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OK, I tried to search for VIP Lounge on the site and got:

One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords.

Searched on Lounge and got no hits. So if this is elsewhere, I appologize.


Just got an email from Universal last night and it had this in there...sounds interesting! Anybody know anything about it? Sounds like it's pretty much a $10 cover charge to get in and it's not something you can purchase/reserve online or anything.

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Thanks for the link!

Kinda stinks that it's only Thursdays at 8 and 10pm. I'm flying down Wed so I'll be there Thur night, but it will be our first night at HHN and don't think we'll want to this since there's so much to see. By Sunday, we might be ready to try something else, but it it's only Thur that won't work :(

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Although I'd love to hear every one of those topics I can't afford it both financially or time-wise to attend all. I wish there was a FFP add on option for these...perhaps next time if they prove popular.

I am going to also try to head out this Thursday for the 8PM presentation.

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I'd like a review from anyone who is able to attend, to know if it's worth my money... just being able to listen to the creative team discuss their work would probably be worth it for me, but I'd like to know if it's a super-short presentation or of there's no time for questions or hanging out afterwards - that'd probably change my mind. Also, how much are the drinks, can you stay there the whole night or just the time around the talks, etc.

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I doubt I can make it, but if anyone one goes to the Extreme House or ESPECIALLY the Icon one, please take notes and lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll buy you a gift!

I went to the Extreme House one with JackLover and mz_. It was about an hour and 15 minutes long. It was very cool. T.J. went over the house in great detail, scene-by-scene. I can tell you that it was to have involved coffins, a bus, and an electric chair. There was going to be a code word or phrase that you could say if you wanted to leave because it was too intense. The phrase suggested by one of the designer's children was, "I'm a fluffy bunny." Lots of other members were there, too - Dr. Jimmy, Rob, Jim and Judy, so I'm sure someone could give you a more full run down. Or you can find me, JackLover, and mz_ one night and we'll tell you more about it. It's too much to type out.

Pictures from the event -



(Ignore the shoes; I just got off work and forgot to bring my non-work shoes) :P















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I wasn't as impressed as Michele was. There were no chairs, the a/c was not working properly, and they had no power for their video presentation. In my opinion I was robbed of my $10. The displays were nice and the info I heard was interesting but the surrounding elements were so poor that I could not enjoy or appreciate the actual persentation. I saw about a half dozen people leave and after 45 minutes I was forced to bail because I could not take it any longer. Very sad because I was sooo looking forward to this, planned my night around it and was hoping to visit for other presentations in the series. An AMAZING concept totally BUNGLED by Universal IMHO :(

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The whole standing up for an hour and 15 minutes thing did, indeed, suck. I think T.J. mentioned they will try to get chairs before next week. That would be most helpful. And, there wasn't anywhere to buy booze. The advertisement indicated that booze would be available from waitresses, and I didn't see any.

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I think the waitresses were outside in the courtyard area. I guess we were supposed to go out, find one, get a drink, then come back in. The drink part wasn't my primary goall but it was odd to say the least and not quite what the description led me to believe. I hope it evolves into something that is a bit better implemented for future weeks.

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Are you kidding me! They have bars every fifty feet around the park, and I can't come in here! :angry: I mean, I live in Atlanta, so I can't make it to the 20 Years of Fear Tour, and now I can't go in this! :angry::angry::angry: For somebody that really wants to be in some sort of creative department (preferably Universal A&D) all of the concept art/elevations/floor plans that are within that exhibit would make me one happy camper. But now I'm an angry camper. Ugh!!!!! :angry:

[rant not over]

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