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Bills House

You enter into the soundstage, and you find yourself in a small suburban neighborhood. Rain is pouring down on you, as you hear the sounds of distant thunder nearby. In front of you is a small house, where a car is parked in front. In the sidewalk is a small drain, where fresh blood can be seen on the road, and a red balloon. From inside the drain...you can hear the sounds of flesh being torn and a child crying...and laughter. You enter from the side of the house, as you transition into a different scene.




You then enter into a narrow alleyway. Several boxes litter the streets, and Mike's bike lies against the wall. Mike (dummy) can be seen standing next to his bike, quivering in shock at something. You look in his direction towards a closed door...and you see many burnt hands reaching out through the cracks of the door. Smoke and orange lighting can be seen from the door, as a couple of hands try to grab at you as you hear faintly screams of help. You turn right, and enter the library.



Library Basement

You then enter into a long cramped area. The room is very dark, but you can make out various folders stacked up on the walls. On the floor are various cracked open easter eggs, yolk spilled onto the ground. The smell of rotten eggs fill the room, along with another smell..scorched flesh. To your right are some stairs, where eggs can be seen stacked on each step. As you are distracted by this, the headless boy emerges from the middle of the archives, and tries to swipe out at you with it’s burn hands. You run towards the next room.



Rabbi's Office

You enter into a large open room this time. It seems to be a normal clean office, but it’s really dark. On your left lies a painting, where a distorted woman (Judith) can be seen holding a flute. From the shadows, you hear a out of tune flute playing, and it stops. The lights go out for a second, then come back on. You look back to the painting. Judith is gone (painting that actor can turn from behind the wall). Suddenly, a humanoid version of Judith emerges from a hidden wall (stilt walker), and reaches out towards you. You run to the next room.



Marsh House Hallway

You then enter into a small hallway. In front of you is an open door to the bathroom. You can’t enter it, but you see Beverly getting sprayed with tons of blood from the sink, as it starts to flood the room (Plexiglass room to block guests, and there’s a drain at the ground). As you are distracted by this, Alvin Marsh will emerge from one of the doors and threaten you. You run to the next room.




You enter into a large basement. You walk onto a small catwalk, where the floor is made out of wood. The basement can be seen flooded, with shelves tipped over and boxes scattered. In front of you is Georgie in his yellow raincoat. He stares at you, as he speaks. “If you come with me, you’ll float too. You’ll float to. You’ll float too. You’ll float too! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” As he says this, you see he is slowly being lifted up by Pennywise's arm (Actor is attached to an animatronic arm on the ground, which will raise or lower every few seconds). As you are about to exit the room, Pennywise scares you from behind a shelf, and laughs maniacally at you. You run to the next room.




You then enter into a large garage. In front of you is a projector on a table. Being projected against the dirty wall is Bill’s mom, but her hair is covering her face. Slowly, the hair parts away, as her face is revealed to be Pennywise. The projection then goes off, as you hear Pennywise laugh. Suddenly, a giant version of Pennywise lunges through the projection and roars at you (giant head scare). You run to the next room.




You then enter into an outdoor area. Trees and thick bushes line the woods, as from afar you can smell...popcorn and cotton candy. As you walk past from a bush, a fanged Pennywise emerges from them, holding a kids arm. He laughs at you being scared, as he waves the arm at you. You run to the next room. 



Neibolt House

As you exit the forest, you see the massive neibolt house. Everything about it is rotten, even the grass with it being overgrown. As you’re looking at this haunting display, you hear a raspy voice. “Do you think these will help me?” Suddenly, the leper emerges from behind a tree, and reaches out towards you, snout dribbling from its nose and onto you. You run into the house.




The inside of the house looks like how you’ll expect from an abandoned house. Furniture and leaves litter the room. To your left is a mattress, with a strange black sizzling liquid coming out of it. Suddenly, Eddies head pokes out from a hole in the mattress, and looks at you. “You wanna play loogie?” he says, as he then vomits the black ooze onto you (animatronic head and water). You run to the next room.



The Doors

You then enter into a mostly empty room. In front of you though, are three doors. The door to the left named “Not scary at all”, the middle door is named “Scary”, and the last door is “Very scary”. The “Very scary” door is opened, so you enter into it. As you are about to, the “Scary” door swings open, as the hanging torso of Betty Ripsom swings towards you (animatronic pushed by blackout performer). You run to the next room.



The Clown Room

You then enter into a large room...and it’s filled with clown statues. Each of them seem to be from pre 1950s, with dust and cobwebs collecting on several. In the center of the room is a coffin, and inside is a strange dummy of Richie, with black liquid dripping out of its face. As you are distracted by this, one of the clowns in the room lunges towards you, and laughs maniacally. Whilst you back away from it, Pennywise emerges from behind a sheet, and claws at you, as you run to the next room.




You then enter into a large kitchen. The ceiling above can be seen with a large hole in it, and a broken table on the floor. To your left is an open fridge, and the scent of the carnival can be smelt coming from it. As you are distracted by this, Pennywise emerges from behind a corner, with a spike coming out of his temple. His face is becoming more and more terrifying, with his fangs growing though his skin, and his eyes becoming circular. He swipes at you with his claws coming out from his gloves, as you run to the next room.



The Well

You then enter into a small room. In front of you is a well, and from it you can hear the sounds of children laughing. Instead of that sweet circus smell from before, you smell feces and urine coming from the well. As you are about to enter into the next room, a bloodied Henry Bowers will lunge towards you with a pipe and try to swing it at you. You run to the next room.




The stench from before is at its peak now, as you enter the sewers. The walls are coated with filth, as you can’t see it, but you can hear water splashing beneath your feet. You can hear children laughing in the distance, as multiple zombie kids scare from the walls. You run to the next room.



Drainage Room

You then enter into a large room. Various pipes line the room, as sewage water drips on you. A flashlight can be seen passing through the walls, as you hear...strange sucking sounds. Suddenly, a light comes on in the center of the room, as you see the flute lady devouring Stanley with a strange insect like tongue (animatronic flute lady, and dummy stanley). As you are distracted by this, Pennywise emerges from a wall grate, as he laughs in your face. You run to the next room.




You then enter into a massive room. In the center of the room, are a bunch of toys or children items stacked in a huge pile. To the left and right of the pile are multiple dead children, their eyes are empty and face in a silent scream. The one that seems to be the lowest is Beverly, as she can actually be seen floating higher and higher every passing second. As you are distracted by this, one of Pennywise's forms jumps out from behind the pile and tries to attack (depending on the cast, it’ll be the leper, flute lady, or the headless boy). As you are about to exit the room, you notice a large open hole with Pennywise attached to it, gripping on the edges. His head can be seen cracking open, as he mutters one final word. “Fear”. You go to the next room



Sewer Hall

You then enter into a long hall. The smell has slowly started to fade away the more you walk. The room is pitch black, but you can see daylight ahead of you at the end of the hall. You hear Bill talking in this room. “Swear, swear if It isn't dead, if It ever comes back, we'll come back too.” you enter into the next room.



You then enter into a large outdoor room. In your left and right are bushes, and in the center is a large bridge..with tons of red balloons everywhere. To the left of the bridge is a message written in blood, “COME HOME”. As you are distracted by this, Adrian emerges from behind a bush, bruised and bloodied. He begs for help, as Pennywise emerges from behind him, and takes a bite out of his armpits. You run to the next room.


Chinese Restaurant

You then enter into a small room. In the center of the room is a table. There are various paper messages on the table, all saying “Guess” “Stanley” “Could” “Not” “Cut” “It”. The cookies on the table are seen cracked open, revealing various malformed abominations. One has an eye slowly moving closer to you, another has a bat wing flying in the air (string). The most disturbing one is a small insect body with a baby's head. It twitches and wails, as it tries to crawl towards you (puppet). As you are distracted by this, Mike will come out from a corner with a chair, and try to swing it at you. You run to the next room.



You then enter into a narrow room. On your left are various bleachers, with the outside pouring through it. You can hear the faint audience members from it, but it’s very faint, like it’s drowned out. On the floor is Victoria...well what was Victoria. Her head has been ripped clean from the body, with pieces of brain scattered everywhere. Suddenly, a wall panel drops down, revealing a full fanged Pennywise. He lunges towards you, as you run to the next room.


Living Room

You then enter into a large living room. It seems...normal. There’s hardly anything wrong in the room...besides the flies cluttered around a window. A picture is hanging on a wall...and it’s Bob Gray. As you’re looking at him, the distorted Mrs. Kersh lunges from a corner (stilts) and tries to grab at you. As you are running away from her, a nearby door opens revealing a Bob Gray/Pennywise form. His laughter slowly turns into a roar, as you run to the next room.


Derry Picnic

You then enter back outside. To your left is a large podium, and the right is overtaken by a black shadow. The podium is empty, but Pennywise can be seen floating in the air with various red balloons (dummy). He is seen singing about Richies “dirty little secret”, and might also taunt you to. As you are distracted by this, a large fanged Paul Bunyan head emerges from the shadows and tries to bite at you (puppet). You run to the next room.


You then enter into the next room, and it’s a disturbing sight. Everything in the room, the ceiling, the floor, the walls, everything is covered in small tiny baby hands. You can hear the flesh moving from all around the room, as you walk past them. Suddenly, part of the wall lunges towards you (actor wearing hand suit). You run to the next room.

School Halls

You then enter into a long hallway. To your left and right are various lockers and doors. From one locker on your left, you can hear Ben inside of it, panting heavily. As you’re looking at him, a demonic burnt up Beverly emerges from one of the doors. She slowly recites Ben’s poem, as she reaches out towards you. As you’re running to the door, Pennywise bursts in from a locker and laughs at you (torso animatronic). You run to the next room.

Pharmacy Basement

You then enter into a damp basement. Cobwebs and an awful smell cover the room. To your right you can see the Leper vomiting some black ooze on Eddie. Eddie reaches out towards you for help, as the Lepers head turns to you and pukes all over you (water). You run to the next room.


You then enter into a small bathroom. Blood stains can be seen on the floor, and a bloodied pocket knife on the floor. As you walk past a fallen shower curtain, Henry emerges from behind with a knife and tries to slash at you. You run to the next room.


Hall Of Mirrors

You then enter into a long distoriting hall. Every wall is made of mirrors, with some having child sized handprints. Suddenly, part of the mirror fades away, revealing Bill trying to break the glass (pepper's ghost effect). He tells you to run, before It comes. As you are distracted by this, parts of a nearby mirror fall back revealing a fanged pennywise. He’ll attack you as you exit the room.

Neibolt House

You are now back at Neibolts doorsteps. The house looks worse than ever, with parts of the wood on the floor. As you enter into the room, you hear Pennywise monologuing. “For 27 years, I've dreamt of you. I craved you. Oh I've missed you! Waiting for this very moment... TIME TO FLOAT!” As he says the last line, thunder can be heard off in the distance, as you enter inside.

Living Room

You then enter into a large living room, and you already see carnage occuring. Ben can be seen on the floor, with a grotesque message being cut into his stomach. “HOME AT LAST”. He reaches out to you for help, but his arm is pushed down by some force. As you walk past him, a nearby mirror breaks away revealing pennywise, and he has a glass shard. Before he can slash it at you, Beverly comes out with a pipe and tries to swipe at the mirror, but you’re in the way. You quickly run before she hits it.



You enter back into the kitchen, and the old carnival smell has been replaced with the smell of mold and dirt. The open fridge is still there, but it now has stan’s body shoved inside..and it has no head. As you’re looking at the slightly decaying body, Richie bursts in through the door, and he has Stan’s spider head covered on his head. He reaches out towards you for help, as you run to the next room.

Sewer Halls

You then enter into a narrow hall, as the familiar sewer smell returns. As you walk by the halls, you can hear Pennywise laughing...from all directions. As you look around disoriented, the distorted Mrs. Kersh lunges from a hole in the wall and tries to attack you. You run to the next room.

The Doors

You then enter into a familiar room. The three doors are there again, but the paint is now dry, and yet it seems to move down to the floor. You see the open “Not Scary” door...and see a Pomeranian. It just sits there, wagging its tail. As you’re adored by it, the bottom half of Betty Ripsons legs emerges from the “Very Scary” door, and chases you out into the “Scary” door. As you walk through the halls of the “Scary” room, the Pomerarian before bursts through the wall, now demonic and twisted (animatronic). You run into the final room.



You then enter into the most massive room of the haunt. In front and center of the room is the giant spider Pennywise, it’s arachnid legs trying to swipe at you (20 foot animatronic). Every area of the room is covered with red balloons, and as you walk past them, every form you saw before in the haunt lunge from behind them, trying to tear you apart before you leave. Whilst you run to the exit, you pass a Universal employee guiding you out...until he pulls back his hat revealing Pennywise's face. He lunges towards you, laughing whilst you escape from your fears.

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