as it rips its way through the futuristic urban center.

Façade: The entrance is dressed up to look like the rear doors of a small shuttle, the engines smoking and glowing faintly with blue lights; you can hear a low hum as you pass by them. Forced perspective plywood facades, dressed up to look like futuristic skyscrapers lit by dull orange lights, tower in the background. Pinpoints of light in the ceiling give illusions of a starry sky.

Shuttle: Immediately upon entering, you can tell something is wrong. The shuttle is empty, with a yellow emergency light flashing above the pilot’s seat. Metal crash shutters have been lowered over the front windows, obscuring the view outside. The seats are all empty with unbuckled restraints, and the holographic control console is twisted and smoking.

Welcome Center: As you walk past a sparking bundle of wires, you realize that the shuttle has crashed into the Sprawl Welcome Center. Bloodstains cover the floor, walls, and ceiling. Rows of benches line the walls leading up to a bloody desk, a broken holographic display sputtering and flashing. As you pass by the desk, a woman in a blood-soaked white outfit leaps to her feet and screams for help before suddenly expiring again, falling behind the desk. It is strangely silent apart from the normal hum of machinery and the sparking from the crashed shuttle. It seems as if everyone, and everything, has already moved on.

Sky bridge: Small video screens in the windows give the appearance of walking along a sky bridge leading to another building. Fire and smoke are seen from various buildings, government ships flying around. With a loud roar, a flaming transport flashes by the window and crashes below, causing the floor to drop.

The Concourse: They sky bridge leads out into the Concourse, the main shopping mall of the city. A section of the ceiling has fallen into your path, creating a 10 foot pile of rubble about 6 feet from the entrance that forces you into a toy store. Small models of the Ishimura are seen in boxes on the shelves, along with various other toys. There are two terrified civilians in the shop, one behind the counter and one behind the shelf. Both are armed with small pipes that they bang on the walls and countertop, screaming at you to get away from them. Distant roars, screams, and gunshots are heard.

Maintenance hallway: A small gray hatch leads from the back wall into a maintenance hallway, a gritty industrial corridor with little light and cramped spaces. Rhythmic banging is heard overhead and to the sides, as if something is crawling through the air vents. As you pass by an open hatch in the side of the wall, a tentacle bursts out with an inhuman scream.

Asylum: The maintenance hallway leads into the combined hospital/mental asylum of the Sprawl. You’ve entered a dark hallway with bright glass-walled rooms on the right side, looking into the padded cells. Out of the 5 cells, two have blood-soaked corpses. One has a terrified inmate screaming through the air holes in the Plexiglas and slamming his fists against it to try and break free. Another has a Slasher in it, a terrifying monster with a stretched neck and two massive bone blades on arms emerging from its back, that drags its claws along the window and screams. The last one has nothing but blood over the walls and floor and a ceiling panel removed and tossed in the middle of the floor, as if the infected mental patient had escaped.

Alarm hallway: A short, gray hall full of red lights strobing in sequence. Every 30 seconds a loud klaxon blares from speakers hidden in the wall panels.

Cafeteria: The hospital cafeteria is almost completely black, with only a few flashlights discarded on the tables pointing the way and highlighting grisly scenes. The chairs have several corpses in them, one messily decapitated. As you near the door, another flashlight sputters to life and highlights an Infector (a large, bat-winged monster with a mass of tentacles for a head) sitting on a table, which screeches and flaps its wings.

Surgery: This small surgical ward is better lit than the cafeteria, with several bright white lights over the operating table itself. A half-drawn curtain blocks the view of the surgical ward until you near the exit (L-shaped path), and as you walk past the curtain a deranged nurse leaps out and takes a swing with a bonesaw. The corpse on the table has been sawed until the ribcage is exposed.

School: The next doorway leads into the hallway of an elementary school. The lights are dim and blue, giving a haunting, dreamlike feeling. “Ring Around the Rosie” can be heard in children’s voices from a distant source, impossible to pinpoint. As you pass the door to one of the classrooms, it flies open and a Puker (looks like a bladeless Slasher with a half-melted torso and face) leans in, gurgling. Water sprays at head height as it opens the door, simulating its caustic bile.

Vacuum: As you enter a doorway, you find that this entire section of the building has been destroyed and allows you to look out onto Saturn (video screen on the far wall). Pinpricks of light on the wall simulate a starfield. This room is completely silent, with small pieces of debris held up by thin black poles (off the main path, which is blocked off by a waist-high wall) to blend in with the black of space and make it look like they’re floating. As you admire the view, a nearly silent Slasher sneaks up and stands in your path, waiting for you to turn.

Airlock: A very small room to act as a transition, dressed up as an airlock back into the Sprawl. Occasionally air blasts from holes near your feet.

Tram boarding: As you exit the airlock you see a tram directly in front of you, the double-doors open. Mirrors along the end of the false tunnel give the effect of an endless black tunnel. As you try to enter the tram a pair of Slashers burst in from both sides, hidden in alcoves in the walls.

Tram: You go left upon entering the tram and walk along its length to the next car. Suitcases are strewn about the seats, along with blood. In the second car, the floor shakes slightly and screens outside the windows and sound effects give the impression of the tram moving at high speed. Suddenly a Slasher appears in the window, hanging by one blade and reaching in with the remains of its human arms (scareactor on harness with one false arm positioned to appear to be on the roof of the car; platform out of sight for scareactor to rest)

Tram station finale: As you enter a third tram car, this one stopped, you exit into a wrecked station; rubble lines the path and fire can be seen glowing in the piles of rock and metal. As you run for the exit, a Brute (a giant Necromorph with two sedan-sized arms) leans down from below, lit by sudden strobe lights, and unleashes a massive roar.

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I'd love to see a Resident Evil house with Nemesis in there to, he use to scare the heck out of me while playing the game just cause he would come out of no where an come charging right after you, plus hes a big guy to. Bioshock would be cool to Splicers chasing you left and right and of course the Big Daddy as well. Maybe even for a comedy house Zombie's Ate My Neighbors? Btw Im new to the board everyone.

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F.E.A.R. series, Fallout series, Clive Barker's Jericho, Clock Tower, Parasite Eve, Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead, or even Dead Rising. Fallout series would be great and could use Leave it to Cleaver tie-in. F.E.A.R. series would be cool as well.

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